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She’s Everywhere You Want To Be: Miss Jaye Shows Up On Your (Soon To Be) Favorite Podcasts!

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She’s Everywhere You Want To Be: Miss Jaye Shows Up On Your (Soon To Be) Favorite Podcasts!

Hello Champagne Dreamers!  Miss Jaye has been keeping very busy with some changes in her “big kid” job as well as trucking right along with her own projects (her Declutter series on YouTube is halfway through it’s 8 planned episodes – check it out HERE!) but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a little time to help out with some other projects out there on the webs!  Recently, Miss Jaye was a guest on two very fabulous podcasts that you should add to your playlists immediately!

First up, Miss Jaye stopped by the Who’s There Podcast: A Podcast About Horror Fans to talk about her love of Sleepaway Camp, her favorite kinds of horror, and why she thinks her favorite version of Black Christmas deserves more respect.  She and host Allison Broder also talk about why they think horror fans have been getting through the pandemic more easily, and a range of other topics!  Be sure to check this one out…and if you want even more of a deep dive into all three versions of Black Christmas, we’ll link Janessa’s video below!

After talking about cinematic horrors, we switched gears – Miss Jaye’s next appearance is more about the horrors of the real world!

If you’ve read Miss Jaye’s powerful blog post, “Well, Actually…” then you are already familiar with her story, but she stopped by The Empowerment Podcast By Naga to talk with host Silvia Smart about the issue of stealthing and her experience with a past partner.  The two talk about what the experience was like, how Miss Jaye has approached her healing, and how the issues around stealthing collided with her feelings about rape culture and outing.  The Empowerment Project is bringing really useful information to the world to help people become more empowered and confident in their own lives, so definitely check them out!

If Miss Jaye makes any more guest appearances, we’ll be sure to let you know!  And don’t forget: you can check out all of the back catalogue of Miss Jaye’s own podcasts HERE or search Janessa After Dark on iTunes or Stitcher!

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