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Gallery: In With The New (Eva Marie Jo Photography)

New Year, New Me? Nah, I'm the same glamorous trash panda you've come to know and love...or tolerate, or whatever. But in January, fresh off my hangover from ringing in the new year, I did have a chance to shoot with a brand new photographer!

Eva, the owner of Grandpa's Poolhouse in Stanchfield, MN, is also a photographer, and she did some duo photo sessions with Brooklyn from Dirt Candy Productions! I love a good tag team, so how could I resist?! These shots are amazing on their own, and they also give you a little teaser into some of the upcoming galleries I'll have with Brooklyn - we shot 4 outfits all over that house, so buckle up!

These photos are a lot of fun, and I love the different styles that she used to give me a wide range of images. Plus, she did a few fun "behind the scenes" shots that really round out the whole set! Enjoy these glamorous shots and be sure to follow @evamariejophoto on IG!

Also, be sure to check out @grandpaspoolhouse on Instagram to see more photos of the beautiful space! I've got a few previous galleries shot there and my images from Dirt Candy will be coming soon!

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