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Things That Make You Go “Om!” – Is Peachy Queen’s New Align Chakras Palette Rainbow Bliss?

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Things That Make You Go “Om!” – Is Peachy Queen’s New Align Chakras Palette Rainbow Bliss?

It’s a wild world out there Champagne Dreamers, and sometimes you just need to breathe in, center yourself, and get away from it all.  Now, even if makeup isn’t your typical way of getting things in line, Peachy Queen is hoping that they can bring some Namaste to your day with the Align Chakras palette!

Peachy Queen has always been a little bit unpredictable in terms of what stays in stock, what comes back, and what disappears forever, but as of this writing the palette is still available on their website.  It’s a 16-pan palette that presents a matte and shimmer shade for each color representing the 7 primary chakras, or energy centers, in the body, plus a black and a white.  It’s a rainbow palette, but it’s a nice combination of matte and shimmer allowing for easy monochromatic looks as well as mixing colors together to get wild and vivid!

What I liked best about this palette on first glance was the inclusion of coordinated matte and shimmer shades.  Sometimes with rainbow palettes they only give you one shade of each color in the rainbow, and sometimes those colors are skewed; sometimes you don’t get the ones you want in the finish you want (matte vs. shimmer).  With this one, we stick pretty close to the traditional colors of each chakra (with some exceptions noted below) and the matte and shimmer pair well together.  All of the swatches for this were done over the Kaleidos Tone Activator eye primer with a brush swatch.  There is nothing about these shimmer shades that would greatly benefit from a finger swatch so I just went with the brush – because there are 16 colors to work through, and it was a lot.  Sorry ’bout it.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.  I also did them in quads instead of rows so you could see the matte and shimmer shades together.

L to R: Root, I Am, Sacral, I Feel

Root is a bright true red, very nicely pigmented with a slightly satin finish.  I Am is a red shimmer with a silvery white shimmer reflect.  Sacral is a bright orange, a little weak around the edges.  I Feel is a bright orange shimmer with silvery white shimmer as well.  In general, the mattes in this palette are a little bit on the satin side, not true matte, and the shimmers are generally a little thicker, a little chunkier sometimes, and they go one very well with a brush.

L to R: Solar Plexus, I Do, Heart, I Love

Solar Plexus, the yellow matte, is very sheer and powdery, definitely a disappointment.  This one can be built up to get more color, and would probably be best over a white base, but it’s definitely chalky and inconsistent, especially without a good amount of work.  I Do is a pretty yellow shimmer with strong metallic shine.  Heart is also powdery and inconsistent, though it’s slightly better than the yellow matte.  I Love is a gorgeous lime shimmer with slight golden yellow undertones.  I’m a little disappointed that they went with lime greens instead of a more balanced green, but this is a beautiful shade, especially next to the yellows.

L to R: Throat, I Speak, 3rd Eye, I See

The blue/indigo section is where things get a little weird.  The blue matte Throat is the darkest of the blue shades, and indigo is usually much darker than blue.  This is also the only pairing (of the chakras) where the matte and the shimmer are not coordinated.  I Speak is a lovely baby blue shimmer with silvery shine.  This shade as a matte would have made a lot more sense of Throat.  3rd Eye is a bright true blue, but it lacks the depth that I associate with indigo.  Same with I See – this shade is nice enough, a subtle satin-y shimmer, but it doesn’t have the darkness that it needs.

L to R: Crown, I Understand, OM, Aligned

Crown is a chalky lavender shade that can become beautiful with the right base and level of effort, but it’s not beginner friendly.  I Understand is a lovely deep lilac shimmer with silver notes.  This is one of my favorite shimmers in the palette as you get the shine without the same level of chunkiness.  OM is a deep, almost black gunmetal, like hematite, with a purple tinge to it.  This is a really gorgeous shade and it’s deep enough that you could still use it to darken the outer edge of looks.  Aligned is a pearl white shimmer, very chunky but nice coverage and consistency.

So is this palette a must have?  No.  It’s a nice enough palette, and it’s a fun take on a rainbow palette, but the mattes are a bit hit or miss and the shimmers, while lovely, are just good basic satin-y shimmers, not overly metallic or glittery or special.  This is a nice palette, and if you are really into the theme it could be fun to add to your collection, but it’s not necessary, for sure.

I thought this palette was fun, and I love the “woo woo” theme (especially after the short line of tarot palettes that they did) but it’s just not exciting enough to really make it a must own.  I love a good rainbow palette, and this one is…fine, I guess.  It’s better than a typical Morphe palette, but if you’re looking to round out your Pride month with the perfect rainbow palette, then I’m afriad your search continues…


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