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Thank You For Being A Friend Palette Serves Golden Girl Nostalgia With Pretty Pastels

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Thank You For Being A Friend Palette Serves Golden Girl Nostalgia With Pretty Pastels

I absolutely love the Golden Girls, and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off a Pride Month full of reviews of things I love better than with a look at Peachy Queen’s Thank You For Being A Friend palette!  It’s a perfect nostalgia piece that recalls heartfelt chats on the lanai and a midnight gossip sessions over a fresh cheesecake!

Peachy Queen is known for their clearly-inspired-but-not-necessarily-licensed eyeshadow palettes, and I’ve liked most of what I’ve tried from the brand (though I’m still not forgiving them for the hot brick mess that was the Explicit Content palette!), and so when I saw that they had added a small 9-pan palette inspired by the Golden Girls, I knew I had to have it!  I would have bought it anyway, but I was even more excisted when I saw the gorgeous vibrant pastel color story inside!

There are only two shimmers in the palette, which is a bit of a bummer, but the shades are perfect for the 80s and they remind me of the episode where Blanche’s niece comes to town and hooks up with the guy who is obsessed with Miami Vice!  Also, a lot of people might not be aware of this, but the pilot for the show featured a gay character: a gay cook named Coco!  Also, the arrangement of the rooms was different with what would be shown as the entrance to the lanai being the entrance to Blanche’s bedroom.  The show was very bold in its inclusion of gay characters and comedy, including Blanche’s brother Clayton who has an episode where he comes out as well as an episode where he plans a wedding to his partner.  While not all of the jokes have aged all that well, it was definitely an edgy move for its time.  Dorothy’s brother Phil was also revealed to be a crossdresser, and while it was mostly used as a joke (and not always in the most respectful way), it did give up the very moving episode “Ebbtide’s Revenge,” in which Phil dies and Sophia comes to terms with his crossdressing and makes peace with Phil’s wife, who she blamed for his activities.

All of the swatches were done over the Kaleidos Tone Activator eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Ma!, Stay Golden, Miami Beach

Ma! is a bright baby pink pastel matte.  This one has fairly good pigmentation and it blends out nicely.  Stay Golden is a bright butter yellow matte.  This one can go a little chalky, but it blends nicely and you can get good coverage if you put in a little work.  Miami Beach is a nicely opaque light orange matte.  This one doesn’t fit that well with the rest of the palette; truth be told, I wish they would have swapped in another shimmer instead of this oddball shade, though it does produce a little bit of depth that can be used with the warmer pastels.

L to R: Friend, Southern Belle, Picture It

Friend is a bright lavender matte, nice opacity and good blending.  Southern Belle is another shade that goes a little blotchy, but it’s able to be blended out with some effort.  It’s a lovely light peach matte, so I think it’s worth the effort needed.  Picture it, the first shimmer in the palette, is a blue-toned purple with a greenish glitter reflect.  it’s a really pretty shimmer and I think it pairs well with the pastels in the palette.  I love that it has a subtle duochrome sort of effect that makes it more complex than it looks in the pan.

L to R: Squad Goals, Slut Puppy, Shady Pines

Squad Goals is a light baby blue matte, a little bit sheer and definitely needs some work to get the right consistency, but not terrible.  Slut Puppy, the pastel lime shade, is probably the worst of the bunch.  it’s very sheer and tends to go really patchy, so this one is best used to blend out edges or maybe could be patted over a white base to get a bit more punch to the color.  Shady Pines is a bright turquoise blue shimmer with a nice metallic shine.

This isn’t the best quality that I’ve seen from a Peachy Queen palette, but for light pastels (which require lots of white pigment to get the lightness and brightness, but can also make them hard to work with) this is a pretty decent offering and I think you could get some fun tropical kind of looks with this.  It does have the sort of vintage feel that you get with an episode of the Golden Girls, and I appreciate the attention to detail in the colors, their names, and the palm print that looks a lot like Blanche’s headboard.

Golden Girls is a show that has become entwined with queer culture, and their inclusiveness at a time when talking about queer stuff was very much taboo, especially for a major network sitcom, made this palette the perfect choice for my first review of Pride month.  Now if only we could get some backstory on what happened to Coco!

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