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Flashback Face Friday: Let Them Eat Glamlite's Cake Palette With This Gorgeous Sunset Look

In this Face Friday report, you can see this sunset eye look come together using on of my favorite palettes from Glamlite: the Cake palette!

I'm a huge fan of Glamlite's palettes, and in my Thunderdome video, the Cake palette was in the top 5 - it's a great rainbow palette with solid-performing mattes and some gorgeous shimmers, and it's got enough of a twist tot he colors that it doesn't just feel like your typical "box of crayons" rainbow palettes. I was thinking about Glamlite again recently because I included them in my video about which palette I would keep from 10 different brands if I had to declutter all but one.

The base of this look is pretty simple with a lot of my go to products: the I Heart Revolution Peach Delight Primer, a little color correction with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Magic Star Concealer in Green, my Uoma Beauty Say What?! foundation in Fair Lady T3C, a mixture of the Stay Woke concealer from Uoma Beauty (I can't remember the shade and finished it up a while back - something in the Fair Lady range) and the Jeffree Star Magic Star concealer in White to help lighten it, priming my eyes with the Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer, and finally, baking under the eyes with the Sugar Cookie setting powder from Give Me Glow.

I love the saturated colors of the Cake palette, and I knew I wanted to create a sort of sunset look with it. I started by building up the peachy-pinky-purple shades, setting up the outer edge/crease first, then blocking out the lid space with the JStar concealer in white before going in with the shimmers. To turn this into more of a sunset look, I addes some shimmer orange and yellow on the inner corner and bringing down to the lower lashline and near the inner part of the brow before doing shimmer ombre brows with a matte brown and yellow shimmer and adding some Glamlite lashes to top it all off.

For the face, I kept it simple...well, simple for me! I used the Ulta matte bronzer for a little light contour and then added some peach blush from Juvia's Place. I used a bit of the Peach Pop loose highlighter from Give Me Glow to glow up the cheeks a bit, but that's nowhere near enough of a highlight for a bitch like me, so I reached for my trusty Glazed Donut from Ofra Cosmetics to really up that shine level.

I love a yellow pop, so I decided to make the inner corner of the look even more intense with the ColourPop Puffin glitter gel, also adding it to the outer corner to mesh in with the highlight. For the lips, I used a coral red liquid lipstick from LA Colors to set the base, and then gave it an orange glow with the orange gloss from Too Face'd s Tutti Fruitti line (may she rest in peace!).

I love the way this look turned out, and it's a great reminder of how much I love the Glamlite formula.

If you want to see my original Glamlite ranking video, I'll make sure to include it below. I've picked up a lot more since I did that video, and even managed to declutter a few, so I might have to revisit that brand for a future installment of the Thunderdome!

I hope you've been enjoying these Flashback Face Fridays! I'm still percolating on how I might want to bring this series back, how often, etc. Every time these looks pop up in my memories on Facebook, I love getting to revisit the process and remember how weird the world was during those first few months of the pandemic. Face Friday was a great way to be creative in a very isolating time and just relax, make something beautiful, and just keep on keeping on!

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