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She Done Had An Epiphany! – ABH’s Norvina Pro Palettes, Volume 3

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She Done Had An Epiphany! – ABH’s Norvina Pro Palettes, Volume 3

So even though we just had an annoying as fuck blizzard across pretty much all of North Dakota, it’s still technically fall – and the Novina Pro Volume 3 is a perfect representation of what I would be looking for in a fall palettes: oranges, yellows and browns to capture the fall colors, crisp apple greens to brighten and provide lighter notes, and a few unexpected pops of color to give you additional variety in your looks.

I generally prefer cool-toned shadows, so I really thought the Norvina Pro Volume 2 was going to be my favorite, but I think this one might have stolen my heart!  It’s definitely different from almost everything else in my collection.  I love the colors that they chose, and I don’t mind the sort of random arrangement that everyone has been bitching about with all of these palettes.  When you see the swatches, each row actually makes a really fun kind of color story in and of itself.

First though, let’s talk about the one major flaw in this palette: the packaging is hot garbage.  All 3 palettes are plastic and feel heavy and luxurious, but the first two have a colorful but refined look: volume 1 is purple with a gold Art Deco-style geometric design, and volume two is a turquoise with a gold chevron stripe.  So how did volume three end up that heinous peachy orange color with gold butterflies?!

I could have forgiven the color if they had gone with some sort of geometric pattern or design like the other two.  But the third palette doesn’t even look like part of the same set.  The butterflies cheapen the look and give it a tacky sort of feel.  It’s really a shame, because the other two palettes are really beautiful!  They could have made a lovely display…not for me, of course, because I own way too much shit for something like that, but you know what I mean.

Let’s get into the swatches.  Because the last two palettes had some struggles, I switched up my process for this one.  Instead of using the Crayon Case Glue Stick primer like I did for the first two palettes, I used the ABH eye primer.  This one is a much thinner formula and dries down really quickly.  It doesn’t have any sort of tacky feel at all.  I could immediately tell a difference in how the mattes swatched, lending credence to my theory that setting your base if using a tackier eye primer is the way to go with those mattes.  However, I felt like the shimmers weren’t as vibrant with this different primer.  I’m always a shimmer over matte person, so that was a bit of a disappointment; plus, I think products should just work no matter type of primer you use (including none at all) but at least you know what to expect depending on the option that you pick.

These swatches were done over the ABH eye primer with a finger swatch on the left and a brush swatch on the right.  The top photo is under my studio lights with no flash and the bottom photo is studio lights with a flash.

A1 is a bright yellow matte, my favorite of the yellows in the three palettes.  A2 is a bright orange matte, sort of a tangerine kind of color.  A3 is a medium tan matte.  A4 is a crisp apple green matte, though it does appear to have some very finely milled glitter in the formula.  It doesn’t really show up when applied, but there isn’t fallout, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.  A5 is a deeper, blood orange matte.

B1 is a lovely light blue shimmer with golden shift.  B2 is an emerald green, not quite teal, matte.  It also looks like it might have a very subtle glittery shimmer in the pan, but I don’t notice anything when it’s applied.  B3 is a bright magenta pink matte.  B4 is a bright matte violet.  B5 is a beige-y brown matte, not quite peach and not quite tan.  Right in the middle – sort of a camel shade?  I love this row together because it gives you a fun, colorful story that isn’t fall-inspired and lets you take the palette in an entirely new direction.

C1 is a really pretty candlelight shimmer shade, very light yellow gold and very pigmented.  C2 is a matte terra cotta orangey red shade.  C3 is another camel shade, deeper than B5 by a few shades.  C4 is a mulberry sort of purple matte shade.  C5 is a lovely blue-green shade with strong gold shift.  This is another fun collection of shades, and I think the shimmer on the right end really livens up this bunch.

D1 is a warmer, medium tan brown.  D2 is a deeper version of C1, more peach in tone and a bit darker.  D3 is a darker apple green matte.  It needed to be built up a bit to get the level of pigmentation that you see in the swatch.  D4 is an orange shimmer with a slightly coral undertone, and some gold reflect..  D5 is another golden shimmer with a stronger pinkish undertone.

E1 is a bright grass green matte.  E2 is a warm chocolate brown matte.  E3 is a bright orange matte, almost bordering on neon.  E4 is a deeper yellow matte than the one in 1, but still bright and pigmented.  E5 is a bright violet purple shimmer with some gold reflects in the formula.

Overall the performance of these shades was much better, but I’m interested to see if that was because this palette is somehow different or better, or simply because I used a different drier primer.  In part 4 of this series, I’m going to provide some comparisons of shades between the three palettes, but I’m also going to use the ABH primer and swatch some of the mattes from columes 1 and 2 that really struggled to see if they really do better with that dry base.

Now that you’ve seen all three of these palettes, what do you think?  Do you have a favorite? Is there one that is calling out to you but you just havne’t been able to pull the trigger yet?  What do you think about the packaging for this volume – is it a hit or a miss?  Let me know all of your thoughts below in the comments!

I’m really glad that I added these palettes to my arsenal, and now that I’ve got the primer situation figured out I’m ready to make them a staple of my show makeup.  The price is high up front ($60 for a single palette is going to make anyone pause), but the value is actually way better than the usual ABH palettes which are only $15 less upfront, have only 14 pans instead of 25, and the pans are way smaller.  I don’t love the idea of having to change up my primer routine, but it might be worth it for these gorgeous colors.  Every time I look at these palettes, I’m inspired to create something colorful and vivid!  But stay tuned for part 4, coming this Friday – we’re going to see if these shades are different, of if there are some repeats between the palettes!


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