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Sugar Rush: Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker Collection Has Arrived (Thanks To Beautylish…)

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Sugar Rush: Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker Collection Has Arrived (Thanks To Beautylish…)

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

Alright, y’all – strap the eff in, because this is going to be a lot!

Jeffree Star just released his new Jawbreaker collection a week ago today (as of when this is being published!) and I swear it’s like a piece of my goddamn soul.  At this point, if I had ever thought about having a makeup line (which I really haven’t) I couldn’t anyway because Jeffree Star has already channeled every piece of my soul and turned it into a color story.  Usually I’m late to the party with these reviews, and the reason is that Star’s shipping is notoriously slow, especially around any sort of launch.  With Blue Blood, I didn’t get the items for at least 3 weeks after the launch.  So how am I already bringing you this content?  The magic of Beautylish!  They also get the collections and they launch at the same time as the JStar website.  Now, people have started to figure that out; for the Blue Blood release, Beautylish actually sold out of some of the pieces before the JSC website did!  I think that experience might have put people off, so this time I decided to hedge my bets: at 5 to noon (the launch time for Central time zone), I started stalking the Jeffree Star website.  As soon as things went live, I added them to my cart and immediately got into the line.  Just like with Blue Blood, there were problems with people getting booted out of line, having to wait a long time in line, etc.  So while I was in line on JSC, I opened up Beautylish and threw things into my cart there.  Luckily everything I wanted was available and I was able to check out without a problem, so I just abandoned my JSC cart.  Beautylish was also offering free expedited shipping if you had the main palette or the palette bundle, so double bonus.  You don’t get the promo card or the special tissue paper, but I can live without that to have my products 2 to 3 weeks earlier, especially when I have a huge event with multiple photoshoots happening next weekend (look for lots of Days of the Dead content coming soon!).

Alright, enough talk – let’s get to some products and swatches!

I have to say, I think I showed pretty excellent restraint: when I watched the launch video, I was in love with Every. Goddamn. Piece.  I seriously thought I was going to have to buy the whole thing.  In the week or so between the video and the launch, I managed to talk myself out of a few things, bringing my eventual total to under $300.00 after taxes (and with free expedited shipping).  I ordered the Jawbreaker and Mini-Breaker palette bundle for $75, the 6-shade liquid lipstick bundle for $85, one Supreme Frost Highlighter for $32, one Lip Ammunition lipstick for $18, one Velour Lip Scrub for $12, and two mirrors for $25 each (up $5 from their original price of $20 each – I think this is the first time they’ve been this higher price, but I can’t remember for sure as I wasn’t able to get the blue chrome mirror with Blue Blood – not for lack of trying!).  If I’m honest, there are a couple of other pieces that I imagine will eventually make their way into my collection – the Supreme Frost in Diamond Wet is at the top of the list – but for now I’m happy with the purchases that I made.  I’m going to show you swatches below, but overall I found these to be very similar to the formula in Blue Blood and Blood Sugar, so if you love those palettes you will probably enjoy these are well.  These were a little bit different to work with, as I’ll talk about below, but I think it’s a combination of the fact that these are mostly really bright shades and the primer that I used (which has a reputation for being snarky!).

Let’s start with the main event: Jawbreaker.

Can we just talk about how cute this packaging is?  The speckled palette is gorgeous, and although I agree with people that it would have been cool if the palette matched the unit carton, I mostly would have liked the palette itself to be white – so I don’t care if they match so much, but I would have liked the pink and the white to be flipped.  The mini palette is white outside, so that’s cool, and it’s a minor quibble, but when I think of jawbreakers I think of the white with speckles more than pink, so just to be more in line with the theme, ya know?  But I love pink too, so I’m happy.

There are 24 shades, a mix of mattes and shimmers.

I’ve heard people say that they felt the arrangement was kinda random, and I can see that but when I started to do the swatches, I decided to swatch 3 at a time to make the photos easier, and the trios that you get from grouping them that way are actually kind of perfect together.  I don’t know if that was part of the arrangement or just a happy accident, but some of these trios are fire!  I’m going to be starting on the top row and going left to right, top to bottom.  Each shade gets a finger swatch followed by a brush swatch, and all of these swatches are done over the Eye Glue Stick primer from The Crayon Case.  Jen from JenLuvsReviews had a pretty famously hard time with that primer, and I agree with what she said in her review: it’s best if you use only the smallest, sparest amount.  Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to do with how the packaging is designed.  The first set of swatches I did, which are actually the bottom row of the Mini-Breaker, I used more than I probably should have and the mattes really had a hard time – they gripped it like nobody’s business.  I used a lot less for the rest of the swatches, and I think it helped, but the mattes had a hard time with a finger swatch over this primer.  That’s not a bad thing for me necessarily as I almost never apply mattes with a finger, but be warned.  I don’t set my eye primer with powder, and I usually don’t have trouble with JStar shadows, but that’s another thing you may want to try if you’re struggling with the mattes.

In the photo, the finger swatch is on the left, the brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is my studio lighting with no flash and the bottom photo is the same lighting, but with my camera flash.

L to R: Virgin, Good Morning, Bubble Gum

Virgin is a matte white…maybe a touch off white?  It’s not a pure snow white but I don’t know that I would call it cream or bone.  It’s a nice shadow, and not very chalky, but I have other more intense whites that I like better.  Good Morning is a pinkish off-white matte that gives you a nice highlight option or even a blending shade for pink/red looks.  Bubble Gum is a bright matte Barbie Pink, nicely pigmented applies beautifully.

L to R: Wow, Suck, Licorice

These three shades were a littler drier feeling, they were a little more chalky and fussy to apply, and I didn’t love them as much as the other shades in the palette.  They are still ok, definitely useable, but not the same level of quality that I expect from the JSC formula.  Again, the primer may have contributed to this, but I didn’t use a lot for these swatches and they still swatched worse than other mattes in the palette.  Wow is a bright, sunny true yellow.  Suck is a bright orange, but when applied, especially under the flash, it can appear a little bit more on the peachy side that true, bright orange.  This was the best of these three but I still had a little struggle with it.  Licorice is a nice true red, but it gripped the primer like a death grip.  I had to do a lot of passes to get these swatched and they kind of bled into each other as I was trying to get them even and not patchy.  This shade is drier and definitely needs a little finesse.

L to R: Cute, Fuck, Gum Drop

More gorgeous pastel brights!  I don’t know if I like these better than the Creepy Cute palette from Strobe Cosmetics, but I think the pastel brights from this palette are certainly on the same sort of level with that palette.  Cute is a minty, toothpaste sort of green, very blue-toned like the bottom of a pool.  Fuck is a gorgeous peachy coral, that applies with this gorgeous sort of reddish-pink undertone.  I love this.  Gum Drop is a beautiful lavender pastel, sort of like Jeffree’s lipstick in Blow Pony but in perfect powder eyeshadow form.

L to R: Snack, Brain Freeze, Jawbreaker

Snack is such a stunning, gorgeous, lovely, beautiful shade!  It’s this pale “is it peach or is it pink?” pale shimmer that has some really gorgeous reflectiveness.  Brain Freeze is a matte light blue – I honestly think there is a pretty close dupe for this in the Blue Blood palette, but I’m not too mad about it.  Jawbreaker isn’t a terribly unique color, but it’s one of my favorite sort of shimmers to have in a palette – that bright, yellow gold reflect with a white base that reminds me of candlelight.  In fact, you used to be able to buy lame’ fabric that was gold on a white base and the color looked just like this, and it was called Candlelight!  That’s always my reference point for a shadow like this.  I love it.

L to R: And What?, Orange Juice, Sour


I love this little trio!  On the one hand it’s giving me summer picnic with watermelon and fresh fruit, and on the other hand I feel like you could totally create some fall vibes with this!  And What? is a lovely berry pink shimmer, very pretty.  Orange Juice applied like a wet dream, and it’s such a pretty orange shimmer!  Sour is a green matte that was a little fussy and gripped the primer more than I would have liked.  It’s still pretty, but it took a little bit of work to get the swatches that I did.

L to R: Soaked, Raspberry, Cotton Candy

Soaked was another shade that gave me trouble.  This one really stuttered along on the primer and I had to do a lot of work.  For the finger swatch, I had to bring the brush in to blend out the edges to keep it from looking totally hideous.  Again, I don’t mind doing that because I’m almost always working with a brush with matte shadows anyway, but it was frustrating to have it be such a pain.  Raspberry gripped a little, but it was not too bad overall.  It’s a pretty brick red sort of matte shade, and reminds me of Viva Glam by MAC.  Cotton Candy is a metallic shimmer, and I think this is the same sort of formula that they had for that deep blue metallic in the Blue Blood palette.  It’s a lot softer and chunkier than the other shimmers, and it was a bit of a pain in the ass.  It looks nice if you work with it and I love that bright blue-based pink, but be ready for a little effort.

L to R: Lemon Drop, Bite Me, Cherry Wet

The bottom row is where we get the darkest shades in the palette overall, so they help round out the looks you can make with the other lighter, brighter shades.  Lemon Drop is a really pretty true yellow shimmer, a lovely complement to Wow.  If Wow is a little patchy, put a layer of it down and then layer Lemon Drop over it.  So pretty!  Bite Me is a deep eggplant purple shimmer, nice reflectivity, very opaque, and slides on beautifully.  Cherry Wet is a deep cool red matte, and I love it!  It’s the perfect sort of deep red bordering on berry.  This one is really a stunner, and I don’t think there is a matte like this in Blood Sugar – I think the closest color to this is a shimmer.  Wonderful!

L to R: Tasty, Cone, Delicious

Looking at just this final trio, you’d never know that it was part of a palette like Jawbreaker, and I kind of love that.  This is giving me total Androgyny palette vibes, and it makes me sad that I decluttered that palette out of my collection!  I was planning to repurchase it the next time there was a 40% sale on palettes on the JSC site…but there hasn’t been a sale like that since I got rid of it.  Damn it.  Anyway, Tasty is a rich chocolate brown matte, not terribly unique as a shade itself, but pretty unique for Jeffree’s line.  Cone is a bright peachy nude, leaning a little yellow.  It reminds me of Too Faced foundation for some reason.  Delicious is a deep matte navy, a little dry and a little finicky to play with, but not bad.  It’s like the matte eyeshadow sister of the Abused liquid lip, maybe a bit darker even.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be bringing this palette with me to Days of the Dead next weekend, so don’t be surprised if you see some looks with these wild, bright colors come out of that event!

Let’s get some of the smaller, one-off products out of the way and then we’ll end the post with the Mini-Breaker palette and the liquid lipsticks.  I was very tempted by all of the Lip Ammunition shades – I don’t know why because I rarely use tube lipsticks and I even more rarely use sheer glittery lipsticks! – but I managed to talk myself out of all but one shade – Snowcone.  This is a light spring green glitter, and I love the Acid Green bullet.  This is a fun shade that I might try using over a deep green liquid lipstick, like Crocodile Tears.

In the same vein, I talked myself out of two of the new Supreme Frost shades but I had to get the green shade, Candy Apple Drip.  It’s a lovely deep green that’s definitely not a highlight for my pale ass, but will make a beautiful glitter shadow!  I might even add it in to some blush for a monochromatic green look sometime.  It’s really pretty, and as you can see in the swatches, you can apply it very vividly with a finger, or diffuse it out with a brush (in the spirit of old school Jeffree Star, I used the Morphe 510 brush for the swatch on the left!).  Another minor quibble – I wish he had done custom acid green packaging on these as well, instead of just the unit carton.  This shade of yellowy green neon is one that I love and it gives me total Pizzazz vibes from Jem, and I think that deep green showing through the window in an acid green compact would have been absolutely sick!  Not a big deal, but still a missed opportunity.  This is my first single in the Supreme Frosts, though I have tried the formula in the Northern Lights palette.

I ordered two of the mirrors, even though they’ve gone up $5.  I knew that if there was ever a green mirror I would need to have it (and so I did!) and I also really loved the white with speckles.  If I’m feeling particularly rich some day and the pink with speckles is available I might pick it up, but I can pass on that if it doesn’t end up coming back.  I mean, I now have 8 mirrors from Jeffree Star – how many different ways can I look at myself at once?!

Ugh, so gorgeous!  I’ve always loved stars, and I love these colors, and I think I have a small fetish for hand mirrors. lol

The only thing that was really a little bit of a disappointment in the collection was the Pineapple Juice lip scrub.  I am a diehard lip scrub fan – I have so many different flavors, I can’t imagine that I will ever work my way through all of them.  I also love pineapples and pineapple juice, so I went into this assuming it would be a banger.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t.

What I usually love about the JStar lip scrubs is that they usually taste like exactly what they are called.  That sounds simple, but it’s not.  What I mean is that if he does one that’s called (something) Soda, you don’t just taste the flavor of the soda, it actually has the taste of being a soda.  I know this doesn’t make any damn sense, and it’s hard to describe, but it’s like you can taste the fizzy, carbonated version of the flavor.  They are amazing!  But every once in a while there is a bit of a misstep, and this seems to be one of those times.  It’s not terrible (like Marshmallow from the pink glitter holiday collection was – blech! – or the somewhat less awful but still bad Chocolate Covered Strawberry from the red chrome collection) but instead of tasting like real pineapple, it taste like pineapple candy and seems to have a coconut flavor to it as well.  It’s sort of a Pina Colada situation, and like a fakey one at that.  I’m not throwing it out or anything, but as a lover of pineapple it was definitely a disappointment.

Alright Buttercup, let’s wrap this mutha up!

I’ll end with the Velour Liquid Lipsticks, but let’s go over the swatches for the Mini-Breaker palette:

The color story on this palette is much more coherent; that makes sense, I guess, since you’re only getting 9 shades instead of the 24 of the larger palette.  I love this color story, and as with the larger palette I do love these shadows, but I’m a little disappointed in this as an opportunity to really be a companion to the larger palette.

What I don’t like is that two of the shades from the large Jawbreaker palette also appear in this palette: Bubble Gum and Bite Me.  As the first mini-palette that Jeffree has launched, I wish he would have just gone all the way with it: either choose the 9 bangers from the main palette that you think someone might want in a mini version and really make it a mini version of that palette, or give us 9 completely new shades that complement and treat it as a companion palette.  Given that only two of the shades are dupes, I think it’s reasonable to assume that most people who are purchasing the Mini-Breaker are buying it as a companion to the larger palette, and now all of us have two duplicate shades.  I like the idea of the mini palette, and I personally would love to see them always be companion palettes because you know this bitch is gonna buy both, but I really think it should either be a smaller version of the same palette or a completely different palette that coordinates.  Just my two cents worth.

L to R: Double Scoop, Orange Crush, Foreplay

Double Scoop is a mustard yellow/tan sort of mixture that is matte and pretty, nice for transition shades or for blending out some of your 90s-inspired grungy looks.  Orange Crush is a matte orange that has gold glitter particles suspended in it.  Why, oh why, do people continue with this fuckery?!  It looks beautiful when you’re putting it on your brush or finger, but the glitter immediately goes everywhere.  Either give me a matte or give me a shimmer.  The color is beautiful, but don’t expect the glitter to hang around.  Foreplay is a nice orchid sort of violet color, and the matte on this is opaque and very smooth.

L to R: Oral, Purple Punch, Slice

Oral is Urban Decay’s Asphyxia, if Urban Decay’s formula was as creamy and reliable as a Jeffree Star shimmer shadow.  So it’s a familiar color, but this is how you do it right.  Purple Punch really gripped the primer and it was a little patchy, but I was able to get a pretty good swatch that was mostly even.  It’s a nice shade, bright and grapey.  Slice is a pretty standard yellowy gold, a nice smooth shimmer but nothing spectacular in terms of uniqueness.

L to R: Bubble Gum, Bite Me, Hot Fudge

Bubble Gum and Bite Me are the shades that are repeated, and obviously I found them to perform the same as they did in the main palette.  Hot Fudge is the newbie in this row, and even though the swatch is a little gross, I really like this shade.  It’s the sort of deep, cool-toned brown that I love and I really think the primer was to blame for the trouble I had.  I used more than I probably should have and the shade just adhered to it immediately and wouldn’t move for shit!  That’s a warning, depending on what kind of primer you use and how you use it, but know that these mattes are a little drier than other formulas out there, and so if you are like me and like to leave your primer tacky, you want to make sure it’s not super sticky when you lay down these colors.  I usually like a little bit of tackiness, but I definitely had too much with this row.

The final purchase from this collection was the bundle of 6 new liquid lipstick shades:

L to R: No Offense, Strawberry Crush, Bronze Blood, Purple Urkle, Yes Ma’am!, Fully Nude

No Offense is a pretty, bright neon green shade, but given that previously limited edition shade Venus Flytrap was added to the permanent line, I’m not sure why this one needed to exist?  I looked at them next to each other, and they aren’t 100% identical, but how many variations of neon green does one person need?!  Strawberry Crush is my favorite from the collection, and I feel like I’m as close as I’ve ever been to finding a dupe for my beloved OCC Lip Tar in Harlot.  This is a gorgeous popsicle red/pink and it applies nice and evenly.  Bronze Blood is a pretty, well, bronze shade, nice and metallic.  JSC is one of the few brands that can do a metallic liquid lip that performs well, so I hope they keep this up – icy blue, lime green, popsicle red metallics?  Please?!

Purple Urkle is like Blow Pony…with some sort of shimmer?  Maybe?  Ehh, it’s fine but I could have lived without it now that I see it in action.  Yes Ma’am is a lovely electric fuchsia and I love it – gorgeously opaque.  Fully Nude is a slightly pinky peach nude.  It’s fine, I just don’t use a ton of those shades.  Now that I really look at these in person, I honestly could have passed on half of them.  The bundle is a deal, if you want all 6, but in hindsight I should have saved the $31 and picked up Strawberry Crush, Bronze Blood, and Yes Ma’am! – I could have used that savings to pick up Diamond Wet instead!  Ahh, missed opportunities!

What did you think of the summer 2019 collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Are you living for it, or is it just too sugary for your taste?  Are you excited to see what else the brand has planned for this year?  Do you think we’ll finally get the foundation?!  What do you think the next collection will be?  Sound off in the comments below!


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