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Storming Area 51? Get Intergalactic Glam From Ofra’s New Collection Before Shit Goes Down

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Storming Area 51?  Get Intergalactic Glam From Ofra’s New Collection Before Shit Goes Down

I’m not saying that it’s aliens…but it’s aliens.

Anyone else a huge fan of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel?  I love it because it’s usually like 60% actual questions that I have (like how a bunch of slaves with primitive tools were able to not only build the pyramids, but cut the stones and fit them together so precisely), and like 40% batshit craziness of the very best kind.  You can also tell how bizarre and out there the topic is going to be by how big Giorgio’s hair is in the episode.  It would be naïve (and a little arrogant of us) to think that life couldn’t possibly exist on any planet other than our own, so I find the idea of alien visitors and ancient alien technology super fascinating.

And is there anything more familiar in the canon of American alien weirdness than Area 51?

People have been talking about Area 51 more in recent weeks because of a Facebook event to storm Area 51 “to see them aliens” went viral and attracted more than 2 million “confirmed” guests (we know how tenuous a confirmation to a Facebook event can be, but still that’s an impressive virtual turnout!).  The group has since been removed from Facebook, but you can read about it HERE.

I wrote a post recently about how I had tried some of Ofra’s cheek products while they were having a sale.  I had reviewed some of their liquid lipsticks a couple of years ago on the old version of the site and I wasn’t too impressed and hadn’t really messed around with the brand since then; a couple of weeks ago, though, I got a promo email about a new capsule collection from the brand that was playing with the whole Storming Area 51 craze with a highlighter and 3 metallic liquid lips.

The collection includes a new highlight shade called Neptune, a silvery lavender, and three shades of liquid lipstick: Emerald City, Wonderland, and Utopia.  I think at least one of the shades has been available before, but I’m not sure as I haven’t shopped the brand’s liquid lips since the last disappointing experiment.  But considering how positive my experience with the blushes and the Rodeo Drive highlighter was, and given that they’ve spent a lot of time and attention on rebranding and repackaging (and, I hoped, reformulating!), I decided to throw caution to the wind and rushed with Naruto speed to the Ofra website to order the collection.

Neptune is a pretty shade, especially if you like lavender or lilac type shades.  Are you sick of how quickly the Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighters tend to develop hard pan?  I think this shade is a great replacement for Lavendar Ice from his range, and I absolutely love how pigmented and reflective the Ofra highlighters are.  The packaging is stunning and well made, though it is maybe a little bulky.  I’m totally into it, but if you love sleek and slim, this will nto be your ideal packaging experience.

The lip trio includes three shifty shades, two that I would describe as more duochrome (Emerald City and Wonderland) and one that is more of a silvery metallic (Utopia).  The packaging on these is much better than the old “private label look” packaging that Ofra used to have.  However you feel about the products themselves, you have to comment them on how nice and well-designed their updated packaging is.  Given that it’s a matte white plastic it can be a little hard to keep clean, but it looks lovely when it’s fresh out the box!

Emerald City is reddish-brown based shade with a strong olive/green shift.  It’s a really gorgeous combo, and I love the way that it looks in the tube.  We’re going to talk about the swatches and application in a moment, but this is a really unique shade – not a lot of brands have a color combo like this in their liquid lipsticks.

Wonderland is an orchid purple shade with a really intense blue shift!  It’s similar to that hooker pink fuchsia shade that every brand puts out that has the strong blue flash, but the base is decidedly more purple than pink.  It’s pretty and bright, but I think with the right eye look it’s more “wearable” than some people might think (I hate that term – if you can physically put it on your lips and wear it, it’s a wearable color! – but you know what I mean).

Utopia is a blue-based pink, it’s the most opaque shade of the three, and it had the most coverage with one coat.  It looks almost like a light orchid in the pictures, but it definitely skews more pink when applied.  It has a nice metallic silvery shimmer to it.

Now, as I show you the swatches, I do want to say that I also tried all three of these on my lips, and they look much better on than they do in a flat arm swatch.  There is something about the texture of the lips or the color underneath that makes it work, but the swatches look patchy and inconsistent in a way that the lip swatches didn’t.  I was going to take some photos of the lip swatches, but my face was looking like a bit of a garbage heap, so I’ll just tell you about it instead.  Sorry, not sorry.

L to R: Neptune (highlight); Emerald City, Wonderland, Utopia (liquid lipsticks)

Neptune was gorgeous – was there ever any doubt?!  This has the same sort of pigmentation and coverage that I saw with Rodeo Drive as well as in the Nikkie Tutorials collab palette of mini-pans, and this shade is a gorgeous pastel with lots of silver shimmery highlight infused with lavender.  The highlight was never going to be the problem.

Emerald City was just not great as an arm swatch.  The swatch above is better than it looked in person, but as you can see it had a tendency to clump up around the edge of the swatch.  That amount of color was after two coat; the first coat alone was patchy and inconsistent and needed a lot of blending with the wand.  Now, when I put it on my lips, it worked out much better.  It’s somewhat sheer, so having some color in your lips will help even things out (I wouldn’t recommend applying this over “foundation lips”).  If you are like me and you overdraw your lips, I would definitely recommend that you start with some sort of lipliner and draw in the shape, and color in most if not all of your lips before applying the color.  If not, there will be a clear division between the skin of your lips and the area where you’ve overdrawn.  Not cute.  I would still give it two coats and make sure to blend it out with the doefoot.

Wonderland was a little persnickety, but it behaved better than EC.  It’s a little sheer as well, and I would definitely recommend two coats of this if you really want that full color effect.  The duochrome blue flash is a really pretty, and while I think you can get away with using this without a lipliner, I would still recommend this is you overdraw your lips as it will help define and contain the color and the shape.

Utopia had the best pigmentation, and I think you could wear this with one coat if you wanted, though two coats is going to be better for longer and more consistent wear.  It’s really pretty and it applied smooth and creamy and dried down the most evenly.  It was an easy product to work with, but it was also the most basic in color : blue-based pink with silver.  The other colors struggled a bit, and needed a little bit more work, but they were much more interesting and unique colors.  I think all three of these shades have their uses and overall I thought they were much better than the liquid lips I tried a couple of years ago!  The final application on these was definitely worth any extra effort that had to be put it.

So what do you think?  Will you be storming Ofra’s website to get this stellar collection?  Or is this not really the kind of color story you’re interested in probing?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

The truth is out there…and it’s very glamorous!


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