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The (California) Golden Touch: Midas Cosmetics Sparks Up Some Glam With The High Times Palette

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The (California) Golden Touch: Midas Cosmetics Sparks Up Some Glam With The High Times Palette

Ready for more cannabis-fueled makeup goodness?  Strap in!

If you’re keeping track, this is the 4th makeup palette I’ve reviewed on this site that is marijuana-themed.  I started with the OMFG Kush palette from OMFG Cosmetics in April, and in May I did a double review on the Melt Cosmetics’ Smoke Session palette and the Kush Queen palette from Peachy Queen.  But pot is huge in the beauty space right now, so here we are again, this time trying out a 12-pan palette from a new indie brand I’m trying out: the High Times palette from Midas Cosmetics.

I found this palette in a really roundabout way – a YouTuber that I sometimes watch did a tag video and said that she had gotten the tag from another smaller YouTuber, Katie Marie.  It was kind of fun – she didn’t realize it was a pot-themed palette and drew a tank top on the image on the cover!  It was a quirky and fun, and once again I really love the color selection.

I checked out the brand and they had a pre-order available on a collection that included not only the palette but also two 5-shade collections of glitter.  I decided to just pick up the whole set as the glitters weren’t that expensive.  I’ll include the video from Katie Marie below because I love the look that she came up with and I knew that this was a palette that needed to be in my collection.

Before we get to the swatches, let’s talk a little bit about the glitters.  The combos are cute, and I’m sure I’ll get some use out of them, but let’s keep it really real: this is just basic glitter.  Their website indicates that it’s PET glitter, and it’s supposed to be manufactured in a way that reduces the risk of micro-cuts, but it still feels very much like craft glitter.  I’m hoping that there is more attention to the sharpness, and I’m still going to use it because I’m a hot mess and I never worry about the risks, but if you’re thinking that this is going to have the same sort of cosmetic experience as a company like Lit Cosmetics…well, this ain’t it.  The colors are beautiful though.

Here’s the first collection, called the Mama Jane collection.  There is a beautiful lavender purple, and a couple of mixes that have huge chunky pieces that are absolutely stunning.

The second collection, the Aunt Mary’s collection, is another fun collection of colors and again, I’m sure I’ll be loving them.  2019 is the year of glitter, so these shades will absolutely get some use in upcoming looks!

Now let’s just get into the palette – the good stuff!

Here are the swatches.  They are done over the OMFG face primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is in my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Kali Mist, Trainwreck, OG Kush, Acapulco Gold

The first shade, Kali Mist, is a pretty standard gold shade with sort of a brownish undertone – not full yellow gold, but it’s not really a copper or a bronze shade.  Trainwreck is a matte orange tan shade, nice pigmentation and coverage.  The mattes in this palette are fairly dry, but they don’t feel gritty or chalky and the application is really generally pretty nice.  They go one smoothly with both the finger and the brush, and overall I really like this formula.  OG Kush is a forest green matte, and this one needed a little bit of building (the first layer was somewhat sheer), but the color is really pretty and worked well.  Acapulco gold is a shimmery bronze brown and it was smooth and delightful.

L to R: Kermit, Gelato, Joint, Jillybean

If you didn’t know that this was going to be my favorite row – do you even know me?!  I love both of these amazing green shades.  Kermit is a light, true green matte, and I actually like the lighter sort of color that you get when you use the brush – not sure why the finger swatch went so dark.  I love this shade and even though it can be a little sheer and needs to be built, I wasn’t mad at the final result.  Gelato is beautiful and shimmer and perfect.  It’s my favorite, and it’s similar to my favorites from the two palettes I reviewed in May.  Just let me live.  This minty, blue-toned green shade is shimmery and beautiful, and it blends like a dream!  Joint looks like it’s going to just be straight up gray in the pan, but it goes on more like a grayish taupe brown.  I love a cool brown, and I love the way this looks.  Jillybean is a shimmery cool-toned brown, and it’s my favorite of the more neutral shades.

L to R: Tangie, Cinex, Sage, Harlequin

Tangie is a matte mustard shade, and it’s was a little patchy to start but I was able to blend it into submission without too much trouble.  This is totally on trend with all of the 90s grunge color collections that have been popping up, including the Come As You Are palette from Karity that I reviewed last week.  Cinex is a deep chocolate matte shade that performs well; it’s nothing unqie, but if you like a matte brown in a palette, this will do the job.  It’s probably the most generic of the shades in the palette.  Sage is a really pretty shimmer, it’s a mossy green shimmer, nice and deep, and I like that the undertone is more blue than you typically see with shades like this.  Harlequin is a terra cotta matte, nice and pigmented and it blends out nicely.

There was minimal powder fallout when I was swatching these, and they didn’t have that weird situation where they tended to form flakes.  These were nice quality and blended well without leaving all kinds of excess product all over the palette.  None of the shades was a true dud – I was able to get all of them to blend out and work for me.

This is a new brand for me, and I’m definitely interested in trying more of their palettes.  The prices are pretty low and the quality is high, and I love some of their bright collections – I’m hoping they have the same level of performance!

Let us know what you think in the comments – are you a fan of this whole pot obsession in the cosmetics world right now?  Are you here for it?  Are you over it?  Have you tried this brand?  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite cannabis-inspired makeup product?  Sound off, fam!

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