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Sweet Tooth: Bombshell Cosmetica’s Candylicious and Bee Sweet Palettes

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Sweet Tooth: Bombshell Cosmetica’s Candylicious and Bee Sweet Palettes

I already mentioned in my review of OMFG Cosmetics that I’m really digging YouTuber Nerdy Girl Makeup and her review of pretty much every Hot Topic palette ever, and once again I discovered a great new indie brand through her channel: Bombshell Cosmetica!  They have a ton of lashes (it looks like they might be in a rebrand from Bombshell Lashes to the more wide-ranging Cosmetica) but they also had a gorgeous highlighter palette that made me drool and a huge eyeshadow palette similar in size (but not color story) to the Crayon Case’s Box of Crayons palette!  So even though I was trying to slow down my makeup purchases for a while, I got out my weary debit card and placed an order!

The component is the same size and shape as the Box of Crayons palette, but the colors are very different.  Where the Box of Crayons is much more bright, vivid, and saturated, the colors in Candylicious tend more toward muted shades and pastels, interesting tones that are very different from the other palette.  Each palette has a gold and silver metallic shimmer, but beyond that the color selections are pretty unique so you shouldn’t feel like you’ve got too much duplication if you order both.

Immediately I’m drawn to the 6 shimmers in the palette, and I always want there to be more shimmers than mattes (I know I’m going against the current with that – most people love a sea of mattes!), but these mattes are good.  Like, really good.  They are a dry formula, but there is none of the grittiness that I feel with a lot of dry mattes.  They are so silky smooth and blendable!  I was surprised over and over again when I was swatching them with how easily they blended, and when I was playing with them they never got muddy.  The shimmers are beautiful, but they are definitely chunky!  I recommend a brush, and wet it to really foil them out!  I don’t care too much about fallout, but even I noticed that there was a lot of it with the shimmers.  Be aware, if that’s something that annoys you, you will definitely notice with these shimmers.  The mattes didn’t have a ton of fallout, but there was a little.

Here’s the first row:

L to R: Kisses, Peaches, Grape Soda, Blueberry, Pina, Black Sugar

Silver is a gorgeous silver shimmer metallic.  I don’t use a lot of silver shadows (I prefer to lay down a matte white and put glitter over top) but this is a good one.  Perfect for foiling and very light and sparkling.  Peaches is a lovely matte peach, bright and almost a little pinky.  Grape Soda is a red-based purple, but there is something so gorgeous in that shade…I usually prefer blue-based purples, but this one just looks so rich and beautiful when blended in.  Blueberry is a blue satin/matte that I swear almost glows on my skin!  This is so pretty!  It’s very similar in tone to the blue in Box of Crayons, but the BOC blue is a shimmer metallic.  Pina is a pretty standard yellow gold shade, but it’s another great metallic that would look beautiful applied with a wet brush.  Black Sugar is a great “starter black.”  What I mean by that is that it isn’t so crazy dark and pigmented that newbies are going to go running for the hills, but it’s not so wishy washy that it blends away to a dingy gray.  Its a solid black, and you can build it up to get a really gorgeous deep, rich black application.

Second Row:

L to R: Milkshake, Brown Sugar, Peanut Butter, Berry Sweet, Cherry Pie, Cheesecake

This Milkshake brings all the damn boys to the yard!  It’s a gorgeous peachy gold shimmer and it’s stunning!  Brown Sugar is a bronze gold, very pretty and another metallic, good for foiling, yadda yadda.  Peanut Butter is a yummy orange tan shade – not something I would typically go for, but I’m really digging the satin/matte finish the shades in this palette seem to have.  Berry Sweet is next up, and the main thing wrong with this is that it isn’t named Jelly!  How do you put those two shades next to each other, name one Peanut Butter and then NOT name this one Jelly?!  It’s a lovely deep plum color, and if the name is the only complaint I can come up with, you know the palette is probably doing a good job!  Cherry Pie is the matte that is more similar to a shade from Box of Crayons, but this one applied a little bit more blue-toned whereas the other red is a true fire engine red.  It’s a lovely shade, and even if they are similar I don’t think you’ll mind having both – I sure don’t!  Cheesecake is actually a lovely cream shade.  That’s how damn good the mattes are in this palette – I’m actually saying something nice about a cream shade!  I wouldn’t have minded it being a little more yellow, but it’s pretty and it’s not chalky at all, which is my usual complaint about cream shades.

Third Row:

L to R: Hazelnut, Slush, Cotton Candy, Minty, Honey, Milk Chocolate

Hazelnut is a very deep, very pigmented, and very pretty cool brown shade.  I love that they did a brown this deep that is cool-toned!  And I love it right next to Slush, a beautiful turquoise blue shimmer metallic!  This and its neighbor Cotton Candy are my favorite shades in the palette!  They are so pretty and metallic and foil so beautifully.  They are pastel perfection!  Minty is an odd name for this mossy green shade, but I love it – it’s so unique!  Honey is another stunner; this mustard yellow almost looks lit from within!  There is something about this shade and Blueberry that is positively glowing!  Milk Chocolate is a pretty basic warm chocolate brown, but it’s in the same silky smooth matte formula!  I am still so amazed by how good these are – they blow other, more expensive shadows out of the water!

As for the Bee Sweet Highlighter palette, I also loved these gorgeous and shimmery shades, but with a couple of caveats.

Top, L to R: Honeybun, Sweetie, Juicy
Bottom, L to R: Bumblebee, Honeylicious, Glazed

These highlighters are super pigmented!  For a big ol’ drag queen like me, that’s perfect – I love to glow for the gawds (or greater than the gawds, if you’re a John Maclean fan!), but I know that not everyone is going for that look.  And when I say super pigmented, I mean that these felt and swatched pretty much identical to the shimmer eyeshadows from the Candylicious palette.  This is great for a blinding glow, but if you want something a little less queen-y, you will want to use a loose packed brush and have a very light hand.  These can get out of control quickly, so just be aware!  But if you love putting colors like these on your lids, you’re in luck: these are definitely pigmented enough to be used as shadows as well!

L to R: Honeybun, Sweetie, Juicy, Bumblebee, Honeylicious, Glazed

Honeybun is one of my favorite kinds of highlight shades – a light, bright lemon yellow – and it’s already one of my favorite formulas for that shade.  That is stunning, and it’s my favorite shade inthe palette.  Sweetie is a bit softer, a bit more more champagne toned, not quite as blinding, but still gorgeous.  Juicy is a little bit more silvery pink and very reflective, though for me it tended to clump up a bit.  Bumblebee is a bright basic gold and Honeylicious is a brassier gold; neither of those are the type of shades I reach for very often.  If you like those tones, the performance is good, I just find the shades to be a little too aggressive for my pasty ass.  Darker skin tones who love warm golds will eat those up for breakfast!  Glazed is my second favorite and it’s definitely the most unique shade in the palette, sort of a rose gold shade that almost looks taupe in certain lights.  I don’t have a lot of highlighters like that, and that’s saying a lot with my insanely large collection!

I also picked up a couple of pairs of lashes.

The top style is called Queen and was $7.99 and I actually thought it looked fuller and prettier than the Bombshell lashes on the bottom which were $14.99.  Here is my one major complaint about the brand: I actually ordered two pairs of the Queen lashes (they were half the price of Bombshell, and they looked nice and full so I decided to give them a try), but I only received one pair in my order.  I emailed the brand and didn’t hear anything.  I’ve now emailed them a couple of times and still haven’t gotten a response.  It’s only 8 bucks, so it’s not the end of the world, and I think I’m being extra forgiving because I’m on a sugar high from how good the mattes in the Candylicious palette are, but it still concerns me that I haven’t even gotten a response from their customer service team.  What if I had had a bigger problem, like a broken shadow?  Hopefully they step that part of their game up, because if they keep having good prices on great products like this, I intend to shop from them again in the future!

What do you think – are you jonesing to add this palette to your collection?  Or does this candy look like a toothache waiting to happen?  Do you like extreme highlighters like this, or do you like your shine with a little more subtlety?  Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!

I am loving all of the goodies that I got from Bombshell Cosmetica, and I hope to see some more great releases from them in the future.  And if Nerdy Girl Makeup keeps pointing me toward these amazing indie brands I’ve never heard of, I’m going to have to send her a muffin basket or something!

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