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World of Champagne Archives: Blogs

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World of Champagne Archives: Blogs

Welcome to our blog archive here at the World of Champagne!  Blogs are presented in reverse chronological order, with a link and a short description.  If you find any dead or broken links, or links that take you to the wrong page, please report them to

We Are The Weirdos, Mister
This post is about finding an embracing your inner freak – and loving every minute of it!

Ghosting, or Actually, Brandon, You *Are* The Bad Guy
Why is ghosting even a thing?! In this post, Miss Jaye explore the concept of ghosting, why people do it, and how it really does make the ghoster “the bad guy.”

Letter From The Editor: 7 Years & Still A Beautiful Disaster
Miss Jaye’s annual Letter from the Editor, celebrating this site’s 7th birthday and talking about where we’re going as we head into year number 8.

Well, Actually…
One of Miss Jaye’s more serious posts, this one deals with the issue of stealthing, body autonomy, and a joke about mansplaining that’s funny…until it isn’t.

Candy Hearts
Miss Jaye explores her complicated relationship to Valentines Day by comparing two signature sweets: chocolates and candy hearts.

Having trouble understanding (or embracing) body positivity?  Maybe it’s time to get on your swimsuit…

Have Yourself A Married Little Christmas
What do you do when your married lover invites you to his home for Christmas with the family?  Hide out until New Years, pondering your thoughts about polyamory and open relationships!

Baby, It’s Woke Outside
Love it or hate it, it’s clear that the holiday classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” elicits some strong reactions – but is it really on the naughty list?  And how does the different between intent and impact factor into the discussion?

The Geography of Forgiveness: Fire Hall’s The Amish Project Presents Powerful Meditation
What does it mean to forgive?  How can we understand the power of forgiveness in some of our darkest moments.  This review of the 2018 production of The Amish Project at Grand Forks’ Fire Hall Theatre grapples with what it means to forgive…and what it means when we can’t.

Thanks For Nothing
Miss Jaye flips the usual Thanksgiving “thankful and blessed” post on its ear, instead being thankful for challenges and insecurities and for the things that bring nothing good into our lives until they are gone.

On Entertainment & Entitlement: A Conversation
What’s a queen to do when a disgruntled Republican messages her to tell her to keep her politics to herself and basically “shut up and sing?”  Post those messages for the world to see, or course, while exploring the idea of entitlement and what you can (and can’t) expect from the performers whose art you consume.

In her first blog post on the newly re-launched World of Champagne website, Miss Jaye reflects on what it means to create a public persona that becomes much bigger and more pervasive that originally intended, and what it means when that persona is silenced.

This is all of the blogs on the World of Champagne 2.0 – but don’t worry!  We were able to salvage most of the posts from the old version of the site, and we have some exciting plans for bringing those back for you in new and special ways.  Stay tuned!

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