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Retro(Grade) Review: Playing In Pastels With Huda Beauty!

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Retro(Grade) Review: Playing In Pastels With Huda Beauty!

We know that I don’t mind reviewing older products on this page, but I had pretty much given up the idea of reviewing the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette: at $67, I just wasn’t willing to lay down the money for this palette.  But recently I’ve seen some people bringing it back out and playing with it some more, and once again I was tempted by the pastel beauty.  At one point the Pastel Obsession palettes went on sale for half off at Sephora, so I picked those up in the hope that they would calm my pastel desires.

It didn’t work.  Luckily, right around the time of the VIB Sale, I noticed that the palette was marked down to $47.  I also had a $20 credit card reward that I wasn’t able to combine with the sale, so I decided to order this palette separately and use that, since it would be a much bigger discount.  So while I was never going to pay the full $67 for this palette, I didn’t have any problems shelling out $27 for it – that’s a steal!  And I already had the three pastel minis, so I thought, “Let’s just make a day of it!”

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous!  I love holographic and iridescent things, and this is just magical.  I love that they did this in a plastic packaging instead of cardboard, because it just has that light, lunar feel to it with the clear plastic inside and the iridescent liner.  It made it a little harder to photograph, but that’s a small price for this beauty!  It’s a mostly pastel collection with a couple of darker shades to keep it interesting.  If you’re looking for deep mattes, you aren’t going to find them, but the one that’s there is pretty versatile and works with pretty much all of the other shades if you want to use it to deepen things up.

All swatches in this post are done over the Kaleidos Makeup Tone Activator eye primer.  Normally I do both brush and finger swatches, but with the mini palettes, this post includes swatches of 45 different shadows!  Because of that, I opted to just do brush swatches, since that’s how I apply the bulk of my shadows.  The top photo is under my studio lighting with no flash, and the bottom photo is under the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Cosmic, Utopia, Ultraviolet

Cosmic is a bright shell pink shimmer with strong silver reflect.  Utopia is a bright electric peach matte.  Ultraviolet is a purple shimmer with silver, purple, and blue glitter reflects.

L to R: Nebula, Mercury, Haze

Nebula is a bright silvery blue shimmer with strong glitter reflect.  Mercury is a dark turquoise shimmer with bright blue/turquoise glitter reflect.  Haze is a seafoam green matte.  This one tended to darken along the outside of the swatch, and this effect gets more pronounced the more you build the color up.

L to R: Off Balance, Galaxy, Libra

Off Balance is a light dusty rose pink matte.  Galaxy is a peachy champagne shimmer with silvery reflect.  Libra is a pale mauve-leaning-lavender matte.

L to R: Crash, Momentum, Supermoon

Crash is a very cool beige matte.  Momentum is a light vanilla matte, a little patchy and chalky, but you can use it to blend other shades, and you can get some decent opacity if you are willing to fuss with it.  Supermoon is a mostly sheer pearl base with iridescent glitter shimmer.

L to R: Vortex, Hot Mess, Supernova

Vortex is a deep cool purple matte.  Hot Mess is a rich berry matte, very blue-toned.  Supernova is a bright pink shimmer with coppery undertones and a glittery shine.

L to R: Karma, Gold Glitch, Frazzled

Karma is a slightly deeper peachy beige matte than Crash, and a bit warmer in tone.  Gold Glitch is a very glittery gold shimmer that has little touches of silver throughout.  Frazzled is a coppery brown shimmer.

I’m glad that I got this palette at a discount, but having said that I’m still glad that I got it.  The pastels in here are gorgeous, and I love all of the complementary mattes and shimmers.  I’m very excited to play around and start creating some lighter, brighter looks with this.

The Pastel Obsessions palettes are perfectly suited to match with the Mercury Retrograde!  They have more of the mint, rose, and lilac tones of the larger palette, so you can really take a shade or two from Mercury Retrograde and make a more complicated monochromatic look, or just use these to add some additional color.  These are swatched the same way described above.  The shades don’t have individual names in these palettes, so I’ll just be going row by row, top to bottom.

Let’s start with the Mint Obsessions, since green is my favorite color!

Top Row

Shade 1 is a bright mint green matte, a little chalky but it has some good opacity and it’s great for blending out with other shades.  If you want this to cover a large area, you’ll probably want to pack this on, preferably over a white base, and not do too much blending to get full opacity.  Shade 2 is a light spring green shimmer with golden reflect.  Shade 3 is a more yellow-infused pastel green.  This shade has the same sort of performance as shade 1, and can be handled the same way.

Middle Row

Shade 1 has a strong pale mint base that combines with the taupe shimmer to create a fun almost duochrome kind of effect.  You get a lot of mint, but then you get those taupe champagne shimmer reflects in there as well.  Shade 2 is a champagne base with a strong green reflect, also very pretty but too similar to shade 1 when applied.  The only real difference is that the green reflect is a little more yellow-infused.  Shade 3 is a pale copper with peachy glitter reflect.

Bottom Row

Shade 1 is a light brown matte with peachy tones.  Shade 2 is a spring green shimmer marbled with a blue-based emerald green.  The two shades combine beautifully and you get a nice glittery mix of the more yellow-toned green and the blue-toned green.  Shade 3 is a blue-toned turquoise green matte.

I love this palette.  I had heard that these pastel palettes were very chalky, but I didn’t really find that to be the case.  The two green mattes in the first row are a little tricky, but they are also super pigmented so with a little work you can get a really decent opacity and full coverage.  I’m impressed so far!

Now on to the Lilac Obsession palette.  I love pastel purple and peach together, and this is a fun combination of the two.

Top Row

Shade 1 is a dusty lilac matte, and this one definitely struggled a bit.  It tended to darken around the edge of the swatch, and it got worse the more you built up the shade.  It’s a nice color, but this one needs a bit more elbow grease.  Shade 2 is a bright blue-based purple shimmer with purple and blue glitter reflect.  Shade 3 is a more lavender shimmer with silvery reflect and some pink undertones.

Middle Row

Shade One is a peach shimmer with golden and copper glittery reflects.  Shade 2 is a medium dusty peach matte.  Shade 3 is a purple shimmer and a peach shimmer marbled together.  They mix into a purple shimmer with a strong peach glitter shift.  This is another one that almost looks like a duochrome when applied, and the effect is really pretty!

Bottom Row

Shade 1 is a light lilac matte, fairly chalky and a little bit trickier to work with.  This is probably the worst of the pastel mattess.  It’s not unusable, but definitely get prepared to do some work with it.  Shade 2 is a bright pastel peach matte that is a little chalky but one of the better mattes.  Shade 3 is a deeper pastel purple, and it’s how I wish all of the pastel mattes in these palettes would perform!  It has gorgeous opacity and nice bright coverage on the eye.

Last up is the Rose Obsession palette.  I love yellow shades, especially pastels, so I was very excited to dip into this combo of pink and yellow beauties!

Top Row

Shade 1 is a pale pink matte, very shell pink sort of vibe.  Shade 2 is a glittery shimmer with pink and pearl glittery moments in a mostly sheer base.  Shade 3 is a light yellowed pearl glitter shimmer.

Middle Row

Shade 1 is a pinkish purple matte that is a little chalky, but it’s much less difficult to work with than the shades from the last palette.  Shade 2 is a marbled shade with a bright golden yellow and a purplish pink that combine to make a pale yellow gold with pink glitters throughout.  Shade 3 is a lemon yellow shimmer with a mostly sheer base and lots of glitter.

Bottom Row

Shade 1 is a gorgeous lemon yellow matte.  This is the tiniest bit chalky, but it blends out very easily and is probably the easiest to work with of the light mattes.  Shade 2 is a light shell pink matte.  This one is a little weak, but it’s nice for blending out.  Shade 3 is a light cool-toned cocoa brown matte.  This one darkened around the edges but overall it was easy enough to work with.

This one was the least like the inspiration color – the pinks here were either very, very pale or were more purple-leaning.  I love a blue-toned pink and a pinky purple, but there is already a Lilac Obsession palette, so why not make these very clearly pink and distinct from the other one?  The yellows were lovely, but this is my least favorite of these three pastel palettes.

In the end, I’m glad that I picked up these palettes – but I’m definitely glad that I wanted on the Mercury Retrograde until I was able to get it at a price that was much more comfortable!  I think the sale price of $47 is more reasonable ($40-45 is sort of what I think it’s “worth,” but that’s pretty subjective and the sale price is only $2 more, so there we go) and getting it for only $27 was a steal!  If you like pastel shades and want to create lighter, brighter looks, I would recommend all of these palettes.  Some of the pastel mattes are a little tricky, but with some effort you can get some beautiful looks!

Hit me up on my socials if you’d like to see a Makeup Thunderdome of all of my Huda Beauty Obsessions palettes – I have quite a few!

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