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Trixie Cosmetics Takes Us Back To The Fuchsia – And Purple Definitely Reigns!

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Trixie Cosmetics Takes Us Back To The Fuchsia – And Purple Definitely Reigns!

I’m not sure, but I think this site is slowly morphing into a Trixie Cosmetics review blog.  Not that I mind…

That’s right, y’all: Trixie Cosmetics is back with another fabulous collection!  The Back To The Fuchsia collection includes a new purple blush palette, 4 new shades of gloss, and two glitters!

I was excited to see that Trixie was coming with another blush palette; I really enjoyed both Summer of Love and Mod About You palettes, and I don’t have a lot of purple blush so this is definitely adding something unique to my collection.  Would I have moved to see a mini eyeshadow palette similar to her last release, the Daytime Realness collection?  Absolutely!  But I’m not mad about it.  If anything, my biggest complaint would be that all of the lip products were glosses – where are the lipsticks?!  Red Scare was such an amazing red lipstick, and the other shades that I’ve tried have also been fantastic.  Can we get a restock on Bauble – please?!

Anyway, that’s not what we’re here for – we’re hear for Back To The Fuchsia!

Like the other two blush palettes, this one includes two shades of blush, one deep and rich and the other lighter and a bit more sheer, as well as a highlighter shade.  I swatched the blushes and highlighter over a light application of my Uoma Beauty Say What?! Foundation (I wear the shade Fair Lady T3C) with a finger swatch on the left to show color and how it might look when built up more heavily, and a more diffused brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting without a flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

Cyber Babe is a bright violet pink that is somewhat sheer on first application, definitely more subtle than the darker shades in the other two palettes, but you can build it up to get a nice color.  This is the fuchsia that we’re going back to, and I’m here for it!  It’s in the same vein as the dark pink in the Summer of Love palette, but this one is distinctly lighter and leans more to the violet purple, while the one in Summer of Love is more of a cool pink leaning slightly more red.

Moon Boots is a light lilac shade, and this one applies very sheer.  Even the finger swatch stays pretty sheer! This is a good option if you want to dip your toes into purple without going all in on the first go.  As you can see, it looks almost like a pale pink, but a bit cooler.  This is a really lovely color on pale skintones, but I’m not sure how well this would translate onto darker skintones given how sheer it is – I’d love to see swatches or looks!

Hologram, the silvery purple highlighter, is a little bit tricky.  The photos definitely look more pale purple, but in person the shade almost looked like a gray metallic, like brushed nickel.  I want to play with this in a look and see how it comes out, but I would maybe use this as a base to put another highlighter over to get more sparkle and shine.  The finger swatch was definitely more true to color, so perhaps if you tap it on with a finger you won’t have the same problem with color that I did?

The lip glosses include 3 opaque shades and one sheer shimmer gloss.  I swatched these over bare skin with the same lighting described above.  Obviously, no finger swatches here!

Duh! is a pale nude pink with really good opacity.  I’m impressed with the glosses in this collection as they have the most opacity of the glosses that I’ve tried so far (not that any of the others have been bad, but these are just really good and pigmented!).  It’s definitely pink but it’s such a light, cool-toned pink that this will easily pair with any of your purple looks.  I love using purple and pink together!

Chill Pill is a pale orchid purple shade, leaning a little pink.  It’s got nice opacity as well, and it goes on super smooth.

Prism is the sheer gloss; it has a light pinky purple base color and then pinky-purple glitters with a blue iridescent flash.  This is a lovely option to sparkle up a purple liquid lipstick, or wear it on its own to just get the glittery shine with a hint of color.

Synth is the deepest gloss, and it’s a gorgeous grape purple with amazing opacity!  Sometimes dark glosses like this can get streaky, but I didn’t have any problems with this at all!  It’s a stunning color and I love the way that it looks.  In the launch video, Trixie tapped one of the glitters over it and it looked amazing, so I am definitely looking forward to having the chance to try that!

Speaking of glitters, this collection has two: Indiglow and Juice Box.  Glitter is my nightmare, and it doesn’t really change color at all when applied, so I just took pictures of the glitters in the jar.  Please file any complaints about this with the appropriate authorities.

Indiglow is a pale blue-toned purple with a green iridescent shift that is really lovely.  That’s the glitter that Trixie used over Synth in the video above and it was the perfect combo!  I tend to love blue-toned purples more than red-toned, and we all know I love green, so I am definitely digging this glitter.  Juice Box is a metallic glitter that is a bright slightly red-leaning purple.  This is another gorgeous color, though I don’t think I like it quite as much as Indiglow.  I’m getting quite the collection of Trixie Glitters!

As with the other Trixie Cosmetics releases, I think they are putting out consistently pretty good products.  Are they perfect?  No.  The packaging is sometimes a little wonky (like when two shades fell out of the Daytime Realness palette when I opened it!) and I’m not sure where those weird Funko reject cartoon characters on the blush palettes came from (though I have to say, I’m not sure why but I don’t hate the ones on this palette like I did the ones on the other two!).  They are putting out lots of new collections, but restocks have been sort of hit or miss.  But what I enjoy about Trixie Cosmetics is that the brand is all about color and fun, but they do it in ways that are really approachable.  If you are nervous about orange or purple blush, the palettes have a “starter shade” to get you going and feeling more confident before you start working with the darker shade.  The lip glosses are great and they come in a great selection of colors with some great finishes. And the glitters are fun, though it seems like some of the shades are getting discontinued, so if you were thinking of picking some of them up (I’m thinking of Buffy and Lava Lamp specifically, but there might be others that have been announced as well) I wouldn’t sleep on it much longer!

Now, if we could just get that restock of Bauble.  And YES, I am going to mention that every goddamn time I talk about Trixie Cosmetics until I have it in my hot little hands!

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