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Still Stanning For Juvia’s Place: Warrior 2 & The Afrique Collection

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Still Stanning For Juvia’s Place: Warrior 2 & The Afrique Collection

I mean, never say never or whatever, but I can’t imagine a scenario in which I don’t buy a palette from Juvia’s place.  As of now, I have every single eyeshadow palette and both of the Saharan blush palettes.  If it’s a color story I’m not as interested in, sometimes it takes me a little longer to add them to the collection, but they always make it there eventually.  I haven’t been as obsessive with their lip products (I only have the three that came with the Festival and Afrique collections) or their shadow singles (only 3 in my collection), and I have yet to pick up one of their brush sets, but their palettes are some of the best shadows I’ve found on the market.  Not “for an indie brand.”  Not “at this price point.”  Period.  I mean, this time around there are a couple of problems….but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For this Juvia’s Place order, I picked up the Afrique collection (a 12-pan palette, 2 blushes, and a liquid lipstick) and the all matte Warrior II palette.  The Warrior II is an all matte collection of neutrals and earthtones, which is not usually my jam, but I think they look great.  I swear, I’ve heard so many people on YouTube complain about how there are too many browns, and between the original Nubian, the Warrior, and the Warrior II that Juvia’s has just gotten boring and repetitive with their neutrals.  But then those same people will open their palette drawer and they’ve got every “50 shades of beige” palette that tarte has ever made, and it’s all I can do not to reach through the screen and punch them in the taint.  In fact, I think if you have those three palettes, you never need to buy anything from boring ass tarte ever again, because these will have your neutral game covered!

Let’s start with those neutrals:

What I like about this collection is that it gives you a fair number of cooler-toned shades.  The Nubian is a good mix of matte and shimmer, but it’s pretty warm-toned overall.  Warrior I is mostly shimmer with only 3 mattes, and everything is pretty warm-toned overall.  This helps fill in some of the range of cool shades, especially with the two darker shades (Walzana and Shawata) and the light highlight color (Zaz).  The middle row also introduces some reds and ochres into the mix, allowing you to flesh out the browns and golds of the other two palettes into slightly more colorful looks.  These mattes are the same high quality that I’ve come to expect from Juvia’s Place and they swatch beautifully.

L to R: Yodit, Kufuru, Walzana, Daura, Zama, Jamata, Shawata, Kana, Zaz

Yodit was the only shade that gave me just a little bit of trouble; it got a little clumpy and tended to be a little inconsistent, but worked out pretty easily with a brush. All of the rest had the typical Juvia’s formula which is creamy and smooth.  These are definitely not your dry, powdery sort of mattes, but they still have a ton of blendability.  The shades are really pretty and I love all of them, though Walzana and Daura are my clear favorites.  If you like the Juvia’s Place mattes in other palettes, these will not disappoint you.

Now let’s talk about the Afrique Collection:

This collection is beautiful, and I love the colors in the palette, but it was more inconsistent to me than any other Juvia’s Place purchase I’ve ever made.  But let’s get the obvious wins out of the way first.  The red liquid lipstick is lovely; I love a cool-toned red, and this one is stunning and exactly what I needed.  It is a slightly thicker formula, and when I was painting on my swatch I did get some product collecting at the edges (the way that it would on your lips), but this is easy enough to deal with if you have a little bit of patiences.  When I put this on my lips, I found it as drying as your average liquid lipstick, nothing out of the ordinary or particularly uncomfortable.

Shade: Afrik

It looks more true red or even a little warm in natural light, but when the flash hits it you can see the cooler-toned base to it.  I love this sort of red, and I can see myself adding this in to my rotation fairly often.

The blushes are another fabulous addition to the collection.

L to R: Bella, Seraphina

I have both of the Saharan blush palettes, and honestly I couldn’t tell you the difference in the formula on those from their eyeshadows.  If you’re using them as blushes, I definitely recommend a very light hand as they are pigmented af!  I love that, and I love the versatility of being able to use them on the eyes as well, but sometimes I like my blush to be a little bit less aggressive.  The two blushes in the Afrique collection are perfect: they give you a nice wash of color that can be subtle or can be built up to give a much more radiant glow.

L to R: Bella with brush and finger swatches, Seraphina with finger and brush swatches

Bella looks very deep pink, almost red in the pan, but it sheers out beautifully into a gorgeous warm terra cotta red that can be built up for a deeper color.  Seraphine is a light peachy pink that has less change between the swatches, but is still a lovely wash of color.  These are definitely a different formula than the Saharan blush palettes, so if you struggled with the pigmentation in those, definitely give these a try as they might be more your speed.  If you loved the Saharan blushes, these might be a little too sheer for you, so get ready to build.

Now on to the eyeshadow palette.

I wanted to love this palette, I really did.  When I saw the first image of it, I saw that bright matte yellow and the matte green, and I wanted to cry with joy.  Those are so my jam!  The colors are interesting and fun, and there is a wide variety of bright pops mixed in with the neutrals.  I thought this palette was an interesting color story and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  Unfortunately, many of the shades in this palette, just aren’t up to the standard of what I’m used to in a Juvia’s Place palette.  In fact, it was the shades I was most excited about that struggled the most.

I did my swatches with a finger (left) and a brush (right), and over a primer since that is how I would apply them to my eyes.  Here’s the first row:

L to R: Cote d’Ivoire, Dakar, Niger, Togo

Cote d’Ivoire is stunning, but a little patchy.  With a finger it tended to clump up a bit, but the brush let it calm down a little bit.  Definitely needs a little TLC to get it even and consistent.  Dakar is a lovely bright orange matte, and was about the same in application as the blue.  Not impossible, but not easy and breezy enough for this cover girl’s liking.  Dakar was super patchy, and even with a brush ended up fairly inconsistent.  This is going to need some blending to work, and be careful that it doesn’t lose its color and muddy up.  Togo, the shimmer metallic, is stunning.  This is on par with Juvia’s other shimmer metallic and I absolutely adore it.  The mattes in this palette are the real challenge, especially the brighter ones that need more white pigment in them to be as bright as they are.  I’m not sure why, but this matte formula is much drier than any of the other Juvia’s Place palettes, and it shows int he quality and application of the shadows.  It’s not a total disaster, but it’s definitely a challenge that I’m not used to with this brand.

L to R: Bintou, Cotonou, Aya, Cameroon

This row definitely held some surprises!  Bintou looks like a matte brick red in the pan, but applied much more berry-toned.  I ain’t mad about it – I like the berry tone better!  Cotonou also looks different in the pan than it does during application.  It looks straight up deep blue in the pan, but comes off as more of a blue-based purple.  I really love it.  Aya is the big disappointment here.  This yellow is bright and sunny, but it’s just so patchy.  You are definitely going to need a primer and some patience to make this shadework for you.  If you have a yellow toned eyeshadow base or a cream shadow to put under it, so much the better.  It’s hard to find a bright true yellow that isn’t too deep or mustardy, and I’m still looking.  This is just not the business.  It’s patchy and uneven, and blends away more than I would like with a brush.  Not the worst yellow I’ve ever encountered, but definitely not what I expect from Juvia’s.  Finally, Cameroon is a consistent if pedestrian deep tan brown matte.  Performs alright, but is boring af.

L to R: Angelique, Kisi, Fifi, Kofi

The bottom row helps save the palette a bit.  Angelique is a really pretty silvered taupe metallic that is much more beautiful in person than it looks in this photo.  Kisi is a nice peachy beige, a great matte transition shade that isn’t chalky or inconsistent like some of the other mattes in the palette.  Fifi is a really nice cranberry metallic shimmer that is so smooth and delicious.  And Kofi is a beautiful gold-tinged bronze shade that is bright and vibrant, and slides on like a dream.  The swatches from this row all together just look like some sort of Christmas celebration; maybe it’s just because of the time of year when I’m doing this review, but this row is perfect for holiday makeup!

What do you think – are you planning to pick up any of these products?  Have you discovered the magic that is Jucia’s Place’s eyeshadow formula?  If you have these palettes or blushes, let us know what you think!  What kind of color story are you wishing that Juvia’s would put out next?  Let us know down below in the comments section!

So the mighty Juvia’s Place was bound to stumble at some point, and for me that point was the Afrique palette.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but those mattes just are not the same quality as the mattes in their other palettes.  I’m still totally obsessed with the brand, and I’m still always amazed by their prices – I did this order right before the Black Friday weekend, and they started their sale early.  With the sale prices, plus 10% off for using a coupon code (I usually use either BEUATYCULT or FUMI to support some creators that I enjoy, but you can use whatever code you like!), with shipping the order came to just under $40.  FORTY DOLLARS!  For two eyeshadow palettes, two blushes, and a liquid lipstick.  I mean, how can I argue with that?  There are many companies that I can’t get a single eyeshadow palette even before shipping costs for that much!

I’m hoping that Juvia’s continues to pump out the hits, and I hope that they learn from the problems that came with this collection.  If they keep doing what they’re doing, I’ll be stanning them for a long time to come.

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