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Snuggle & Smoke Up With The OMFG Cosmetics Valentine and Kush Palettes

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Snuggle & Smoke Up With The OMFG Cosmetics Valentine and Kush Palettes

As part of my low buy (updates coming on that little situation – stay tuned!), one of my goals was to shop from more indie brands and I also couldn’t help but feeling a little bit jealous of the “mystery box” craze that was sweeping the beauty space at the end of last year and into this year.  So I was super excited when an indie brand I first discovered last fall, OMFG Cosmetics, was giving us their own spin on the Mystery Box, I decided to snag one of the bigger boxes.  If you want to see all the goodies that were inside, you can check out my February Low Buy Update, but I wanted to make a separate post to review the two eyeshadow palettes that I got as part of that shipment: the OMFG Kush and the Valentines palettes.

I did a review of some OMFG products last fall, including a Halloween eyeshadow palette, and I liked the formula in that palette, but these two are even better!  And no pressed glitter!  I know that’s a thing right now…but can it just not be?  Glitter is seriously not that hard to do; the Lit Cosmetics liquid glitter base is magical, but if you prefer a creamier formula both Too Faced and Nyx have good options.  I realize that I deemed 2019 the Year of Glitter but…just no.  No more pressed glitters, PLEASE!

Anyway, got off on a big of a tangent there – let’s look at the palettes!

This one if very similar to their Fall Vibes palette, but I decided on this one because I liked the selection of greens better – I know, I’m so predictable!  It’s a really beautiful mix of colors, lots of cool toned shades, and it’s a pretty unique color story.  I don’t know that it screams pot at me – maybe more of a grunge, industrial kind of feel? – but the colors are really beautiful and the formula is even better than what I saw with the Halloween palette last fall.

Here are the swatches; in all of the swatch pictures, the left swatch is a finger swatch with a brush swatch on the right.  Normally I do them over eye primer, but I was out in my studio, so I used the OMFG face primer as a base.  Top photo is studio lighting without flash, bottom is studio lighting with flash.

L to R: Moon Rock, CBD, Cannabis, Chocolope

If you’ve been wanting to try out a colorful smoky eye, this row is heaven!  Moon Rock is a deep plummy purple, definite reddish base.  CBD is a maroon red, kind of reminds me of the OG formula of MAC’s Viva Glam, back when it used to be super opaque matte and gorgeous brick red.  They can say they haven’t changed the formula, but they are g.d. liars and someday they’ll be judged by a higher power or whatevah.  Cannabis is a stunning deep forest green.  Chocolope is the only one that’s maybe a little disappointing, as it was a little more inconsistent than the others, but it did tend to grab the primer a little bit.  It’s also one of those tan/camel shades that I’m pre-disposed to think of as boring af, so that certainly plays into it as well.  They are all “mattes,” but I think they have more of a satin finish, which is really stunning.  And can we talk about the gorgeous brush swatches.  That wasn’t me blending and reapplying and making it perfect, that’s just a few swipes with the brush and they are gorgeous and pigmented.  The mattes have a slightly dry feeling formula, and they blend gorgeously; you can see that most of the swatches are a little diffused around the edges which usually indicates that a shadow is going to perform pretty well.

L to R: Mochi Gelato, Mary Jane, Ganja, OMFG Kush

This row is gorgeous, half matte and half shimmer.  Mochi Gelato is a lovely bright orchid purple matte, and for a purple it performs surprisingly well – it blended out beautifully and wasn’t really patchy or inconsistent.  Mary Jane is like my ideal blue-toned green shade, almost leaning into teal.  It’s so pretty, I just want to do this all over my entire eye.  Back in the day, we used to throw serious shade at girls who would do “garage doors” – one eyeshadow color from the lashline to the eyebrows!  It’s a hot mess look, but this color makes me want to try to bring that back! lol  Ganja is our first shimmer, a mossy golden olive shade.  OMFG Kush is a similar sort of sage green base, but it has a cooler-toned, yellowy silver shift to it.  There is still some gold to the look, but overall it seems much more cool-toned to me.  I love both of these, and the shimmers are a really pretty, blendable formula.

L to R: Smoke, Northern Lights, Acapulco Gold, Resin

Smoke is a stunning, cool-toned brown with a subtle but gorgeous shimmer – this is so pretty it makes me want to love brown shadows again!  Northern Lights is a pale spring green with a lovely shimmer; I don’t know what was going on with this shade and Acapulco Gold, but the brush swatch and the finger swatch both almost looked like different colors!  It’s possible that the primer might not have fully dried down, though I was pretty careful.  Either way, I like both shades of Northern Lights, so I’m not picky.  Acapulco gold isn’t the sort of shade I would normally care much about, more of a coppery bronze, but that paired with Resin, a beautiful black, would make for a very striking look.  This definitely brings some interesting options into the palette as a whole.

The more I look at these shades, the more I think that this is like the perfect steampunk palette: warm leathery tones and metallic for gears with some greens and purples to bring a little color and softness, a different sort of femininity.  I really love this palette!

Now the Valentine’s palette is not for sale on their website; it was either a part of the Mystery box, or I did hear someone mention in a YouTube video that they were giving this palette away with orders in early February; either way, it showed up and I didn’t pay for it separately.  I don’t really care how it got there, I’m just glad that it made its way into my hot little hands!

I’ve only recently gotten into red eyeshadows, and this palette isn’t as unique and daring as say the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette, but this collection of reds, pinks, berries, and purples is actually a perfect representation of Valentines Day.

L to R: Love, Romantic, Kisses, Together

Love is one of my favorite shades, a bright reddish pink that is satin matte and really bold and beautiful.  As you can see, it was a little chunky when swatching it, and it did tend to clump up a bit, but it wasn’t unworkable, and I think the color payoff is totally worth it.  Romantic is a more blue-toned pink, still bright and vibrant and that same satin/matte sort of finish.  Kisses is another matte, this time a little more berry pink, bordering on violet.  Finally, Together is the last matte in the row, and it’s a deep maroon red.  It’s similar in depth to CBD from the OMFG Kush palette, but this one is more red (CBD is a ruddier brown color).

L to R: Forever, All Mine, Sweet, Love You

Forever is a dusty rose sort of deep matte shade, bordering on the kinds of shades that are generally described as “nude pinks,” whatever that means.  All Mine is a little bit more pinky but still in that muted sort of color.  Sweet is a pop of bubblegum pink, and it’s a little bit more inconsistent than the others; not bad, but I feel like I have light pinks that perform better than this shade.  With Love You we finally get a metallic, a baby pink with a strong silver shimmer to it, medium in depth and nicely blendable.

L to R: Cutie, Love Bug, Always, BFF

This row gave us some gorgeous shimmers, but things got…well, a little weird.  Cutie is easily my favorite shade in the palette, sort of a metallic version of Love from the top row.  But when I put my brush into the pan to get the first swatch, I almost immediately had hard pan.  I had to scrape it off with a depotting tool and then I was able to get a decent swatch.  The first pass with the brush was sheer and barely there, and when I built it up it was weirdly dark.  The first three swatches in the pic above are all Cutie, and the third one is the first of the brush swatches – it looks like a totally different color!  But after scraping it the color was gorgeous: the second swatch is the brush swatch after scraping and then the first one on the left is the finger swatch..  I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but if you end up with this palette or have it already, be aware that this shade may need a little TLC to work.

Something kind of similar, but less pronounced, happened with the other three shades in this row too: the brush swatch looks like a decidedly different shade than the finger swatch.  I know I let the primer fully dry down before I did these, and I cleaned my brush in between swatches (and looking at the colors in this row, even if there was some residual color on the brush, it wasn’t darker so it shouldn’t have caused the shade it mixed with to appear darker), so I can’t really say why this happened the way that it did.

Love Big is a bright bubblegum pink in the finger swatch and appears a little but more on the orchid side with the brush swatch.  Always is a rose gold shimmer with a finger swatch, and looks more like a champagne taupe in the brush swatch.  BFF had the least difference; in the finger swatch it’s a bright pastel purple and appears only slightly darker in the brush swatch.  I can’t explain it, but I still love how these shimmers apply; just know that there may be some inconsistency depending on how you apply, if you foil with spray, etc.

I’m glad to see that OMFG took what was great about their eyeshadows and have made them even better.  Even with the inconsistency in the colors of the one row of the Valentine palette, the shadows applied beautifully and they blend like a dream.  I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye on this brand to see what they come up with.  Check out the February Low Buy post linked above and let me know below in the comments if there are any other specific products from the mystery box order that you’d like me to review!

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