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The Golden Hour: Photo Set By Miranda Roen, Roen Photography, 2015

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The Golden Hour: Photo Set By Miranda Roen, Roen Photography, 2015

I was going through some files and I realized that there was another photo session that I did with the amazing Miranda Roen of Roen Photography in the summer of 2015, and I wanted to get them back on the site as soon as possible!  For this shoot, I went down to Fargo and we shot in the downtown area and along the river.  I’m breaking it up into two galleries, so you’ll have to wait a hot minute for the downtown stuff, but I just couldn’t wait to share these photos!  These were taken during the “golden hour,” a time when the light is amazing for photography, and the colors down by the river were absolutely exploding!  I love all the greens and the light with the pink sequins.  I love all of my shoots with Miranda, but this one is has a special place in my heart!  My bestie Angie, my intrepid unpaid assistant, came along and helped me change into my gown next to Miranda’s SUV on a side street in Fargo!  It was a wild day, but we got some amazing shots.  I hope you enjoy them!

Like the Playboy blanket we used?  That was actually a blanket from my house that I had gotten as a birthday present from another drag performer that I knew back in the day.  She used a different stage name then, but now she is none other than Billboard Top 40 recording artist The Vizin!  You should follow her on IG: @thisisvizin – her looks are FLAWLESS!

Two of the pieces of art, the Big Edie Beale quote and the “This Must Be The Place” plaque are both prints by the artist Michelle Brusegaard.  You can find her on IG as well: @mbmbmpls – her work is amazing!

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