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Redesign Series LIVE! Feat. ColourPop x Disney Villains Misunderstood Palette

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Redesign Series LIVE! Feat. ColourPop x Disney Villains Misunderstood Palette

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a palette redesign, and I you saw my recent post on the ColourPop X Disney Villains Misunderstood palette, you know that I felt like it could use some serious re-tooling.  Since I have a ton of ColourPop palettes, and because the pans are attached with a magnetic backing in the palette instead of with glue, I thought it might be fun to get out of PowerPoint and see if I could use the ColourPop shadows in my collection to make a better version!  While I was at it, I also put together some new arrangements in the Chasing Rainbows and ColourPop x Kathleen Lights Dream Street palettes.

Now before we get started, I do want to say that I’ve been depotting ColourPop palettes and keeping them in a magnetic palette for a long time, so I can’t say exactly which shades ended up in this redesigned palette.  If I used a shade from one of the palettes I was depotting this time around, I’ll include that below, and if I have a good guess about which shade I used I’ll include that as well, but some of these are just random shades that I took out of my collection.  They are all from ColourPop palettes though, not signles – the single pans are a bit larger and don’t fit the “curated” palettes.  For the new Chasing Rainbows and Dream Street palettes, I wasn’t paying attention at all, so those will just be new arrangements of the shades that I found, and I have no idea where they came from, except from the ColourPop line.  Sorry ’bout it.

Here’s the original Misunderstood palette design:

There are some interesting shades here, but I didn’t like how neutral it was.  I wanted more rich, vivid jeweltones, so that’s what I decided to focus on.  When I was initially choosing shades, I thoughts I was going to keep 8 shades from the palette: Flotsam, Facile, Forest of Thorns, Diablo, Sing, No Spots, The Fates, and Jetsam.

In the final redesign, I also eliminated Sing and Diable, retaining 6 shades from the original palette.

Now to find their replacements!  I had three palettes from CP that I was already thinking of depotting: Chasing Rainbows, Dream Street, and Through My Eyes:

I was kinda thinking about depotting my Perception palette from the Shayla collab, and I know there are shades that I would have loved from that collection, but I still like that color story enough to keep it intacts, so these where the shades I had to work with…well, these and my backup palette of all my depotting CP palette shadows:

You can ignore the rectangle pans, those are from a YouNique palette that I bought from a friend to review, and didn’t like enough to keep the bulky packaging, so I depotted and added in here.  The larger pans are CP, from that first all metallic shimmer palette they released when they launched in Sephora, but that only had 8 pans so one of those larger pans must have been a single from an Ipsy bag or something.  Anyway, here are the various shadows I’ve accumulated over the years.  Does anyone else feel like all of these CP shadows, when depotted and put all together, just look like every Morphe palette ever?

Just me?  Hmmm, ok…

Anyway, I started to choose the shades that I wanted for the Villains palette of my dreams.  I went into my stash and pull out a real matte black to replace that sort of deep charcoal from the original.  I kept the matte white shade, No Spots, and I wanted this rich matte black (I think it’s from the Yes, Please palette?) so that I could use the jeweltone shadows to create monochromatic looks.  I also grabbed a matte brick red and a maroon red shimmer, and a bright fiery orange shimmer.

I had one green shade from the original selection, but I wanted more (of course!), so I grabbed Emerald Dream and Moody from the Through My Eyes palette.  I also wanted the bright coral red, Lomo. From the Chasing Rainbows palette I grabbed the shade Lucid, a brown/blue duochrome that I thought would pair nicely with the blues and greens, and could even contrast well with the more red shades.  That gave me 14 of my 15 shades.

For the final shade, at first I was going to take MissBehave from the Through My Eyes palette, a plummy pink, but when I saw it with the other shades, it wasn’t different enough from the other red shades to really justify it being there.  I thought about grabbing the bright fuchsia pink shade from Chasing Rainbows, Manifest It, but instead I stuck with the Through My Eyes palette and grabbed Flecks, a bronzey brown shimmer that brings a little cool neutral into the palette, but definitely isn’t boring!  It has a subtle blue shimmer in it that I think ties it in nicely.

As I was arranging the palette, I found that things sort of broke up pretty easily into coherent trios, and so I just tried to decide which trios would look best and easily “flow” into the next.  Here’s the final arrangement I came up with:

I think this is a fun collection of colors with lots of bright, vivid shades and some deep, dark, lurky kind of shades, and I think it’s more representative of the typical Disney villains.  I included a matte white and a matte black because that works best with how I do my show looks (and this is a palette I can definitely see myself using for shows!), but if you wanted to do something similar without those two shades, you could always include some brown tones, or maybe more purples to round out the jeweltones.

So, what happened with the Chasing Rainbows and Dreams Street palettes?  I decided to use what I had left to make the Chasing Rainbows more of an actual rainbow palette (they were chasing those rainbows with way too much beige for my liking!), so here’s the final result:

I was a little limited on greens, but Diablo from the Misunderstood palette has a slight greenish shift, so the rainbow turned out better than I expected!  It’s not a perfect rainbow palette, but as you saw from my earlier review, I already made my (almost) perfect rainbow ColourPop palette!  I was going to throw out both the Through Your Eyes and the Dream Street packaging, but then I noticed that I had about a dozen really pretty duochrome shimmers, and those colors seemed like them went really nicely with that name, so I decided to turn the Dream Street packaging into a shimmery duochrome palette:

Some of these photographed a little flat, but all of these have interesting color shifts that make them really pretty, and I love the idea of having a whole palette of duochromes that I can pull out to get just the right accent, highlight, or topper.

So what did you think of this “Live” version of the palette redesign series?  I love playing around with the mock-ups, and you can get closer to exactly what you want that way, but it was fun moving the shades around and trying to create my own unique color story.  I don’t tend to order a lot of single shadows, but maybe I should start!  I love creating custom palettes; it might be time to bring some of those palettes to life!

And as always, this post was inspired by the queen of redesigns, Makeup Struggles!

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