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This Week’s Video Takes Us OUT Of The Beauty Space, And Into The Rest Of YouTube!

Posted By on September 17, 2020 in Champagne Dreams | 0 comments

This Week’s Video Takes Us OUT Of The Beauty Space, And Into The Rest Of YouTube!

Hello again, Champagne Dreamers!  Miss Jaye is back with another video, and this time she’s ditching the Glam to focus more on the Geek and the Gore: she’s telling you her favorite Non-Beauty YouTube channels!

I mean, we love glitter as much as the next aging drag queen still trying to capture her fifteen minutes of fame (and at her age, we don’t know how many fifteen minutes she has left!), but sometimes you want to explore some other neighborhoods in those YouTube streets!

In addition to way too much beauty content, Miss Jaye watches all kinds of other YouTube channels: game streams of Friday the 13th The Game, home repair and DIY videos (which may or may not have been inspired by her accidentally ripping the handle off her oven door in a fit of butch realness!), random clips of standup comedians, and Trixie Mattel making afternoon snacks in an Easy Bake oven!  But this video contains the best of the best: those channels that Miss Jaye absolutely can’t live without when she needs a break from the glitz and the glam!

So check out her video, and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with all of her shenanigans on the YouTubes, playing in the world of Glam, Geek, & Gore!  And if you hit that bell icon, you can get updated of all future “Tube Tuesday” uploads!

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