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Gallery: Avocado & Harvest Gold...But Make It Fashion (Dirt Candy Productions)

It's vintage, it's retro...but is it fashion?!

I love shooting with Brooklyn Ewing from Dirt Candy Productions; her vintage pinup vibe crossed with 70s trucker porno mags is the perfect mix of grit and glam that I go wild for. And I love what Eva Marie has done with her retro hideaway vacation rental, Grandpa's Poolhouse. This combination of photographer and location is absolute perfection.

Vintage and retro is something that I don't always get to partake in, as a plus size person. I guess either fat people didn't exist in earlier decades or their clothing was tucked away with them in their tombs! You can never find good vintage stuff in larger sizes. That's why I love that I can put together outfits that have a little bit of that flavor, plop down in a location that is straight out of another time, and trust Brooklyn to make me feel like the thrift store queen that I am!

We've got TONS of great content coming from Dirt Candy Productions! Not only are there more galleries coming from this shoot, but miss Jaye is reuniting with Brooklyn later this month - ance again at Grandpa's Poolhouse!

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