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Ulta Has Me Questioning Everything With New WandaVision Collection

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Ulta Has Me Questioning Everything With New WandaVision Collection

#RealTalk, y’all.  Except for the matte eye primer which I like to use for swatches on this site when I have it around, I haven’t been checking for anything from the Ulta store collection in a long time.  Almost everything I’ve tried has been…well, if I’m being honest?  It’s been straight up trash.  The one product I really liked was a bronzer, and that was a gift with purchase item that I never saw in the actual line.

So many of the items from previous collab collections have gotten similarly bad reviews, so I had already passed on Marvel collections featuring Avengers, Black Widow, and Captain marvel (one of my Marvel faves, MCU and comics!).  But when I saw the products in the new WandaVision collection, there was something about them that just drew me in, and made me pick up a a few items.  The makeup bag in particular was so cute, and it convinced me that I needed to give this a shot.

Well, that and the fact that I had been banking my Ulta points for a long time, and I was able to get all of the items that I picked up for free!  If it turned out to be junk, at least I picked it up on Ulta’s dime, feel me?

What I picked up were the trio of mini eyeshadow palettes (not sure why they only came as a set, but whatevs), the blush palette, the set of liner pencils, and the makeup back.  The makeup bag is as good as I expected, but somehow I forgot to take pictures of it, so I’ll include one from the Ulta website below (unfortunately, as of this writing the makeup bag is no longer listed on the Ulta website).


The swatches for these are done over the Kaleidos Tone Activator eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

None of the palettes have specific names, but the description on the back of the first palettes says, “Step back into the 50s and 60s with this nifty palette that features cool toned matte shades.”

L to R: Charmed, Flourish, Familiar

Charmed is a bright buttercream vanilla shimmer.  This is the only shimmer in this palette, but it has a nice solid application and gorgeous metallic shine.  Flourish is a cool matte brown, a little darkened around the edges where it interacted with the primer, but not a bad shade.  Familiar is a deep mauve matte with some brown undertones.

Is this…Ulta eyeshadow?  I’ve never had results like this from any shadows I’ve tried previously in the Ulta store brand collection…

L to R: Tonic, Jinxed!, Magnetic

Tonic is a deep army green matte, a little muddy with the primer, but overall the application was good with a little work.  Jinxed! is a bright sage green matte, nice and opaque.  Magnetic is a steel gray-infused blue matte.

The mattes aren’t great with a finger, but since that’s not typical of how I apply mattes, I don’t worry about that too much.  The brush application was generally very good, and I was able to get them to blend out nicely.  There was sometimes a little bit of reaction and darkening with the primer; the Kaleidos primer isn’t a super wet or tacky primer, but these might be even better with a drier formula, like the ABH eye primer.  Still, I was pretty impressed with the first palette!

This palette invites you to, “Dance your way into the 70s with this groovy palette that features bronze shimmers and a pop of purple.”

L to R: Illusion, Hexed, Sparkle

Illusion is a creamy vanilla shimmer.  Hexed is a light mustard yellow matte.  This one struggled a little, especially with the finger, but even with a brush it had a bit of streakiness.  Sparkle is a bright bronze brown shimmer.

So far it’s not exactly living up to the description, with only one bronze tone in the top row, but I’m generally impressed with how these are swatching out and applying.

L to R: Batty, Rune, Enchanted

We get a little more bronze-y with the second row.  Batty is a cool toned “old gold” sort of shimmer shade that almost has some olive undertones that are quite pretty.  This is a nice addition to the palette, and would pair beautifully with the cool tones in the last palette.  Rune is a pretty basic medium chocolate brown matte, nothing special to see here but the quality is nice.  Enchanted is a bright purple shimmer, once again struggling with a finger, but not bad with a brush application.  That’s unusual for a shimmer shade, which usually respond well to finger application, so definitely keep that in mind when working with this shade.

A pretty solid showing from the Ulta brand.  I’m impressed!  Let’s check out the last palette in the mini trio.

“You’ll be totally rad when you use this 80s and 90s palette that features fun, vibrant colors in tones of blues with pops of pink and silver.”  This palette feels pretty solidly situation in the 80s for me, but I’ll give them a little creative leeway in their whimsical descriptions…

L to R: Elixir, Wicked, Chaos

Elixir is a medium toned silver metallic shimmer.  This impressed me, probably the most of any of the shades.  This is a fantastic metallic, and it’s got all of the brightness and shine that I would expect from a high end shadow.  The silver is a little darker than I typically like (I prefer a lighter, more chrome type silver metallic) but the quality is definitely there.  Wicked is a pearl white shimmer, a little chunky but easy enough to work with.  Chaos is a dusty rose matte pink.  Does anyone say “dusty rose” anymore?  I feel like I never hear it, but I absolutely associate it with the 80s!

L to R: Allure, Hypnotic, Supernatural

Allure is a beautiful bright sky blue metallic shimmer.  This one has nice opacity and it blends pretty easily.  Hypnotic, a bright royal blue, is a little harder to blend, not quite as creamy as Allure, but the color is gorgeous.  Supernatural is a deep charcoal with glittery reflect.  This is one of those annoying shades where most of the glitter pretty much immediately blends away, but that’s hardly an Ulta exclusive problem.  I wish all brands would stop making these damn satin/matte shades with suspended glitter!  Give it something to stick to, or get it outta there!

In the final analysis, I’m really impressed with the eyeshadow vault!  These shadows are better than anything I’ve tried in the past from their store brand, and they are as good as a lot of other drugstore range brands (and even a few more prestige brands!) out there on the market.  Maybe I need to be paying closer attention to what Ulta is up to.

Let’s take a look at the blush palette.

“When in doubt, dust your cheeks with color.  Wicked!  Blush was a must-have item in the 80s, and you can create the signature look with this 4 piece blush palette.”  To say blush was big in the 80s…is an understatement.  Lucky for us, blush has really been having a moment the last couple of years, and I’m excited to see what this palette has to offer!

L to R: Spell, Hexed

Spell is so perfectly peachy and beautiful, I can’t stand it.  It’s a peachy pink base with gorgeous golden glow.  It’s not exact, but this is a pretty decent “dupe the vibe” for NARS’ Orgasm, for sure!  Hexed is a soft petal pink blush.  Not exactly a shimmer and not exactly matte, this is more of a satin finish, but will still give you some subtle glow.

These blushes are definitely for people who like a glowy finish to their blushes, and darker skintones could probably use Spell as a highlighter for sure!

L to R: Magic, Warped

Magic is a little bit deeper and a little bit more coral than spell, with the same golden shimmer to it.  Warped is a deep berry satin blush that is almost matte.  This one will give you the least shine of all 4 shades.

This blush palette is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it.  I did a WandaVision look a while back, using the red color of Wanda’s traditional Scarlet Witch look as inspo, but maybe I should plan a sequel look using the products from this collection!

This review can’t be all rainbows and sunshine, can it?  Here’s where things fall apart.  I really did not like these liner pencils.  The product is way too stif, I really had to scratch it against my skin to get the color and opacity that I did, and this is on my arm!  I can’t imagine doing that on my sensitive eye area!  Maybe the retro part of this is a throwback to the early 2000s when I had stiff, cheap eye pencils (because I was a broke bitch!) and I used to press them against the bare lightbulb in my room at the Motel 6 while getting ready for an I-Beam show.  Damn, flashbacks!  I’m going to play around and see if they get any better if you sharpen them (maybe the product on the outside hardened and it’s still creamy inside?!) but these pencils are exactly why I didn’t want to spend my real dollars on this collection.

Eye pencils aside (I don’t know who came up with them, but I assume…wait for it…that is was AGATHA ALL ALOOOOOOONG!), this collection really impressed me, and I’m going to be much more willing to try out things from the Ulta collection in the future.  The products that I cared the most about, the eyeshadows and blushes, were great!  And the makeup bag was just as adorable as I expected!  Let’s hope they keep this up, and I can see my Ulta product inventory growing just as quickly as the ever expanding MCU!

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