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The Blush Journey Continues: Lunar Beauty & Melt Cosmetics

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The Blush Journey Continues: Lunar Beauty & Melt Cosmetics

It’s easy to love an eyeshadow palette: silky gorgeous mattes and bright twinkling shimmers, vivid colors and rich neutrals.  They have more show to them, more spectacle.  As a reviewer, I think they are the most fun to play around with and review, and as a content consumer they are the most interesting to see talked about by others.  Someone might only review one or two shades of a foundation range, for example, but a single palette can have a dozen different colors or more, and they can be combined in a variety of different ways.  A lot of the other products that go into building your face don’t have that same sizzle, because they don’t have the same range.

I talked about my journey with blush in a recent YouTube video (included above), but I have to admit that I used to think that blush was…boring.  I know, right?  It seems weird to admit that I wasn’t a fan of blush to open a review for some fancy (and not entirely inexpensive) blush products!  But that’s what my journey has been about: as I’ve looked around the cosmetics world and found new formulas, new shades, and new ways to apply them, I’m developing a whole new appreciation for this product category.  There is a lot more emphasis on blush, with most companies that had a range of products having at least a few blush options in their lines.  I’m really loving the exploration, and I recently added two new brands of blush into my collection: Lunar beauty and Melt Cosmetics.

To be clear, while these are the first blushes I’ve owned from these brands, they are certainly not the first products I’ve added to my collection.  Both Lunar and Melt are two indie brands that have amazing, colorful eyeshadow palettes and I have multiple palettes from each of these brands.  Since I’ve been so pleased with the products I’ve tried so far, I decided to give their blush options a chance.

The Moon Prism Blush palette, a 6-pan blush palette from Manny MUA’s indie brand, was recently restocked at Sephora; I’ve heard people rave about it, and I figured now was as good a time as any with the Rouge $25 off $75 sale.  I added this and another item to my cart to get me to the minimum, and we were off to the races!

For both sets of swatches, I did them over my Uoma Beauty Say What Foundation applied lightly on my arm (I’m shade T3C).  I normally do blush swatches over bare skin but because I’m trying to get it as close as possible to actual use, I decided to give it a shot over foundation and I was pleased with the results.  It’s a finger swatch on the left to show the color and what sort of tone you can build up to, and on the right is a diffused brush swatch to show how it can look applied lightly.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash; the bottom photo is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Pink Moon, Twilight, Spacey

Pink Moon is a very pale pink blush, super sheer if done lightly but you can build it up to get a more opaque, milky pink sort of look.  This is lovely to blend into a highlight or to lighten and brighten a pink blush that is maybe a touch darker than what you wanted.  Twilight is a really lovely creamsicle orange blush.  This is, like, the epitome of what I look for in a peachy blush.  It’s so pretty, pigmented and with some depth without being too orange.  This is really pretty.  This with a peachy gold highlight?  #Deceased.  Spacey looks like it’s going to be a little mauve when you see it in the pan, but it’s a light toffee brown with reddish undertones.

L to R: Soleil, Stargaze, Gravity

Not to gush, but Soleil is one of the most beautiful blushes I own!  it’s a pale pinky coral with bright golden shimmer reflect.  This is so pretty as a wash, and you can blend this into a highlight.  I just can’t with this shade.  I love it so much!  Stargaze is a warm, dusty rose sort of color that’s got a little bit of a brownish tone as you build it up.  Gravity is a warm caramel brown, so pretty!  I think this could easily work as a beautiful bronzer.

I am absolutely in love with these blushes!  I’m generally in the mood for pink or peach blushes, and this really delivers.  The two shades on the right side are a little more brown, but even those feel like they’d be easy to work into my routine, either blending out my contour or adding a little bronze to my forehead.  And one thing that Manny absolutely knows is packaging: the raised moons, the metallic detailing, the pastel wash.  This is just such a stunning palette.  I would expect that from an influencer brand (they know what it’s like to struggle for the perfect IG shot!), but I’m still constantly impressed with the packaging on his new releases.  All of the eye palettes have gorgeous packaging, and this fits perfectly into his collection.

The other two blushes that I ordered are the Digital Dust Duo Blushes from Melt Cosmetics.  There are three duos available and I ordered two of them.  The third is a little too golden/warm brown for my taste – but I like these two so much, I may end up with it anyway!

Can we start by taking a moment to ogle that ridiculously beautiful embossing in the pan?  I have a thing for bee imagery, and this is bringing me so much joy.  I love the honeycomb look, and the shimmer on these is really intense.  If I can be precious for a moment, I would probably describe these more as “blushlighters” than straight up blushes: they tend to be a bit sheer and the sparkle and shine makes them ideal for use as a highlighter.  I know I said in my recent video that I had people using the phrase “blush topper” for sheer, shimmery blushes, but I never said that I didn’t like a different made up word!  So blushlighter it is…

L to R: Buzz, Kill

Buzz is so pretty I just can’t handle it.  It’s like Soleil from the previous palette, but a little darker.  Is it peach, is it pink, is it golden?  It’s all of these things, and I love it!  I would say that this is in the same zip code as NARS Orgasm, though the base isn’t as pigmented.  But color, definitely.  Kill is a bright peach with golden shimmer, a nice complement because it has all of the peachy gold of Buzz but removes any sort of pink notes.

L to R: Raw, Honey

Raw is a brownish shade with purple/plum undertones, very shimmery but the base pigment is definitely subdued.  It sheers out to more of just a soft brown with only the faintest hint of plum.  Honey is a bright champagne with hints of gold, and this one is the most like a straight up highlighter, or a shade to add some champagne sparkle to a flat blush look.  These are smooth and silky powders and I am absolutely in love with them.

These new blushes in my collection are so much fun to play with.  I said it in my video as well, but I feel like it’s not just me who is on a blush journey: I feel like a lot of people are exploring blush, and I think it’s happening because more companies are finally putting some care and attention into their blush selections.  You have companies like NARS that have always focused on blushes, but in a lot of lines – let’s be real, blush was an afterthought!

Not anymore.  The world is on a blush journey for real, and with amazing products like these from Lunar Beauty and Melt Cosmetics, we’re really going places!

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