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The Enchantments Collection From House Of Champagne Designs

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The Enchantments Collection From House Of Champagne Designs

Miss Jaye is back with another collection of one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry, and it is her most carefully curated collection to date: The Enchantments Collection!

Miss Jaye has always loved working with natural elements, stones, shell, etc. but in the past she hasn’t created pieces with any specific energetic intentions in mind.  With this new collection, not only is she putting together materials and stones that look beautiful together, the stones have significance and, for those who use stones in their personal practice or for meditations, these pieces are made with specific intentions in mind!  There are 44 pieces in the collection; most are necklaces with earrings, but some are necklace only.  They are currently available by setting up a sale with Miss Jaye directly through Facebook, though we are working on something that will allow more people to find and shop from this collection.

Here are the designs:

Click on the pictures to see them bigger; to see prices and purchase information, you can check out Miss Jaye’s Facebook gallery HERE.  The gallery includes all of the images with information about the stones and materials used, as well as the specific intentions associated with each piece.

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