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Dance With The Devil: On Living In The Crosshairs

The last couple of years have been tough for queer and trans and non-binary folks.  Things have been deteriorating, and the quality of the discourse gets meaner by the day.  What is behind all of this hate?  What is it that these people are missing in their own lives that makes them seek out someone marginalized to beat up on?  Having someone to hate doesn't make you any richer, any smarter, any happier.  It just distracts you from all of the things that are keeping you from being those things.

But they keep doing it, and I'm done coddling those who choose to punch down instead of opening their fist to grab for their own peace.  If I'm the enemy, then get ready for my villain era because it's going to be delicious, and I don't pull punches. If I'm your devil, then you'd better be ready to dance, because you aren't the first bully I've encountered and I don't back down when you yell - I yell louder.

(All photos by Brooklyn Ewing of Dirt Candy Productions, taken on various visits to Grandpa's Poolhouse in Stanchfield, MN)

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