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Review Haul: Lime Crime Ulta Exclusive, LA Girl Neon Liners

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Review Haul: Lime Crime Ulta Exclusive, LA Girl Neon Liners

Every now and then I get a new product or products that I’m not sure deserve a standalone review…but I’m excited about them, and I still want to share the excitement!  So I decided to try out a new thing – I’m calling it a review haul – where I give you a couple of reviews of products that aren’t related to each other whatsoever but are still worth talking about!

For this first edition, we’ve got a bunch of neon liners from drugstore darling LA Girl and a Lime Crime highlight palette that you can only get from Ulta!

Let’s start with the liners.  I’m not a huge liner fan (more because of my lack of skills with them than because of the use or look of the products themselves!) but these are the perfect pencils for me: insanely pigmented, super creamy so I don’t feel like I’ll scratch my eye out, and once they dry a little bit the color stays put!  When I saw LA Girl was launching a line of Shockwave Neon lip and eye liners, and that each pencil was only $5, I bought almost every color they had!

There were 10 shades in the release, and I ended up with 8!  The only two I didn’t buy were a purple lip liner and a black eye liner.  I didn’t get the purple because I was already getting the purple eye liner; I liked the bluer shade (the lip liner was a bit more red-toned) and I am a firm believer that you can use pencils wherever the hell you want.  Maybe that logic will kill me someday, but for now it’s working out alright.  And I didn’t get black because…well, black isn’t neon.  But the formula is so yummy and gorgeous, if I end up placing another order with LA Girl I may get it as well just because I think it would apply like a dream.

I did get 3 lip liners and 5 eye liners.  Left to right above (the swatches – I realized I flipped two of the colors!), they are Pop, Fiery, and Outrage (the three lip liners), and Screamin’, Gotcha, Fresh, Electric, and Vivid (the eye liner shades).  They are a lovely rainbow of vivid brightness, and I love it.  They are super creamy and smooth and I found them very easy to apply.  Usually I have to put my pencils up to a lightbulb and melt them a bit to get this consistency, and these just have it all the time!  Why are super hard liner pencils even a thing?!

Because of the creaminess, they can get a little out of control; you can see the yellow swatch above got a little wild, and the purple shade separated a little bit.  It’s very easy to push too hard and thicken out your line or break/smoosh the tip.  But for someone like me who always rides the liner struggle bus, these are an amazing asset.  And the colors are amazing.  They are so true to the color on the outside of the pencil, and none of them are too sheer or patchy.  For $5, there’s not really a good reason NOT to have these in your collection!

On any given day, I’m never sure how I feel about the Lime Crime highlighter palettes.  Most of them are a little too sheer and glittery to be a decent highlight (they are better as a glitter topper over blush or other highlight) but I love the selection of wild colors and every once in a while they knock me out with a really metallic shimmery highlight.  And let’s be real: that iridescent packaging is sick!  I’m a little divided, but when I saw that Lime Crime, who fairly recently joined the ranks of indie brands featured on the Ulta website, had a Fairies highlighter palette that was exclusive to, I knew that it would eventually make it’s way to my collection.  And here we are.

Luckily, this is one of the really good ones!

Magic is a stunning yellow candlelight gold.  It’s buttery smooth, and you can blend it out for more subtlty (what’s that?!) or lay it on thick for a high voltage shine!  Moonlight is a cool-toned purple highlight with a blue glittery flash.  A gorgeous cool highlight for blue or purple looks.    Enchantment is really stunning.  I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s hard to find a really good pearly highlight.  They are always too white or too champagne or too gold…this shade is a creamy pearl highlight that is pigmented and shimmery.  None of these shades are too glittery; I don’t mind a glittery highlight, but some of the past Lime Crime releases have been almost like Urban Decay’s Moondust shadows!

Lime Crime’s prices are pretty much in line with the prestige brands that are featured in Ulta and Sephora; not crazy expensive, but definitely a level above drugstore.  This palette, especially given the quality of the shades, is a pretty good value at $38 for three large pans.  If you tried earlier releases from Lime Crime and didn’t like the consistency or the formula, it’s worth giving this one a look as it’s a much more pigmented, metallic offering that what Lime Crime has done in the past.

So what do you think about these combined mini reviews?  I’ve been doing a lot of makeup shopping lately (what’s new!), and with the site being down for a few weeks the reviews really backed up!  Do you like seeing multiple products together, or would you rather have dedicated reviews?  Let us know your preferences in the comments below!  You know me – I change my mind all the time, so maybe I’ll do these all the time, or maybe I’ll never do one again!

I’m unpredictable; luckily, my cosmetics obsession is not.

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