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Sweet Treats: Too Faced Serves Candy-Coated Glam With Tutti Fruiti, Tickled Peach

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Sweet Treats: Too Faced Serves Candy-Coated Glam With Tutti Fruiti, Tickled Peach

Too Faced is one of those brands that I’m still trying to wrap my head around.  When they are good, they can be amazing.  When they are bad, they can be absolutely tragic.  And as hard as you try, it’s impossible to tell which way a release is going to go.  They are often criticized for their packaging, which is generally pretty cutesy and cartoony, and toes the line between fun and kitschy and straight up kids toys.  In some cases, this can cause people to miss out on some great products: everyone read the Life is a Festival collection to filth for it’s rainbows and unicorns (and granted, that trend has been done to death) but that palette has some of the best damn duochromes that I’ve found since I’ve been reviewing makeup on this site!

And then there is the scented makeup.  Some people hate it, but I actually like the added fragrance and it’s never irritated my skin or caused a reaction.  I have a couple of the chocolate bar palettes and a good chunk of the Sweet Peach/Peaches & Cream collections, so I was intrigued when Too Faced announced that they were launching a new fruit scented line called Tutti Fruiti.  It’s exclusive to the Too Faced website and Ulta, which I don’t love; not that I have anything against Ulta, but we don’t have one in town so if I want to see the products in person (a must for Too Faced before purchase, because their quality has been really inconsistent the last few years!) I have to wait until I’m traveling to Fargo or Bismarck.  In fact, that’s why this review is so late to the party: while I broke down and ordered the two eyeshadow palettes off the website when they had a 30% off sale, I bought the rest of the items when I was in Bismarck and Fargo for the last Dakota Divas show.

Before we get to the collection, I’m also included another little scented product that’s small and didn’t seem to warrant it’s own review: the Tickled Peach mini palette.

I think about this palette the way I think about sugar gliders: they’re real cute, but I don’t really understand why they exist in the world.  This palette isn’t giving us anything that isn’t already available in one of the other Peach palettes: Sweet Peach, Peachy Mattes, and White Peach (which of course, I own – it’s a small obsession).  The colors are nice enough, but there’s nothing here that stands out as super unique and special, and while it’s a nice travel palette, and it does have some cute shades if you don’t already have the other peach palettes and want to dip in without spending a ton of money, but it’s just not that interesting on its own.

L to R: Peach Bum, Peachy Swear, Warm & Fuzzy, Love Pit, Parisian Peach, Peach Spice, Tickled, Plum Fun

Also I’m not entirely sure why the two pans on the left are a different shape and size.  It’s a strange optical illusion: even though they look smaller than the square pans, they are actually .95 grams each, while the other six pans are only .8 grams each.  Science is weird.  But while these are all nice colors, they are completely just a rerun of some of Too Faced’s “greatest hits,” and this palette is an easy one to skip.

Now on to the Tutti Fruiti collection!

First up are those gorgeous eyeshadow palettes.

Besides being a sucker for scented makeup, I’m especially partial to anything scented with pineapple.  Imagine my horror when I opened the Sparkling Pineapple eyeshadow palette and found that it was scented with pineapple…and coconut!  Why the fuck does everyone think that A. you can’t do a pineapple scent without coconut and B. that everybody wants products that smell like cheap ass tanning lotion?!  It’s insane!  I will be contacting my congressional representative, hate crimes charges will be filed, and I’ll be seeking damages for the personal victimization of this fragrance.

I mean, I guess it’s ok.  But it totally smells like tanning lotion.

The Razzle Dazzle Berry eyeshadow palette smells a lot better: it has a lovely berry scent.  Of the products I picked up, the palettes have the strongest amount of scent.  I noticed it much less with the cheek products.

I do like this palette, and the packaging for this whole collection is bomb, but let’s face it: except for the gold and the green in the middle, this palette is a bunch of predictable Too Faced neutrals.  If you really love the packaging or if you haven’t purchased from Too Faced before this would be a great palette, especially for travel, but don’t get this expecting anything new.

L to R: Yum-Yum, Coconut Sugar, Passports & Pineapples, Sparkling Pineapple, Island Queen, Tutti Cutie, Pineapple Cooler

Although Yum-Yum, the first shade in the palette, is super chalky and is a pain in the ass to blend, I love that instead of just giving us yet another cream shadow they actually switched it up a little and made this more of a peeled banana yellow.  Coconut Sugar is a champagne shimmer that you’ve seen a million times from this brand, and Passports & Pineapples is just another medium tan brown.  These two shades are literally in EVERY DAMN PALETTE that Too Faced does.  Sparkling Pineapple is a lovely bright, brassy gold but this formula is super wet and chunky (that was true of a few shades across the two palettes) and it’s easy to get way too much and accidentally dig a hole in the pan.  Island Queen is a lovely ruddy brown with green reflect that could have been just a rehash of a color like MAC’s Club, but the brown has more gold to it and the green is a more lime sort of green, making this actually a pretty unique shade.  It’s a little too sheer for my liking, but it’s still a favorite.  Tutti Cutie is a basic deep brown, nice performance, and Pineapple Cooler is a slightly deeper and slightly more metallic champagne than Coconut Sugar.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but Island Queen is a fun shade if you decide to pick this up.  It’s not a “Hell no!” but it’s also not a must have.

Purple palettes have been having their moment recently, and this is overall a pretty good one.  It’s definitely less disappointing than the Pineapple palette, but there are still some shades here that are pretty familiar to the Too Faced line.  If anything, they are usually used as a pop of color with neutrals; this is the first time we’ve really seen an all purple/berry palette from the brand.

L to R: Dazzle, Pink Suede, Razzle, Berried Treasure, Boys N Berry, Bad to the Berry, That’s My Jam!

Dazzle put me to sleep and Pink Suede barely rizes to the level of meh, but luckily the rest of the palette is cute, if not totally original.  Razzle is a beautiful pink metallic shimmer, and it looks like a match to their liquid glitter eyeshadow in Strawberries and Champagne.  It has that wetter formula, though, so it’s a little trickier than other shades in the palette.Berried Treasure is a nice brick red metallic, not as reflective as its neighbor but still good.  Boys N Berry is a bright violet purple and it’s a satin matte sort of finish, nice to blend in with the metallics in the palette.  Bad to the Berry is the shade that Too Faced keeps making that nobody asked for: a black matte with glitter in it.  Fallout city.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty color with purple and blue glitter, but you have to use a glitter glue to have any hope of it working.  It’s a nice thought, but poor execution.  That’s My Jam! is a wetter formula purple metallic shimmer.  It’s my favorite, even though it’s darker than I usually go for.    This will Razzle on the lid is an unexpected but really pretty combo.

Now on to the face products!

There are 5 face duos, 4 blush/highlighter duos and one “strobing bronzer” duo (so…like a bronzer and a highlight) that have a range of fruit scents, though they aren’t nearly as scented as the eye palettes.  That’s kind of a shame really, because I love some of these fruits and I would have liked more presence.  Who doesn’t love the smell of cherries or apricots?!

Now, if you don’t like sparkly blushes or highlights, go ahead and just click out of this post – we have nothing for you.  The sparkle game is strong for all of these, and they have more than their fair share of glitter.  They are pretty, but you aren’t getting a simple, soft matte look out of these.  No way, no how.

They have a good amount of pigment, but you can go light with them if you use a fluffy brush and keep yourself under control.  I’ve got zero self control, so I’m always going all in, but these can be used at a range of intensities.

L to R: Plumagranate 1 & 2, Strobeberry 1 & 2, Cherry Bomb 1 & 2, Apricot in the Act 1 & 2, Pineapple Sun 1 & 2

I’m most excited for Plumagranate, as I’ve been wanting to play around with more purple looks, and I think this is exactly what I need.  I reminds me of when Sephora did the Pantone Color of the Year collection for Orchid.  Strobeberry is a light pink duo, and the highlight is like a ballet slipper pink with gold reflect.  This one is the most subtle of the collection.  Cherry Bomb has an aggressive red blush and a bright orangey copper highlighter, very bold on pale skin, perfect for deeper skintones, but I think you could get a range of looks put together with this duo.  Apricot in the Act is a terracotta peach with a golden highlight.  It almost seems like Plumagranate and Strobeberry are trying to hit similar notes, one for darker skintones and one for lighter, and the same for Cherry Bomb and Apricot in the Act.

Pineapple Sun is the bronzer duo, and no one loves a sparkly bronzer more than Too Faced.  I don’t get it.  I think it’s a nice brown color and I would add it into my cheek blend, but do people want full on glitter in their bronzer?  Is that a thing?!  I love it for me, but if you like a matte bronzer this is not for you.  That’s the same warning for the rest of the duos, but I think it’s more applicable here.  The blush duos have a darker shade that looks like it’s attempting to be matte, but still has some glitter or shimmer; not this bronzer duo – the deep brown shade is almost a metallic shimmer!

Here’s the last couple of color products I picked up, two liquid glitter shadows and a Lip Glaze:

L to R: Lip Glaze in Ruby Ripe, Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in Guava Glitz and Ice Queen

Ruby Ripe is a gorgeous blue-toned red and I love the fruit punch kind of smell.  I also love that it’s pigmented enough to wear on its own without a lipstick underneath, or that it can be layered for the most coverage.  As for the liquid eyeshadows, they are alright.  Nothing special.  If you want a wash of glitter and barely any base color to put over an eye look, these will work.  If you want full on glitter, I would suggest you check out some of the Stila Magnificent Metals instead.  These are a little better than the Lime Crime Diamond Dew, though, so if you like that formula you might want to give these a try and upgrade!  Guava Glitz is a silver with gold, purple, and pink glitter and Ice Queen is a turquoise blue with opalescent glitter.  They are nice, but not anything I would purchase again.

The last product, I didn’t bother taking my own pic as it’s just a bottle of setting spray: the Tuttie Fruiti Dew You Fresh Glow Setting Spray.  I love Too Faced setting sprays, and this one isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely my least favorite of the group.  The mister on this one is ultra fine, very much like the Glam Glow setting spray, and I’m not here for it.  Also it’s supposed to smell like watermelon and cucumber, and while I maybe get a tiny hint of watermelon it smells like you’re spraying your face with salad.  It’s also supposed to give you a slight pearly sheen, and that may be true or it may just be that I’m a big oily beast.  Overall I’ll definitely get my use out of it but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

So what do you think about the Tutti Fruitti collection?  Is it everything you ever wanted, or does it leave you hungry for something else?  Are you over the scented gimmicks, or do you want more, more, more!  Sound off in the comments below!

I love the style of the packaging and I love the concept – I just wish that it had better execution.  There are too many shades that feel like the same shades Too Faced puts in every palette (especially their holiday releases!) and the amount of glitter works for me as a big fabulous drag queen but I’m not sure how much everyone wants to shine like a disco ball!  They’ve been slowly adding to the Peaches & Cream line, so I hope they continue to do that with this line as well.  The concept is cute, the smells are yummy…now let’s just get quality control in there and put out some really great stuff.

Let’s start by reformulating the setting spray so it’s more Too Faced and less Suddenly Salad.


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