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The Return To After Dark: Miss Jaye & Lethal Cosmetics

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The Return To After Dark: Miss Jaye & Lethal Cosmetics


I know, I know – I haven’t had a new episode of Janessa After Dark available for a hot minute…several hot minutes, in fact.  But when Lethal Cosmetics came out with a new collection, including the After Dark palette, an early 90s neon meets pastel grunge, I knew that it was the perfect excuse to resurrect the “forgotten” project.

#RealTalk: I haven’t forgotten about my podcasts, but as I’ve made the jump into YouTube, I’ve been busy learning about video editing and the workings of that platform and just haven’t had the time to devote to a lot of audio recording.  Podcasts became one of those things that I had to set aside – temporarily – until I could get a handle on this new medium.  I know it seems like Champagne Dreams Productions is a content machine, but don’t forget that it’s basically a one queen show, with some cinematography help from the very dutiful and much appreciated Angie!

So even though we’ve been away for a little while, let’s get back into the After Dark spirit with the new After Dark palette from Lethal Cosmetics!

Another confession: even though this is my first review of Lethal Cosmetics, this isn’t my first purchase from the brand.  In fact, I’ve mentioned this in a few live broadcasts on Facebook, but I bought a TON of singles from them a while back; in fact, it was the collection from Lethal that inspired me to make 2020 The Year of the Single Eyeshadow (don’t ask how that’s going, by the way…).  I’m still planning to do some swatches and a review of those, but I just haven’t had time.  It’s two full palettes of singles, so the task is daunting!  But (spoiler alert!) now that I’ve had a chance to play with and experience their formula, I’m very excited to get into those other shades and play around!  We might have to do a whole Face Friday using the brand!

Let’s take a look at the 12 shadows in this palette.  These are all sold as singles as well, and the palette it magnetized so you can easily pop them out to rearrange, add to a different palette, customize, etc.  I did the swatches over the Anastasia Beverly Hills eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with no flash.

L to R: Frequency, Arcade, Replica, Outrun

Frequency is a matte white, very soft and not at all chalky.  It gives you an amazing opaque finish.  There was a little powder kickup in the pan with all of the mattes, but the eyes didn’t look powdery or inconsistent at all.  Arcade is a light peachy pink with silver metallic shimmer.  Replica is a bright matte lime.  Outrun is a very rich matte cyan blue.

One minor complaint that mostly just has to do with my work as a reviewer: since I bought these as the palette, and not singles, the shades do not have stickers on the back that have the shade name on them.  The palette had a sleeve that had the names but I tossed it; I assumed that these would be like all of their other singles and have the stickers on the back with the name.  It’s not the end of the world, but it added some research to this post that I didn’t entirely appreciate, and it’s something to keep in mind if you’re buying the palette to get the discount but are planning to pop them out to keep in other palettes.

L to R: Sequence, Proxy, Quicksave, Mainframe

Sequence is a gorgeous pale purple matte, so opaque and smooth to apply.  These pastels are really amazing!  Proxy, a light turquoise matte, is just as good.  Quicksave is a rich peachy coral matte, somewhere between mid-toned and pastel.  Mainframe is definitely a standout in this palette: a rich berry pink with a violet undertone, and a gorgeous metallic finish.

L to R: Overdrive, Synth, Capslock, Nightcall

Overdrive is a bright metallic silvery white.  I’m not sure of the exact difference between this and the other single silver shade from their line, Rocket Fuel, but my guess is that this one is lighter and more chrome silver while the other one is more of a true silver.  I’ll swatch a comparison when I do the other post to show the differences.  Synth is a really gorgeous pastel purple with silvery metallic shimmer.  Capslock is a bright hooker pink, fuchsia and 80s and everything I need in my retro-loving life.  Nightcall is a deep purple matte that comes out darker than I would have expected based on how it looks in the pan.

I can see why Theresa Is Dead is always raving about these!  The mattes are soft and super pigmented, and they blend out like a dream.  I am absolutely in love!  And even though there are only 4 shimmers in this palette, they make me very excited – not only because they are all amazing and perform well, but because I know that I have a ton more colors in my singles palettes.

Lethal is an indie brand from Germany, but don’t let that stop you from ordering.  I’ve found the shipping times to be really quick coming from Europe, both with the previous orders of the singles in the “before times” and my order of this palette during the reign of Mean Miss Rona.  In both cases, I got my order in about a week which I think is great for shipping from Europe.  The prices are pretty reasonable and the quality is amazing.  I haven’t really purchases any other products from them yet, but they do have some highlighters (again, that Theresa Is dead can’t stop talking about!)  and some gel liners and a few other products.  I might branch out and try some other products the next time I’m placing an order with them, but I will always have their new shadow collections on my watch list.

Let’s hope that this palette will bring me back to my single shadows and we can really get the Year of the Single Shadow underway!

Also, can we just talk about how great the packaging of this palette is:

This is so 90s to me!  Whenever anyone talks about 90s style, they talk about grunge…and of course, they aren’t wrong.  But grunge didn’t really hit until a few years into the 90s, and it wasn’t the only sort of style out there.  Right at the turn of the decade, I remember seeing a lot of grayscale things with contrasts of bright, vivid pastels.  So it wasn’t quite the true neons of the 80s, it was more subdued, but it was still light and bright, unlike the more typical grunge colors that would come later (mustard, cranberry, olive, navy, etc.).  This palette absolutely captures that transition and it gives me all of the great nostalgia for my young and wild days.  I mean, I’m still wild, but now I’m old and wild!

Plus, when you ordered the palette, they included a sheet of 90s-inspired stickers to decorate the palette with.  I’m not sure if they are still doing this, but if they are it’s super fun to have them in your collection.  I put a few on the palette itself and put a few on my work and personal laptops.  I never grew up, so I have stickers everywhere!

I would definitely recommend the After Dark palette.  Even if the 90s aren’t your thing, the individual shades here are all standouts and can easily complement other color combos and variations.  The formula is fantastic, and those metallic have shimmer for days.  It may not be a new episode of Janessa After Dark, but it’s almost as good…

And just in case this wasn’t enough, you’re in luck: I did finally get a new episode of Janessa After Dark recorded and out into the world!  It features my interview with the OG Judith Myers from John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978), Sandy Johnson, and you can listen to it on SoundCloud HERE, or search for Janessa After Dark on iTunes or Stitcher!

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