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The Enchantments Collection Is Now Available Through Collective Modalities!

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The Enchantments Collection Is Now Available Through Collective Modalities!

Miss Jaye is all about glitz and glam, but she also appreciates a little “champagne for the soul” now and then!  When not in drag, Miss Jaye’s alter ego, Chris M. Stoner, has been reading and studying tarot for more than two decades (and reading for clients for more than a dozen years!) and also enjoys working with stones and crystals.  That interest lead to the newest collection from the House of Champagne Designs: The Enchantments Collection.

And now, you have a new online shopping destination to pick up pieces from that collection, as well as connect with other energy workers and products meant to enhance your well-being.

Introducing Collective Modalities!

Not only can you find The Enchantments Collection under the shopping tab (and make a purchase directly through the website), but you can also currently shop for Salt Scrubs and make an appointment with psychic medium Debbie Kuryn or Reiki practitioner Charlene Smart.  There is also information about essential oils and a link for more information and to purchase those as well!  The site is still new and looking to grow, so look for the products and services to continue to expand and become your go to location for healing and wholeness!

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