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Connecting The Dots To Make A Delightful Rainbow Palette

I really love it when brands give you the option to customize your shadows!

You can check out The Dots at about 31:30 in this video!

Angelica Nyqvist's channel is a place where I have often discovered fun new indie brands, and in a recent video she mentioned one that was actually started by one of her subscribers: The Dots. It's a Polish indie brand, but the website can be viewed in English, is super easy to navigate, and I was able to place my order without any issues. The prices were also very reasonable: I got the 15-shade C'est La Vie palette as well as the Sweet Treats 5-shade collection for only $93.21, which includes international shipping and any taxes. I placed my order on September 1 and it was delivered September 11, so it was worth every zloty!

The C'est La Vie palette is a mix of colorful and neutral shades, with a 2 to 1 ratio of mattes to shimmers. I generally prefer having more shimmers than mattes, but having the Sweet Treats collection, which is all shimmer toppers, helped even it up a bit.

The palette has some beautiful shades, but I wasn't immediately sure how I was going to put this all together. I'm a bright, colorful #HookerClown, and this had some dark and some neutral shades that distracted me from the gorgeous pastel and colorful brights. Luckily, The Dots does something that I LOVE - their palette is completely magnetic and the shades can be easily removed and rearranged! In fact, they also sell their full collection as singles, so you can take home as much or as little of the collection as you would like.

The Sweet Treats collection is right up my alley, with a mini rainbow of gorgeous dimensional shimmer toppers!

I set to work pulling everything apart and working on a brand new arrangement. I put all of the neutral shades together, including the black (which I usually like to have handy in case I want to darken things up, but it will be worth it - trust me!) and one of the shimmers. It was really hard to pick a 5th shade, and I almost went with the deep red matte, but I opted for one of the shimmers that seemed a little less bright than the others.

Here is my final 5 pan palette:

I don't do neutral looks all that often...but with that shimmer in there, I'm very tempted to try doing a look with just these 5 shadows! I think that could be really pretty!

So once those were gone and I got to rearranging, here is the gorgeous rainbow palette that I ended up with:

This is so much more in my wheelhouse, and I love that The Dots thought about the consumers who might want to rearrange a palette. Even if you aren't adding or removing shades, there are a lot of people who like to rearrange the shades in a palette to better match their taste and makeup style.

I'll be sure to play around with this and give my thoughts in an upcoming video! But for now, I hope you enjoyed this palette revamp!

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