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Time To Get Sinful: Lucky Bunny Cosmetics Fills Me With Greed & Envy!

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Time To Get Sinful: Lucky Bunny Cosmetics Fills Me With Greed & Envy!

I don’t know about you, but after being cooped up almost all of last year, I’m ready to get a little sinful!

Luckily, I found a new indie brand, Lucky Bunny Cosmetics from Australia, that is ready to help me do just that!  Lucky Bunny has a series of palettes named after the seven deadly sins.  In addition to the two I ordered, Greed & Envy, they also currently have Wrath and Gluttony.  At only about $27 each (depending on exchange – they are $34.95 AUD), I’m hoping that they finish off the series!

Nikki Raven, a YouTuber from the Netherlands that I quite enjoy, has been talking about this brand for a while now, so I included them in my “8 Brands I Want To Try In 2021” video, and this is the first purchase from those brands that has arrived!  I’m super excited to dig into these – especially since Envy features a wide variety of my favorite color, green!

But let’s start with Greed first.  Greed is a collection of purples, a bright pop of pink, and a few lighter and more neutral shades.  All of the swatches in this post were done over the Ardell In Her Prime Eye Primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Angel, Bunny Amethyst, Trixie

Angel is a very pale pink matte shade.  Bunny is a bright metallic rose gold shimmer.  Amethyst is a purple shimmer, somewhat blue in tone when applied thickly, but has a reddish tone in the base that comes out with more blending.  Trixie is a bright grape matte.  It reacted with the oils in my finger and darkened, taking on more of a reddish tone; the brush swatch is truer to the color you see in the pan.  Just keep this in mind when applying, or if you want to work with it to get the desired shade result.

The mattes in this are a dry formula, but not at all gritty or chalky.  There are some that are drier than others, and those tend to be a bit lighter when applied and need to be built up, but they are all nice and pigmented.  The shimmers are lovely, though they have a creaminess too them that can tend to be a little uneven, so just make sure you are checking your blend.

L to R: Candy, Danni, Kiki, Tayla

Candy is a light lilac shimmer with some subtle pink notes.  Danni is a bright pink matte.  This one tends to go on a little sheer, especially with a finger, but can be built up nicely.  Kiki struggled a little bit, and is a bit patchy around the edges.  Tayla is a gorgeous taupe brown shimmer with strong pinky lavender reflect and a bit of a red undertone.

L to R: Lola, Serenity, Sandi, Storm

Lola is a deep cool-toned brown matte, though this matte in particular is more of a satin matte than a true matte.  This is true of most of the mattes in these palettes (they all sort of toe the line) but this is one of the most obvious.  Serenity is a bright berry matte.  Sandi is a very yellow buttercream sort of shimmer shade.  Storm is a deep cool brown metallic shimmer.

This palette really did impress me, especially considering the affordable price.  These purples and pinks are right up my ally, and I’m excited to play around with them more.  Maybe we need to do another Face Friday post where we do two looks with two palettes, and compare Envy and Greed like the Glamlite Pizza Slice palettes – what do we think?!

Now you know I’m excited to get my hands into some gorgeous greens – let’s play with Envy!

L to R: Crystal, Bamby, Chastitty, Jade

Crystal is a bright shimmery white.  This one definitely tends to be a little uneven in application, so a finger is best, or use a little spray to break up the creaminess and get a more even, consistent application.  Bamby is a bright pale beige nude, almost perfectly matched to my own skintone (which is why it’s so hard to see!).  Chastitty is a bright spring green shimmer with lots of silvery reflect.  I’m not sure if these are named after actual people or just have women’s names, but that particular spelling of Chastitty should be considered a hate crime.  I said it and I meant it.  Jade is a beautiful deep green satin matte, very evergreen forest.

L to R: Roxie, Chloe, Trinity, Kitty

This row is obviously my favorite with all of these gorgeous blue-toned greens!  Roxie is a light silvery mint green shimmer.  Chloe is a true green, a little patchy at first but builds up and blends out nicely.  Trinity is a lighter matte lime shade.  Kitty is a light green shimmer with golden tones.

L to R: Destiny, Gypsy, Lola, Dallas

Destiny is a deep cool green with darkened silvery shimmer.  Gypsy is a lighter green with a sort of tin-y silver shimmer.  It’s a bit brighter with the brush application, but the finger application was more subdued.  Lola is a blackened plum matte.  Dallas is an army green shimmer with some golden tones.

The packaging on these palettes is nothing to get excited about: it’s pretty generic and features a single color printing of their logo with the name of the palette.  There are no ingredients listed, but the shades names do appear inside the palette (which is my preference).  I had an issue with Greed where a couple of the shades came unglued, so be sure to check that and reglue any that might come loose.  But don’t let the packaging deter you from checking out these great little palettes.  The shades are pigmented enough that you can get some really beautiful looks with them, but they are also soft enough and able to be applied more subtly that they won’t scare off novices or those who are just getting into makeup and/or color.  I’m definitely going to be adding Gluttony ( a blue collection with neutrals) and Wrath (fiery reds and oranges, obvi!) to my collection at some point, and I’m excited to see what else they put together if they decide to keep going with the series!

The world is still a mess, and we need to keep on keeping our distance when we can, but Lucky Bunny Cosmetics helps you bring a little bit of sin back into your life in all the right ways.  Sure, it’s not a drunken orgy at a downtown nightspot, but it will do…for now.

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