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2024 Calendar Pre-Order Is Now OPEN!

Want to spend a full year with your favorite drag queen without having to worry about her feeding and upkeep? Well, have we got some new for you!

Miss Jaye's 2024 calendar designs have been revealed, and we are so excited to share them with you!

First up is Season of the Witch! This is for our spooky babes who love a little witchy vibe all year long! There are gorgeous photos in here from Dirt Candy Productions, Studio 208, and Roen Photography, some of witch have never been seen before! Which witch will be your favorite?

This one is a little spooky and a little sexy, with a little camp thrown in to make the perfect brew!

Want something a little more fun and girly? Get ready for the ultimate Slumber Party!

Miss Jaye recruited her favorite alt model and influencer Hex (Hexorcistt_ on IG!) to spend some time doing everything you remember from your favorite sleepovers - playing with makeup, reading trashy magazines, sneaking some Boone's Farm out of the liquor cabinet, and staying up past bedtime to watch scary movies! This is a fabulous collection of images and those who buy the calendar will get to see it first (full gallery coming to in January!).

Both of these designs are now available for pre-order, and the pre-order will close at the end of November, with delivery planned before the new year (calendars should arrive before Xmas, but we all know how shipping is around the holidays, right?!)

The Important Stuff:

Calendars are expensive to produce, and we are doing everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible. I know, you're hearing it everywhere, but - inflation, babay! Still, we're very excited to announce that we are able to keep approximately the same prices we had last year - $20 per calendar, with $5 off the second, third, fourth, etc.

How to order:

All of the ordering links are clearly marked below. There is one section for those who are in or near Grand Forks and want to pick up their calendars at the Champagne Dreams Productions office. The other section is for those who need them shipped (with shipping included in the price). All links are through Paypal, and should populate the correct amount automatically. Just in case, we'll list the amount on the page and you can edit it.

Miss Jaye can also take Venmo for the calendars - reach out to her through Facebook if you'd prefer to pay that way.

Grand Forks Pick Up:

One Calendar ($20) - CLICK HERE

Two Calendars ($35) - CLICK HERE

Three Calendars ($50) - CLICK HERE

Ordering Calendars to be Shipped ($9 Shipping for up to 3 Calendars; contact for larger orders):

One Calendar ($20 + $9 = $29) - CLICK HERE

Two Calendars ($35 + $9 = $44) - CLICK HERE

Three Calendars ($50 + $9 - $59) - CLICK HERE

Please make sure that you have an updated shipping address in Paypal, and leave a note in the comments about which calendar(s) you want with your order!

These pre-orders are only open for a limited time, and we don't order very many beyond what is pre-ordered, so get in quick if you want one! And as always, thank you so much for the amazing support throughout this year and every year!

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