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Miss Jaye's Fabulous Retro Rewind Series: Golden Girl

Miss Jaye has been on YouTube for several years talking about her favorite things: Glam, Geek, & Gore! She's recently added a new series called the Fabulous Retro Rewind where she's exploring some of her favorite vintage toys and retro pop culture!

"I love all kinds of vintage toys, but I have a special love for Golden Girl from Galoob! That toy line is really what inspired this whole series, and I'm excited to be created multiple videos about this line! When I searched on YouTube for material on Golden Girl, there wasn't much out there. Toyroom of Insanity has an overview of the line that is an absolute must watch, and there are some old commercials that people have re-posted, as well as a few unboxings, but not a lot. I decided that I wanted to create the videos that I wish I could watch myself - chatty videos for fans of the line by a fan of the line! Even if I was just making them for an audience of two - me and Mama Champagne! - I knew the effort would be worth it. Luckily, there are lots of diehard Golden Girl fans out there, and I'm so happy to be able to have these conversations and chat with others who share this geeky passion!" - Miss Jaye

Part One: The Main Play Line

Part Two: The Fashion Line

These are the first two videos in the series, a third is almost here, and there are several more planned! We'll continue to post them in the Golden Girl section of this site, but you may want to subscribe to Miss Jaye's channel to make sure you never miss an upload!

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