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With Eyes Full Of Stars: The Celestial Beauties of Terra Moons Cosmetics

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With Eyes Full Of Stars: The Celestial Beauties of Terra Moons Cosmetics

I’m never a fan of New Years’ resolutions, but I just had to jump on the bandwagon and release a video all about brands that I was vowing to try in 2021.  I mean, I love makeup shopping and I love indie brands, so this seemed like a resolution that I was finally going to be able to keep!  And with the stunning shades that I picked up from Terra Moons Cosmetics, I’m so happy that I did!

Like a lot of indie brands that sell single shadows, Terra Moons will often release new products to an almost instant sell out, and so it can be difficult to get the shades you want all at the same time.  If there is a brand you are interested in, I would suggest following them on Instagram and checking in on their posts from time to time (I don’t know what IG’s new algorithm is doing, but it’s certainly not showing me the majority of people and accounts that I follow!) to keep track of restocks.  It can be a bit of work, but if you love metallic duochrome and multichrome shadows, it will definitely pay off!  In my purchase, I picked up the bundle of the Cosmic Chameleons (the top row) as well as a few other random singles and two highlighters.  I keep saying that I’m going to have “The Year of Singles” sometime – and actually stick to it! – and these are definitely making me feel that urge again!  These shades are gorgeous!

Swatches were done over the Ardell In Her Prime eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

Terrasphere is a gorgeous pink-leaning berry red with strong blue rones and some lovely metallic shine.  There also seems to be some pink glitter reflects in there as well.  This is a really lovely shade that isn’t as obviously duo/multichrome as the others, but there are lots of tones of pink, red, and fuchsia so I think it definitely counts.  In the right light you even get a sort of golden shift as well, though the shifts in these shadows are more iridescent than straight up metallic.

Solstice is a bright marigold shade with strong metallic yellow reflect.  This is gold with a citrus twist!

Radiation is a light spring green with yellow gold reflect and some blueish tones at the base.  This is such a pretty shade – but we all know that I’m a huge sucker for these kinds of green shades!

Orion’s Belt is a true blue base with some turquoise flash as well as some notes of a silvery baby blue to give it extra reflect and shine.  In the right lighting it can take on a bit of a golden shine as well.

Moon Tide is a purple shade that has a reddish violet at the base and a strong metallic blue tone on the surface, so you really get a shift between those two ends of the purple range depending on the light and angle as well as on how concentrated it it.  As you can see in the swatches, the finger swatch has more of the violet red tone, but the brush swatch (which has more concentrated application of product) is more blue-toned with hints of the red at the edges.

UFO is a gorgeous metallic grape shade that can shift into a fuchsia pink in the right angle and concentration.

In addition to the Iridescent Chameleons, I also picked up Starry Eyes (Pastel Chameleon), Sun Sign (Pastel Chamelon), Mood Ring (Extreme Multichrome), Ice Giant (Iridescent Chameleon), and Looking Glass (Extreme Multichrome).

Starry Eyes is a fairly sheer pink base with golden and pale green iridescent glittery shimmer.  This one reminds me of Peachy Keen from JD Glow, but not quite as strong of a green tone.

Sun Sign is a gorgeous slightly sheer peach with golden shift to it.  This one is more metallic than glittery.

Mood Ring is a gorgeous multichrome with many shades of green from deep forest to a golden lime, depending on the light and the angle.  At the extreme, you can also get tones of turquoise and blue, but this is mostly a celebration of greens!

This unicorn fantasy is a gorgeous semi-sheer mix of pink, lavender, and baby blue.  It’s very glittery and has lots of shine.

Looking Glass is a stunning multichrome of green, turquoise, teal, blue, deep purple, and a touch of magenta at the extreme end of the range.  I love all of these shades, but I’m very excited to work this into a look with some watery blues and greens!

And of course, I also picked up two of the iridescent multichrome highlighters.  These are similar to the shadows except that the base is much more sheer.  These have a finger swatch on the left like normal to show the concentrated color, but the brush swatch was done with a fluffier brush and is much more diffused to show how it would look as a highlight.

Shore To Please has a strong white pearl base but there is a bright yellow-leaning green shift.  The base can be diffused so that you can get more of just the shift, but the base seems to always show through with a photo, regardless of whether or not a flash is sued, so keep that in mind when you are using.  In person this looked much more sheer and you just got the shift of color.

Sea Diamond has the same white pearl base, but this one is a little more sheer in photos and a lot more sheer in person!  This has a strong turquoise blue shift, but changes to a green, lavender and pink tone depending on the angle and lighting.  This one is very shifty and beautiful, but still subtle since it’s a range of pastels in a white pearl base.  This is a great option for working multichromes into your highlight for a pastel look.

I’m always in love with multichrome shadows, and the looks that people do with them are killer, but I always feel overwhelmed when I think about them and how to incorporate them into a look!  I like to just dive in a play, and these feel like shades that need a little more planning so that you select the right tones in the mattes and shimmers you pair with them.  I’m excited to try, though, and I’m very glad that I decided to include this brand in my list of brands that I wanted to try this year – their swatch photos look too good to be believed, but I can tell you that they really are that gorgeous in person!

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