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Trick Or Treat: Photo Set By Photos By Breeze, Fall 2020

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Trick Or Treat: Photo Set By Photos By Breeze, Fall 2020

Hello there Champagne Dreamers!  I’m super excited to bring you the very first photo gallery of 2021, and also the first of my “gender bent horror icons” series: Trick Or Treat!  I shot this in Fall 2020 with Photos By Breeze, and she did a great job of capturing the fun, playful, and creepy atmosphere I wanted!

For this series, each series is going to take an icon from horror and reinterpret it through my own weird, queer perspective!  For Michael Myers, I wanted to go with just a simple black sweater dress, some metallic elements, and then some flashes of neon in the makeup and accessories.

The mask was painted by my friend Angie from beautiful Eccentric; she has made lots of accessory and jewelry pieces for me over the years, and her custom masks will show up again in this series (the Jason look is going to be sickening!).  And as usual, I was joined by my delightfully delicious friend Will to play my Laurie Strode!

I can’t wait to work on more icons in this series and create some fun gender bent horror characters!

PS – we did these photos this past fall along with a couple of the other galleries, but I waited to release the full gallery until after the new year because these images were featured in one of my 2021 calendars: Things That Go Bump In The Night!  That was a fun little exclusive for the people who bought the calendars, but now it’s time to release the gallery to the world!

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