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Classic Gallery: Dirt Candy Productions - She's In Parties

This collection is from a Days of the Dead in Indianapolis. It was the year that the AC was broken in the hotel, but it was over the 4th of July weekend so they either couldn't or wouldn't get someone out to fix it during the con, and my dumb ass chose that year to wear sequins. To be fair, I was getting to meet Kathleen Turner and I put together a pretty fabulous Jessica Rabbit look (even though I forgot my purple satin gloves at home and last minute efforts to find some in Indianapolis were fruitless!). For the shoot I went with a much lighter 90s inspired dress from Torrid and a glorious vintage purse gifted to me by my friend Angie's mother. I felt like I used to feel back in the day, when I was first experimenting with drag and going to house parties.

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