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She’s been talking about it for a while, but the first episode of Miss Jaye: The Renovation is finally here!

Introducing Miss Jaye’s attempt to live a better life and fast track some positive life changes, this episode explains the origins of the project, Miss Jaye’s own past experiences with self help books, and the reason why each episode is going to begin with a Brene Brown quote.  She also introduces you to the “squad” – the 14 books that Miss Jaye will be reading, reacting to, and using to help find her way to a better style of living.

Miss Jaye: The Renovation is a 17-episode limited series podcast that focuses on Miss Jaye’s journey to a better life, the easy way: through the self help aisle!  Like her other podcast, Janessa After Dark, this series is produced by Champagne Dreams Productions and is available to stream for free through various podcast services.

You can listen to the first episode on SoundCloud HERE, or search for Miss Jaye: The Renovation on iTunes or Stitcher!

If you can’t be living your best life, at least try to live a better one.  Let the renovation begin!


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