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Single Shadows: Devinah Gives Us A Sugar Rush With Three Confectionary Collections

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Single Shadows: Devinah Gives Us A Sugar Rush With Three Confectionary Collections

When I commit to something, y’all, I go all the way in.

That’s how I feel about my new “project” for 2020 – the year of single shadows!  If there is one brand of singles I’ve heard talked about more times than any others in the circle of YouTube creators I follow, that would have to be Devinah.  And since I’m diving into singles, and since they offer a variety of fabulous collections and bundles, I figured I should get to placing an order.  Or rather, orders.  I told you – I go big or I go home.

Because I ordered several collections (as well as some single mattes and shimmers), I’ve decided to break up my review of the brand into at least two posts.  And given my taste for the sweet life, I decided to start with their candy and confectionary inspired collections: Sugar Drops, Xploders, and their newest collection Candy Cakes.

Clockwise from top: Xploders, Sugar Drops, Candy Cakes

I’ll start with the Sugar Drops because they were my least favorite of the three collections.  Don’t get me wrong – they are still absolutely gorgeous, and I’m excited to start playing around and trying to work them into looks.  But this collection consists of 9 shadows that have a light, white, or sheer base with a bright glittery flash.  They are lovely, but they are best applied over a black or white base, to highlight other shadows, etc.  They are the types of shadows that are often described as “topper shades,” though I despise that term.

L to R: Sugies, Boom Sour, Cake Bomb

Duochrome and multichrome shades are hard to photograph anyway, but especially when they have a light base pigment like these do.  I know people say this all of the time, but trust me: these are some much more beautiful in person!  I went back to the Devinah website, because I thought I remembered seeing shade descriptions on individual pages, but none of the shades in this post had them, so forgive me as I muddle my way through trying to describe these complex and very shifty shades!

Sugies is a greenish sort of flash with a bit of a pinky tone as well.  Boom Sour is a bright turquoise/blue flash.  Cake Bomb is a turquoise/green combination.

L to R: Yumlicks, Gumbles, Cavitea

Yumlicks is a pinky purple with a little bit of greenish yellow undertone.  Gumbles has the most base pigment, a light golden yellow, and the shimmer is a peachy gold that is really warm and beautiful.  Cavitea is a pretty interesting mix of what looks like purple and green, fairly evenly mixed and very shifty.

L to R: Puffles, Soda Swamp, Taffy Bomb

Puffles has a blue to purple shift.  Soda Swamp is a purple shimmer with some peach shift.  Taffy Bomb is a fairly flaky shade, the chunkiest of the group, and seems to have a pink to blue to purple shift.

So these are going to be great if you want to get something like and sparkling for an inner corner highlight, or if you want to use them to complement and transform other shadows.  You might also want a sheer wash of glittery, shifty color across your lid, or a shade that can be used as a glittery highlight, and these would be great for all of that.  The only way I wouldn’t recommend this collection is if you are looking for something that’s got a stronger base pigment – that’s what you’ll find in the other two collections!

Since the photos aren’t really representative of the color and beauty, I did take some short video clips to try to show them off.  I think the shadows look good, but let’s just ignore the fact that I clearly don’t know what to do with my arm.  My career in arm modeling is over before it even begins…

Let’s check out the Xploders collection.

L to R: Pixy Stix, Marshmallow Pillows, Runts, Kazookles

Pixy Stix is a coral pink with golden peach shimmer.  Marshmallow Pillows is a bright, very blue-based pink with a very strong blue/purple shift.  Runts is a light lavender purple pastel shimmer with golden yellow shift.  Kazookles is a lavender pastel with pink shift, and I think I even get a bit of a golden undertone in certain angles.

L to R: Swudge, Everlasting Gobstopper, Nerds

Swudge is a bright pastel blue with a purple duochrome shift, maybe some touches of pink.  Everlasting Gobstopper is a lighter blue with reflects of both green and purple depending on the angle.  Nerds is the palest of the blues, sort of a baby blue shimmer with a bright yellow gold reflect.

Like the last collection, the Xploders are much more beautiful in person than they are in photographs, but with these you get a little more of a sense of the color and shine and utter sparkle of these little beauties!  Once again, here is a not very well done cell phone camera video attempting to show them off.  I know, I’m a hot mess.  Just let me live.

Finally, let’s talk about the newest release: the Candy Cakes collection!  This collection of 6 new shades launched in early May, and their shipping is super fast so I already have them in my hot little hands!

L to R: Rainbow Blossom, Pancake Bubble, Confetti Kisses

Rainbow Blossom is an olive green with lots of gold and green glitter sparkle.  Pancake Bubbles is a pastel buttercream yellow with yellow and silver shimmer reflects.  Confetti Kisses is a bright marine blue with some pinky purple shimmer as well as a silvery reflect.

L to R: Creampuff Cuddles, Sweetie Sunbeam, Mystic Moonpie

Creampuff Cuddles is a bright bubblegum pink with silvery shimmer and blue/purple shift.  Sweetie Sunbeam is a orangey brown base with golden reflects and maybe a hint of green.  Mystic Moonpie is gorgeous, but hard to describe (especially for me, who is already having troubles describing these shifty shades!).  It seems to have a red-tinged brown base, but the base is very sheer, and there is a strong silvery shimmer, maybe even a touch of some pale blue effect happening.  This one is sort of similar to those “blue/brown” duochromes that have been floating around, but it’s not an exact dupe; in fact, I think that even if it has some similarities it is a pretty unique shade in and of itself.

Here is my not-terrible-but-not-great attempt at arm modeling these shades as well.

Ok, maybe a little terrible…

I would agree with the advice on the Devinah website: it’s probably best to treat these like you would any other glitter shadow or pressed glitter: using them as toppers, applying over a base shade, and using a tacky base is going to help amp all of these shadows up.  I didn’t even bother with brush swatches for these: I just did finger swatches right on bare skin, and with the Sugar Drops I moistened my arm before doing the swatch to get more sparkle and shine.  These aren’t probably the most beginner friendly, but then duochromes and glitter shades never are!  I think the Sugar Drops are the easiest for beginners to incorporate in because it’s something that you can use to easily transform a matte shadow, or use for highlighting purposes.  I’ve been painting this clown mug for a couple of decades and I’m still a little nervous when I get into duochrome territory – and multichromes have me downright scared, though I’m determined to conquer that fear during the Year of Single Shadows!

If you liked this review of single shadows from Devinah, definitely keep an eye out for next week’s Makeup Monday post – you’ll get part two!  In addition to the collections I showed off here, I also ordered the Butterfly Kaleidoscope collection (8 amazing multichrome shades!), the Somewhere Over the Rainbow collection (7 deep, stormy shimmer and duochrome shades), the Kiss Me Clover bundle (9 matte green shades), as well as a random assortment of mattes and shimmers and even one of those super impractical but gorgeous rainbow highlighter pans called Unicorn Sweat!  In fact, I may end up breaking that into two additional reviews – otherwise part two is going to be LOOOOOOOOONG AF!  We’ll see how I feel when the time comes…

The sweet treats are just what I needed to get me in the mood for playing with more singles: they’re glittery and gorgeous and will work well to add a bit of sparkle when paired with other shadows or palettes.  I think that might be an easy way to dive in: by pairing one or two singles with a palette I’m using.  Then again, I might go crazy and just paint my whole face in a shifty rainbow of multichrome madness!  I’m like a middle schooler: give me too much sugar and I get unpredicatable – and moderately dangerous!

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