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She Got Some More Shit To Say – Norvina Pro Palettes, Swatches & Comparisons

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She Got Some More Shit To Say – Norvina Pro Palettes, Swatches & Comparisons

Alright buttercups, time to wrap this mother up!

I’ve given you my thoughts on the 3 Norvina Pro palettes, and if you remember parts 1 and 2, those palettes had some struggles.  The matte shades grabbed onto the primer that I was using (Crayon Case Glue Stick eye primer) and just looked patchy, inconsistent, and not worth the $60 price tag Miss Anastasia Beverly Hills is charging per palette!  Now, I prefer a tacky primer base, but that can sometimes mess with matte shadows.  These mattes were a different formula compared to almost everything else in my collection: they are dry, but not a sandy, gritty sort of dry but more of a silky, baby powder sort of dryness.  I’m not sure how they made them feel like that, but whatever it was they definitely did not want to sit nicely on the primer.  I decided to give them another chance: was it the formula interacting with the primer, or is it just the palette not being something I can work with?  I decided to swatch a selection of the mattes from the Pro volume 1 and 2 palettes over the same primer, but instead of leaving it tacky, I set the primer with Too Faced Peach Perfect setting powder.

Here are the results, starting with volume 1:

Here’s a selection of mattes from the volume 1, and as you can see they are much better than the swatches from the original review.  They still had some minor patchiness, especially the yellow, but when it didn’t have a tacky primer to grip onto it was much better behaved!  Here are some swatches of random mattes from volume 2 palette:

These were a little bit patchy as well, but still better.  The formula isn’t terrible, but it’s not the best shadow that I have.  The quality is pretty good considering the value per gram, but it’s a lot to shell out at one time.  I’m excited to use them more, and I don’t regret them, but if you’re back and forth between these and something else expensive like Jeffree Star, I still like Jeffree Star better.

Now, let’s talk about some comparisons.  A lot of people were saying that it looked like there were quite a few repeat shades, so I wanted to swatch some shades across palettes to compare them.

Before we start, I do have to say that it’s odd that people are complaining about similar shades from one palette to another, and yet they own every other palette from ABH with their repetitive neutrals.  I’m rolling my eyes – can you feel it?  Anyway, there were some similar shades, but I actually found them to be fairly different.  Are they different enough that you absolutely need either one?  No.  But are they mostly different shades?  Totally!  There are only a couple that I’m pretty sure are straight dupes.  But hey: they dropped 75 new shades in like 4 weeks, so there was bound to be some similarities.

Here are the green shades.  I swatched these over the ABH primer and did them in groups, trying to keep similar shades together.


L to R: 2A2, 3A1, 2A5, 3C5, 2E1, 3B2, 3A4, 3D3, 2B3, 3E1

For the shade names, since all three palettes have the same names using numbers and letter I just added the volume in front of the shade name.  So the number at the front is which volume palette the shade is from.

First, I compare the acid green/yellow shades from vol 2 and vol 3.  The vol 3 shade is a little more opaque, but these were two that I think were pretty similar.  The next two are a teal base with golden shimmer, but they looked more similar in the pan than they did when swatched.  The one from vol 2 is more blue-green with a subtle shimmer and the vol 3 shade has more of a sheer base with a strong gold shimmer.  The teal green mattes with gold glitter in them are also pretty similar, but there seems to be more glitter in the vol 3 palette.  All the other matte greens are pretty different, very yellowy.

Reds & Oranges

L to R: 3B3, 1E4, 1D3, 3C2, 3A2, 3A5, 1E2, 2D2, 3E3

The reds were all pretty different, lots of different tones, some leaning toward coral.  The light peachy oranges on the end are somewhat similar but still have some pretty significant differences.  These look very similar in the pan, but I think these were not that similar when actually used.

Yellows & Golds

L to R: 1C2, 2C1, 3C1, 3D2, 1E1, 3D5, 1D1, 2D4, 3E4

The first gold shimmer is pretty basic, and then the second two light yellow gold shimmers are very, very similar.  I think the one from the vol 3 is a little more saturated, maybe a touch darker, but they are very similar.  The next three are darker golds and golds with a pinky coral shift.  The three yellows are pretty similar, though the one from vol 2 is the brightest and most consistent.

And here are a few random kinds of shades:

Blues & Pinks

L to R: 1D4, 2C3, 2D1, 3B1, 1C4, 3B4, 1A5, 2D3

There weren’t a lot of purples that overlapped; it seemed like there might be, but once I really looked, most of the purples were all in the first palette.  I did find a few odds and ends that were somewhat similar.  I wanted to see if there was anything even close to the blue matte in the vol 1 with glitter in it.  The one from vol 2 was maybe the closest, but definitely different tones.  The two blue duochromes didn’t even look that close in the pan, but they were even more different when swatched.  There are two purply pink mattes that were somewhat similar, pretty close to dupes.  And the two hot pink shades look really similar in the pan, but are actually fairly different.  The one from vol one is more of a brighter, pinkier pink, and the one from vol 2 is more blue-toned.

So do you need all of these?  I mean, does anyone really need 3 $60 palettes?  Probably not.  Makeup isn’t about need.

I do feel like these are different enough that it’s not terrible having all three.  You really just notice the similarities because 1. they came out right on top of each other, and 2. it’s a colorful palette.  No one says “boo!” when they buy 50 fucking neutral palettes one after the other, but heaven forbid you get two matte blue shadows!

If you are going to skip one, and your choice isn’t based on color story preference, I would say skip volume 2.  This breaks my heart, because blues and greens are my faves, but this one just doesn’t have the same performance as the other two.  I expected to like it the most, and actually I like it the least!  My favorite surprised me: I actually really love the volume 3 palette!  It’s a fun fall colors story that has enough bright pops to keep me interested.  I love it, I just wish that packaging wasn’t so tacky.  Fucking butterflies…

So not that we’ve done all the swatching and the bitching and moaning, what are your final thoughts?  Are you glad that Norvina decided to mix up the usual ABH game and give us three very bright and colorful palettes?  Do any of these need to live in your collection?  Are they already there?  Are you checking for the Barli Bybel palette, the newest collab to drop and leave these behind in the dust?  Let me know in the comments below!

I don’t know that they’ve completely won me over, but I’m really impressed with these palettes.  The pans in their regular palettes are so tiny, so I love a palette that gives me some product, hunty!  I gagged at the price at first, but when you look at the price per gram value, these really are worlds ahead of their usual releases.  I’m hoping they give us more like this and stop flooding the market with boring neutral palettes with a pop of color…though if that Carli Bybel palette is any indication, the backslide may already have started!

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