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Theresa Is Back...And This Time, She's Lethal!

We're finally getting back to some makeup content here on the World of Champagne, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have my first post be the newest collaboration between YouTuber Theresa Is Dead and indie brand Lethal Cosmetics!

The last palette, Lethal is Dead, was a gorgeous celebration of horror films and the good old days of VHS. Now she's back at it with a new palette celebrating UFOs, aliens, and out of this world glam. And for this round, we've got some additional products to get your whole beauty beaming for our alien overlords.

First of all, stop it with this packaging! That last palette was cute, but it was sort of a dark, murky abstract sort of print. This is full on aliens in the desert, and I am here for it! This is stupid cute, and does a pretty good job of giving you a tease of what you're going to find inside (though it does go a little dark overall - the palette itself has more range from light to dark).

The palette is matte heavy, with 6 mattes and 3 shimmers. The three shimmers are absolutely gorgeous, but as I was going through and swatching I did wish that I had maybe one more shimmer. This palette and the last one both have some really gorgeous green mattes - why not a green shimmer to create a true Swamp Witch look?!

The swatches are done over the Ulta Matte eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right. The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting, but with a flash. I use a pretty dense brush when swatching to help amp up the pigmentation/payoff.

TV Dinner is gorgeous, but everyone keeps referring to this as a I crazy? This to me is like a silver and gold hybrid. Maybe when I think silver I'm expecting like a super shiny chrome silver, but this to me just feels like something more silver/gold. Having said that, I think it's lovely and it's a very unique shade in my collection. But if you've heard people talking about it and you're expecting a true silver, you'll de disappointed...for about 2 seconds until you see how gorgeous and unique it is!

Area 52 is sort of a cool tone taupe brown matte. It's pretty, and I love me some cool neutrals, but I would have swapped this shade out for a green shimmer any day. This one blends nicely and it's a great crease option or a transition if you're my shade or a little lighter.

Space Duster is a cool army gray. This one was a little patchy, but I was able to finesse it with the brush. Not bad - I've never encountered a shade from Lethal that I would describe as bad! - but it's just a little bit more finicky than the other shades in the palette. This one could also have been swapped out for a green shimmer, but between this one and Area 52, I would rather keep the gray shade as I feel I have fewer of those in my collection than I have taupes.

This row is just it's own beautiful look waiting to happen! Pew Pew is a light, bright baby pink matte, just a touch inconsistent but it's got a pretty white base to get that brightness so I'm not surprised. It's definitely a great shade, just needs a little care in applying.

Hive Mind is a stunning red shimmer metallic with really pretty pink and copper sparkles throughout.

Plutonian is a rich purple matte, pretty balanced, but maybe just a little bit red-leaning, making it a perfect choice to darken up a look with these two shades!

So many people have commented on Space Trash, and it really is the standout in the palette. It has a blue base, but the iridescent shift and glittery sparkle is so pretty and opalescent. You get little flashes of pink and gold, and the color is really synamic in a way that is truly impossible to capture in photos. This is a great shade to pair on the lid with the two greens here, but again I would have loved the option to go monochromatic with the greens.

Venus Envy is a bright lime green matte. People have commented that these two greens are similar to the two from the Lethal is Dead palette, but if you see them next to each other, they are quite a bit different. This one is much brighter and more saturated, and it's a very nice Kermit green matte.

Specimen 3 is also much richer in color than the green shade in Lethal is Dead. This is a deep teal matte, and this goes on beautifully and blends out like a dream. I definitely need to try doing a look with the two greens in this palette, the two greens in Lethal is Dead, and the yellow shimmer from Lethal is Dead, Straight to VHS. I love how easily these palettes pair together!

With this launch, we got a full collection that also includes two blushes, two highlighters, and two gel liners. You can do a whole face except for lips, and I'm excited to get to see some of Theresa's picks for companion products.

The first blush, Cryostatis is a bright lavender with pink pearl shimmer. This one can be sheered out pretty easily if you're intimidated by the color, but can be built up to a very out of this world purple shine! My brush swatch is a little sheered out, but I built it up with a couple passes, so you can definitely get it more soft and subtle than that.

The other blush is Plan 9, a brickish red with peachy pink pearl swirled in it to create, and I'm not making this up, "vegan space bacon." The description is a little ridiculous, but that color is really pretty. This is a great option for people who maybe want to try a glowy blush but they find highlighters give them a little bit too much shine and color. This has a subtle wetness to the look that isn't as aggressive and the base color underneath is a beautiful peachy red. Again, this can be built up to a much wilder look, but this is the one to go to if you want something a bit subtle in your look.

Because having too many green makeup products in my collection isn't a thing that could ever happen, I knew the minute I saw the collection that I was going to have and love and obsess over the highlighter Moon Rock. This is a mostly sheer base with maybe a hint of pearl that flashes greenish gold. If you sheer it out, you could probably get away with it looking gold (unless you paired it with a green eye, but the more you build it up the more than gorgeous spring green color shines through. I love this yellow and green duochrome combination!

Rounding out the face products we have the second highlighter, Eviscerate. This is a bright, shining white pearl highlighter. I love this highlighter. It's hard to find a highlighter that is a true pearl white. Light highlighters are usually either silver or champagne or a creamy vanilla, but this is a snowy white and it's gorgeous. If you have a highlighter that is just a tough too dark for your skintone, I would suggest trying to mix it with a little bit of this and it will give you a lighter version. This can be sheered out but is very sparkly, and if you build it up - bitch, you'll be beaming!

I bought the bundle from Camera Ready Cosmetics - my first purchase from them, but definitely not my last! They were on the muthafuckin' ball! The order went in on Friday, and it hit my doorstep on Monday. That so rarely happens anymore, especially when you live in North Dakota, so I'm pretty impressed. If I hadn't bought the bundle, truthfully I would have probably skipped the liners. I've only heard good things about them, but I'm shit at eyeliner so it's not the kind of product I generally pick up. These were gorgeous though, and I can use them as color bases for eye looks, so I'm excited to play around with them.

Galactic Goo is a deep emerald green with maybe just a hint of shimmer to it. See, I'm telling you we needed a green shimmer in the palette! A monochrome eye look and then this for a ferocious winged liner?! C'mon! Anyway, this is a gorgeous color, and it give you a nice deep color when spread out as a base. I'm actually thinking that this could be a fun base to use with some of my green multichrome shadows - stay tuned!

Harvested is a deep bloody red that manages to avoid turning pink when sheered out. This is a gorgeous color, and I didn't check to see if this color was lip safe (I'm a trash monster who will put anything, anywhere!) but if it is lip safe, then this could be a lip color to create a whole look with this collection. Come to think of it, either of the liners would be great! But if you do that, definitely check to make sure they are lip safe first. Don't poison yourself and then tell people I told you to. Make smart choices.

I am always here for the twisted mind and color stories of Theresa is Dead! She's consistently one of my favorite YouTubers, and I think that both of her palettes have really brought some different energy to the beauty space. Theresa is also one of the inspirations that finally got me in gear to start my own YouTube channel: I was so happy to finally see another "thicker milkshake" with a garbage mouth playing with makeup and being true and authentic to who they are! This collection is great - there isn't a dud in the bunch, and the palette pairs great with her previous palette. And Lethal has magnetic palettes, so I'm very tempted to mix and match these around and create my own perfect combo of shades.

This Lethal combination is giving me everything I need in my makeup world. Theresa may be dead, but once I got my hands on this collection, I was #Deceased.


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