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Classic Gallery: Photos by Breeze - Miss Jaye Does Halloween

I've been dreaming about doing a whole series of gender-bent horror icons for ages now! I've got several painted masks (courtesy of my dear friend Angie of Beautiful Eccentric!), and they started to show up in a few of the photo ops from my travels to Days of the Dead. But in fall of 2020, I was finally able to bring the first of the icons, Michael Myers, to life in a shoot with Photos by Breeze. Each of the icons is going to have a specific aesthetic, and for this one I imagined Michael in sort of a trendy sweater dress with some neon accessories, with mascara tears and smeared makeup. I love how these came out!

And I love that my man candy model stepped in to play my male Laurie Strode! Don't break this heart - or else!

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