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World of Champagne Archives: LifeStyle Section (Makeup Content)

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World of Champagne Archives: LifeStyle Section (Makeup Content)

Welcome to the new LifeStyle Archive 2.0!  There was getting to be so much great content that I decided to create this easy to navigate hub so you can quickly and easily find the information that you’re looking for without having to scroll through the entire page!  There is a lot of content here, so feel free to browse around.  If you find any dead links, please report it using the Contact Us page.  If you want more makeup content that includes my big dumb face talking at you, be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well!  I do monthly Review Roundups about the products I review on this site, Get Ratchet With Me (my own “embrace your imperfections take on Get Ready With Me!), Makeup Bingo, and more!


A to Z Brand Index: A full archive of past makeup reviews on since the relaunch!

Face Friday Archive: Check out all of the Face Friday posts for full step by step walkthroughs with products for creating some of my over the top drag looks!

Declutter Series Archive: This archive includes all of my declutter series posts and links to the related videos on my YouTube channel.

Palette Redesign Series Archive: Just like the title says, this is where you can find my redesign series!

Spooky Makeup & Miscellaneous Archive: Can’t find it in one of the other archives?  It’s probably here!  Includes my “Glam Ghoul” series, reviewing spooky and Halloween themed collections, as well as other interesting odds and ends that didn’t fit anywhere else!

Please note that I am providing this archive to make the content more accessible – but that doesn’t mean the products themselves will be!  I often reviews limited edition releases, products may get discontinued, and in a few cases entire brands have disappeared!  Forget the FOMO and just enjoy the content as a little trip down memory lane and then try to dupe the product you want out of your own collection or from your favorite brand!

Affiliations & PR:  All information about affiliate relationships with brands or the receipt of PR will be noted in individual posts.  Also, affiliate relationships will be noted below, and will be updated whenever necessary.

Current Affiliations: None

NOTE: I do still have an account with Rakuten that I haven’t accessed in over a year, and I still get occasional emails about brand “relationships” through Rakuten.  I have not posted any clickable banners or ads since the relaunch of this site, and I have never earned a commission from any of these relationships.  But since technically that still exists out there in the world, I wanted to note it.  I’m actually not even sure which brands I have this “relationship” with (I would need to log in to see which are still current).  If I ever did include a clickable banner that would lead to a commission, I would be sure to note that in the post. XOXO- Miss Jaye


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