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You (High)Light Up My Life: Brightening My Mood With Devinah Highlighters

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You (High)Light Up My Life: Brightening My Mood With Devinah Highlighters

Y’all, I’ve been in a mood today!  It’s a weekend day (but these days, what even is time?!) and my time is my own, and I’m just in a mood.  All of the flavors available in the world, and I’m choosing salty.

I decided to turn this shit around and add a little light into my life – some highlight, to be exact!  I recently picked up 9 new highlighters from Devinah, and nothing fills my blackened, withered heart with joy like playing with some gorgeous highlighters!

All of the colors shown here are sold as singles, but I picked up 7 of the shades in the Prismatic Iridescent bundle.  The shade in the very top right and the very bottom left, Adonis and Iridessa respectively, are not part of the collection.

These are definitely able to be used as eyeshadows if you like, but since they are highlighters, I decided to just swatch them on dry skin, no primer, with a finger swatch and blending out the powder.  The top photo is my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with Flash.

L to R: Adonis, Zion, Immortality

Adonis is a deep peach with coral shimmer.  I bought this for a glowy blush moment more than as an actual highlight, but it’s still a gorgeous color, and if I went in lightly enough I think I could still use this as the base of a pretty nice highlight.  Zion is a white base with a red-toned reflect.  Immortality is a similar base, but with a pink reflect.

Adonis is bright and gorgeous, and the base color is nicely pigmented.  For the other two with the white base, I felt like these had the most aggressive base pigment, meaning that when I was photographing them I could see the white base the most clearly.  I even hit them with a touch of setting spray before taking the pictures, which helped them calm down a bit, but just be careful when you’re working with Zion and Immortality to ensure that you don’t get a white case in photos.

Here is a video of my trying to capture how pretty these are, but with all shadows and highlighters that have these sort of shifty, layered colors they never seem to be as good in pictures or videos as they are in real life.  But I tried.  Poorly.

The second row is my favorite because it reminds me of rainbow sherbet!  It’s a citrusy dream!

L to R: Euphoria, Arcadia, Delirium

Euphoria is a light creamiscle peach with a white base.  Arcadia is a bright yellow reflect with a white base.  Delirium is a pale, springy green shift on a white base.  Of these three shades, I feel like the white base was still there with all of them in the photos, but I didn’t have to use any setting spray to get that to calm down enough for pictures.  The lighter you are in your application, the less you will have to worry about it, but just know that the more you use, and especially if you go heavily in a single pass, you will potentially have more to deal with in terms of the white base showing through in photos.

Here is another video, equally as poorly done…

The final row is stunning – I know that word gets overused in the makeup space, but I mean it!  These are really gorgeous, and these three didn’t have the same issue of the base color showing through really at all in the swatches I did.

L to R: Rapture, Nirvana, Iridessa

Rapture is a gorgeous blue shift, while Nirvana has a purple/violet shift.  These two are outstanding, and I think they rival the cult classic Black Moon Cosmetics Moonlighters in the same sort of shades (Jellyfish for the blue and Catshark for the purple).  The Moonlighters have been my personal favorites for a while, with their intense reflect and gorgeous colors, but these are definitely in the same league! Iridessa is one of those shades that frustrates me – not because of the shade itself, but because I’m never able to get a photo or video that accurately captures how gorgeous it is!  This is a duochrome kind of reflect that is turquoise into blue into purple.  The photos catch the lightest notes, the turquoise, but in person I felt like I saw the blue to purple shift the strongest.  It’s a complicated and lovely shade that I’m excited to play around with.

Alright, this one is in the highlight section of the Devinah website, so I’m including it here.  In truth, I’m not really sure how useful shades like this are, but I’m always drawn to them anyway.  Here is Unicorn Sweat.

Ahh, the rainbow highlighter!  I don’t know if anyone really knows who did it first, but the first one I remember going viral on YouTube was from Etsy beauty brand Bitter Lace Beauty, and I think they might very well be the first.  These are a gorgeous product, if not entirely practical!  These are great for a Pride celebration if you want to go pretty literal with a swipe of rainbow down your cheeks or you could try to finagle them onto your eyelids somehow.  This one has great pigmentation and the effect above was great after a little finessing (which I’ll talk about in a second), but they can be a little hard to work with.  They also have a white based with rainbow reflect version called Suspiria, and while the name speaks to my horror-loving heart, I realized that I can create the same sort of look with the Prismatic highlighters swatched above!

Here’s the initial swatch that I did compared to what it looked like after it was done:

I tried to get my swatch by firmly dragging a finger across the pan, but as you can see things were a little bare on the red side, and the purple got all kinds of crazy – with the size of the 36 mm pan compared to my finger, that’s the color that happened to hit the join in my finger!  But I still got a pretty nice swipe of most of the colors, so I just used a wipe to clean up the purple, and then went in with a small detail brush to add a little more of the red and the purple shades to fill out my rainbow.  Finger application can be pretty easy, and you can pretty easily clean up any “mistakes” you make with a small brush.  Make sure you press firmly – the best practice is to only go across the pan once, in one direction rather than back and forth, to prevent the different colors from mixing.

If you want to use a brush, and you want an effect like the one above, I suggest looking for a densely packed face brush that is at least as wide as the pan so that you ca all of the colors in one swipe.  Something like the Morphe 459 1 1/4″ Flat Contour is perfect, and then just clean up the edge colors as needed with a small detail brush.  If you want the appearance to be more diffused, use a fluffier brush, but again just make sure that you’ve got something that can hit all of the colors across the pan (unless you only want some – maybe half the rainbow on one side, half on the other?!) and try not to go back and forth.  If anything, I go over the pan once, apply, and if I want more I go over the pan one more single time and do my best to line it up.  That can be effective.  You can be as loose or as exacting as you want!

I am loving my adventures with Devinah shadows (look for another review of Devinah singles coming soon!) and these highlighters are just as impressive.  I can’t wait to use Adonis to build up a glowy peach blush look (I’m already in love with it, and it hasn’t even happened yet!) and these prismatic highlighters are all so gorgeous that I’m sure they will be making appearance in looks very soon!

And just like that, my mood is just so much brighter.  And if you think my mood is bright, you should see my cheekbones!

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