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Trixie Cosmetics Serves Daytime Realness – But Does It Make Me Blue?!

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Trixie Cosmetics Serves Daytime Realness – But Does It Make Me Blue?!

Trixie Cosmetics is finally breaking into the eyeshadow arena – and I’m not entirely sure how to feel about it!

The Daytime Realness Collection includes an 8-pan mini palette of blues and cool neutrals, a new sparkles glitter in a deep blue with hints of green, and an accessory pack that includes a patch, enamel pin, and several holographic stickers.  As is typical for my shopping adventures on Trixie Cosmetics (check out my blush palettes review HERE to hear about the last debacle!), I had some strangeness when I checked out where I had the full collection bundle in my cart, but then it was removed from my cart with a message that it was sold out.  That usually happens when one of the individual pieces becomes sold out, so I went back onto the site – and all of the pieces were still there.  So I was able to buy the whole bundle, I just had to pay full retail price.  The difference was only $4, so I wasn’t that burnt about it, but it would be nice to have one smooth checkout experience with this brand!

The accessory pack wasn’t a necessary purchase, but it’s just so darn cute!  The patch is very well made, and I’m excited to add the pin to my pin board.  I actually need to get a bigger board – I was trying to keep my enamel pin collection to one small 10 x 10 board, but I have failed miserably!  The stickers are cute and have a fun cartoonish 80s vibe.  I’m so glad that this collection doesn’t have any of the bug eyed creepy dolls that the blush palettes feature.

They also had a 50% off glitter sale at the same time as the launch, and they had restocked most of their shades, so I picked up quite a few.  I still love my Lit Cosmetics glitters most of all, but I’m digging my growing collection of Trixie Cosmetics glitters.  Swatches will be at the bottom!

The packaging on this is adorable!  This is the kind of thing that I wish was on the blush palettes: it’s got an 80s Saturday cartoon feel without having those Kewpie doll nightmares.  It’s evocative, but not too specific.  As a child of the 80s I have very strong connections to VHS tapes so this hit all the right notes.  And I love blue eyeshadow, so what’s not to love?!

I don’t know why, but I forgot to take a picture of this open in front of my curtains under Becky with the good lighting.  Sorry about that.  The swatches are under good lighting, but here’s a little preview of the shades as we get into it.  The swatches were done on the Ardell In Her Prime eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Televangelista, Daily Double, Weather Girl, Zenith

Televangelista is a bright white shimmer, very creamy and tends to get checky with a brush.  A finger helps smooth it out, but a spray will settle this down if you are having flaking problems.  Daily Double is a double bummer!  I’m so sad about this, but this really struggled.  The shade is patchy and inconsistent, and the more you work it with a brush, the worse it gets.  For this shadow, I would plan out where you want to put it, make sure you use a primer (and a white base is better to get a brighter pop to the blue), and tap it on, and keep your blending to the edges.  It’s a beautiful shade, but it’s just a fussy, fussy formula.  Weather Girl is a gorgeous cyan matte, nicely pigmented and very blendable.  It can get a little sheer around the edges, but it blends nicely with other shades.  Zenith is a medium matte gray, very cool-toned and nice pigmentation.  This one also has a little bit of sheerness in places, but it’s not unworkable.

L to R: Soap Star, Cut The Cameras, Static, Channel Surfer

Soap Star is my favorite shade in the palette.  it’s the same sort of creamy/chunky consistency as Televangelista, so know that going in, but the pale blue with silvery white reflect is really a stunning shade.  Cut The Cameras is a dark cool gray, and it’s a little patchy.  You can blend it out, and it’s definitely better with a brush, but it needs a little work.  Static is a different formula from the other two shimmers, and it is much more glittery.  It has a bight chrome silver base with strong silver glitter reflects.  This is a nice shade, and the base is solid and pigmented, but definitely think about a glitter glue to keep the sparkle where you want it as much as you can.  Channel Surfer is a deeper cyan blue matte.  It’s a nice color, and it’s definitely different from Weather Girl, but it does feel a little bit repetitive, especially considering that there are also two very similar matte grays.

I’m willing to forgive most of my complaints with this palette because it’s an inexpensive mini palette.  It’s 8 pans for $24, similar to the Huda mini palettes, and while the shades aren’t perfect, I think that most of them can be wrangled without too much effort.  I don’t know that newbies would want this to be their first blue eyeshadow that they try – there is definitely some effort that needs to be put in to make this work – but it’s a solid first attempt at eyeshadows.

One thing that did really annoy me about this: when I unpacked the palette, two of the shades fell out.  It doesn’t even look like there is any glue residue in those spots.  This has been happening to me more often lately.  In addition to this palette, I have had some pans fall out of my Lucky Bunny palettes and the Midas x Smokey collab palette.  I know indie brands often don’t own their own means of production and are trusting their manufacturers to get it right, but there seems to be some quality control out there in the wild.  I always have nail glue nearby and I just pop them back in, so it’s not a major deal as long as the shadows don’t shatter when they fall – but I am getting a little tired of gluing shades back into so many of my new palettes.  That’s something that brands definitely need to keep in mind.

Let’s take a look at the glitters Buttercup, and then we’ll wrap this motha up!


L to R: For Reel, Mali-Blu, Marshmallow

For Reel is a gorgeous deep blue with a lighter blue and even some turquoise of green moments mixed in.  It’s really pretty and a great compliment to the collection.  Mali-Blu is a lighter turquoise blue glitter with iridescent reflects.  Marshmallow is a clear/white base with yellow-leaning iridescent flash.

L to R: Babydoll, 1969, Skipper

I love blue looks with pops of pink, so it was a perfect chance to nab these pink glitters!  Babydoll is a pale pink with iridescent flash.  1969 is a deeper pink/red base with peachy gold iridescent flash.  Skipper is the only Sprinkles glitter that I picked up and it’s got a larger iridescent pink chunk with smaller iridescent glitter mixed in for more flash and sparkle.

These are really pretty, and I love the pink and blue shades together – I can’t wait to put together a Face Friday with some of these new products!

So how do we feel about Daytime Realness?  It’s making me feel blue…but in all the best ways!  Yes, it’s not perfect, and they haven’t quite nailed a matte formula that is as pigmented and consistent as one would expect from Trixie’s brand (those blush palettes are FIRE!), but this is a pretty good first step.  As long as they keep working and innovating and improving, I’m definitely interested to see what else they have in store.  And the glitters are adorable.  Sorry Lit Cosmetics, I promise I still love you, but this glittery heart just needs all the sparkle it can find!

Now if they can just get their restock schedule under control – I’ve been waiting for Bauble to come back in stock for approximately forever…

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