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Show Me The Merchandise!

Updated: 6 days ago

Part 3 of Miss Jaye's video series about Golden Girl is here, and we're collecting a ton of pictures of the merch and collectibles that were featured in that video, and we'll be adding to it as new images are discovered (which may be included in a future update video, or remain exclusive to this site!).

The third installment of the series catalogs various licensed merchandise and collectibles that have been found in the wild. The video includes quite a few items that are part of Miss Jaye's collection, but we also wanted to share pictures that Miss Jaye has found via 3rd party sales sites like Ebay and Mercari, as well as those that she has been given permission to repost from other collectors. In some cases, photos may have originated with someone but been obtained elsewhere; if you see one of your photos on this site and would like it credited or removed, please reach out to Miss Jaye through Instagram.

Note: This website is not currently monetized, nor is Miss Jaye's YouTube channel at the time of this post. No money is being made off these images in any way. We are simply providing them for collectors to enjoy, and we are happy to give credit to photo owners and link to their socials.

Animation Cels/Concept Art:

(These were found posted on multiple blogs/sites. Photo ownership is not known.)


(I've had these images stored for a while, and I'm not sure where they originated from. If anyone can assist, please reach out.)

STORY: Still Waters Run Dangerous

(These images were posted by supercollector Chandra in the Facebook fan group. If you love Golden Girl, She-Ra, Strawberry Shortcake and more, you NEED to follow her on Instagram - her collection is jaw-dropping! My_Nostalgic_ToyCollection)

Calendar with Stickers

(I believe these were found on a 3rd party site - perhaps Ebay? - but I'm not sure)


(The first four pictures are a rectangle cases that were sent to my from Toy Hunters Hollow, a rare find from ebay. The fifth picture was found by my friend Angie on a blog from France and appears to be the size of one doll and a few accessories.)

Accessory Play Set

(These sets were posted to Instagram by mythicaltoylady. There were two sets, the Princess Set and the Galaxy Set.)

Halloween Costumes

(The first three photos are from an auction site and feature a standalone Golden Girl mask with a price tag attach. The rest of the photos are from an estate sale site for a costume iun the box with the mask and smock included.)

Costume - European Variation

(These were sourced from 3rd party sales sites. This is a variant costume that was released to the European market that includes a cloth cape, plastic crown, sword, and shield, and other costume pieces - looks like boot covers, possibly a smock or dress. If you have pictures of the full costume, please reach out!)

Golden Girl: The Board Game

(I'm not sure where we got these photos from, they show a pretty complete overview of the game and its components.)


(Assorted enamel and acrylic jewelry. Pictures come from Ebay, Mercari, and 3rd party sales sites.)


(The puffy stickers are from Ebay and from Angie's personal collection. The picture of Ogra's booty is from my collection as I bought that sticker pack off Ebay. The final two stickers were found by Angie on a 3rd party sales site, but it's not clear if they are vintage or made by fans more recently.)


(These images of a tumbler and mug are found on various 3rd party sales site. Be sure to watch the video to see the mug in a full dish set with a plate and bowl!)

Picture Frames

(These frames were photographed by Toy Hunters Hollow.)

Tote Bag

(This bag was listed on Ebay without much information about it's creation. Looking closely at the pictures and the listing, my best guess is that this is a handmade item that was made using either Golden Girl bed sheets or licensed fabric.)

Body Care Products