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BOMB Beauty Challenge Check In

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I've got another installment in my series on Black-Owned Makeup Brands (BOMBs) coming soon, so I figured it might be worth reminding you of all of the brands we've already talked about!

  1. Uoma Beauty: Still loving this brand! Their foundation is still at the top of my list of foundation faves, and their eyeshadow palettes are a lot of fun to play around with. I have quite a few products from this brand that are absolute must-haves.

  2. Beauty Bakerie: I haven't found many of their newer releases very inspiring, but their face palettes are still definitely recommended and I love that they have brought in traditional lipsticks that aren't sample sized. I just wish they would reformulate the Lip Whips!

  3. Juvia's Place: Juvia's is still going strong and still producing high quality, reasonably priced products. They have expanded with two additional foundation formulas, lashes, blush and bronzer duos, and the quality is always on target!

  4. Vault Cosmetics/Jacque Mgido Cosmetics: As I noted in the video, Vault Cosmetics was rebranded under the owner's name, and they are still going strong! I haven't purchased anything from them since the rebrand, but they have a large, colorful eyeshadow palette that I definitely have my eye on!

  5. BLK/OPL Cosmetics: Black Opal Beauty has also gone through a bit of a refresh, but their quality remains high and their prices remain on the lower end. They have also launched some of their collection in Ulta, which is great for accessibility!

  6. The Crayon Case: While the Crayon Case hasn't had a viral hit like the Box of Crayons palette in a while, they continue to release fun, school supply-themed products that include mini shadow palettes, makeup wipes, and more.

  7. Ka'oir Cosmetics: Ka'oir Cosmetics is still around, but there doesn't seem to be much new or trendy happening on the site. They did a couple of K-shaped palettes that got roasted pretty heavily in YouTube declutters, and I don't see much updated on the site since those dropped. I thought they had really great lip products, so I would love to see them bring out some new versions or colors of those and have a bounce back!

  8. JD Glow: I don't know if they are as poppin' as they were a couple of years ago, but JD Glow is definitely still putting out products that are right on trend with the expansion of their multichrome offerings. It might be time for me to dive back in and see what they're up to!

  9. Sacha Cosmetics: Sacha is still going strong, offering a wide variety of complexion and base products (that seems to be what they are most known for) as well as a pretty good sized lineup of color cosmetics.

  10. Gold Label Cosmetics: Unfortunately, the Gold Label site is down, but there is a form to enter your email address for updates and it says "Opening Soon," so hopefully we haven't seen the last of them! They had some great lipsticks, and I hope they make a comeback.

  11. Lena Lashes: The website for Lena Lashes seems to be down, but they do have a post from early March on Instagram saying that they are moving all of their products into an Amazon storefront. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of this brand!

  12. Coloured Raine: This brand is still around and putting out gorgeous new releases, though they don't seem to be as hyped (at least on YT) as they used to be. I think a lot of people fell off with the Juicy Boost palette; I loved that palette, but some people were salty about it!

The video also featured an In Memorium segments for brands that were no longer around, featuring Pink Stiletto Cosmetics, I.VI.VII.V Cosmetics (1.6.75), and Lip Addyct. I did a little poking around to see if any of of these brands had resurfaced. In January 2021, Pink Stiletto did a small pop up with 10 units each of some of their most popular Lip Whip shades before permanently closing down. The IVIVIIV website is completely gone and the owner hasn't posted on Instagram since 2019. There is a little bit of good news, however: Lip Addyct seems to have made a comeback! They have a website with several products for sale, in updated packaging, and I'm definitely going to have to place an order to see if they are just as good as I remember!

The first video was fun, but of course I had to make a sequel! There were a few brands that I mentioned wanting to try in my first video, and I was able to talk about all 4 of those, as well as a few others!

  1. Ace Beaute: I included this as just an on-screen callout in the first video as I learned that they were a BOMB after we had filmed, but I talked a little bit more about them in the sequel. They are still going strong, and I have picked up several of their eyeshadow palettes, including the very fun Paletteopoly game!

  2. The Lip Bar: This brand hasn't really been releasing a ton of things or chasing the trends, but they are still committed to giving you simple, beautiful, and high performance makeup basics! And their liquid lipsticks are as to die for as ever!

  3. Mented Cosmetics: Another brand that doesn't call to me that often because of their focus on high quality makeup basics (and I am a technicolor nightmare!), they have great quality and offer some great products. I'm in love with their silky blushes!

  4. Propa Beauty: Propa is still around, but they seem to be stalled. They haven't had a new release since they dropped their second lipstick collection, the Reds. If you love gorgeous, glossy lipsticks that are semi-sheer but fairly buildable, this is the brand for you, but I hope they decide to branch out into other products.

  5. Black Radiance: This is the one that I included as an "Are they or aren't they?" mystery brand, but I feel confident that I have confirmed that they are not black-owned. They are owned by Markwins Brands who also own Wet N Wild and Physician's Formula - and if you've seen the pale, dusty shade range of Physician's Formula, you know that they probably don't even have a black person in the building, let alone running the show!

  6. Danessa Myricks: I was pretty lukewarm on the products I had tried before filming the video, but I've since picked up a couple of their Lightworks eyeshadow palettes, including the one that I used in my very first YouTube collab video with Makeup By Torrence!

  7. September Rose: This brand is still around, though they haven't had a ton of releases the last couple of years. What they have released, however, is an all matte companion to the Slush palette that I showed off in the video that I need to add to my collection!

I love discovering new brands, and I love to see marginalized communities represented in the makeup space - and in my makeup collection! I also found an Indigenous-owned makeup brand that I love called Prados Beauty. They don't have a ton of releases, but they also feature other brands by Native people and have been featured on Trixie Mattel's YouTube channel!

And in case you missed it, here is my first ever collab with my fantastic friend, Makeup By Torrence!

(And Torrence's video from the collab, so you can see how a real makeup artist does the damn thing!)


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