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Redesign Series #7: Jeffree Star’s Cremated Palette

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Redesign Series #7: Jeffree Star’s Cremated Palette

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

Hello, and welcome back to my redesign series!  Hi! How are ya?!

It’s been a minute since I did a makeup redesign, but since Jeffree Star announced the launch of his newest palette, Cremated, along with a small collection of other products, I thought it might be a great time to do a redesign!  I kind of like the palette for what it is, and even if I don’t buy it on launch day I will probably end up with it in my collection, but in the reveal video he kept talking about gothic darkness…and this palette isn’t dark.  Not by a long shot.  It’s much better and shows more depth in pictures (the lighting in the reveal video made it look super light and washed out!) but it doesn’t have the dark elements that one might expect for how he was describing it.

Then, Jeffree posted this photo on his IG to promote the palette:

Now THIS is a gothic dream.  Compared to this, the actual palette looks like tarte tried to give herself bangs in quarantine to look “edgy.”  If the palette looked like this, I would buy the shit out of it!  So I decided to start with this image, and the idea of a “gothic dream,” and redesign the palette to be more interesting and a little more colorful while also being dark and brooding.  I used some shadows from Devinah Cosmetics for inspiration (shades will all be named and linked below) but some of the shades were just color swatches that I googled to get the exact tone I wanted.  Sure, they don’t exist as eyeshadows in the world, but this palette doesn’t exist, so let me live.

Note: I’m not really invested in the “controversy” around this palette.  Jeffree Star likes to push buttons, and people were going to be upset about this palette even if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic because 1. some people have made it a career to be upset about every single thing he does, and 2. some people would be “offended” by a death theme no matter what (it seems ludicrous to me to even have to type that people are offended by makeup for fuck’s sake, but that’s the world we live in) because they just don’t feel it’s appropriate.  You do you.

So here is my updated Cremated palette!

So tiny…don’t worry, I’ll go through each row and talk about what I did differently.

Here’s the original palette:

Let’s start with the top two rows.

I love the cool-toned neutrals, so I tried to leave those along wherever possible and tried to make sure that the shades I switched out where the peachier beige tones.  I also wanted to make sure there were more medium to dark shades, while still having some lighter shades to help build depth.

In the top row, I left the first four shades alone as I liked the deep, cool-toned smoky look of them and I thought there was enough variety there.  On the end, I changed RIP to a medium wine red shimmer (Paramour from Devinah) and changed Pallbearer to a very deep blackened red burgundy.

In the second row, I kept the first three shades, again because I liked the cool-toned khaki and gray, and I thought the lighter gray shimmer was a nice tough, but for Last Look I swapped in a plummy red with teal and green flash duochrome (Asteria from Devinah).  For solemnly Swear I wanted a deep jade/teal sort of shimmer (Alew from Devinah).  Finally, I wanted a deep teal matte to go with the shimmer, so that’s what I did for The Morgue.

In the third row, I replaced Masoleum with a mauve matte (Jox from Devinah) so that there would be a more grayed out pinky purple to blend in with the grays and the pinks that I’ll talk about in the next line.  I left the next two shades alone, but then I wanted to add some navy to the dark colorful shades as well.  For Las Respects I went with a very deep matte navy; rather than do a matching shimmer, like I did with the red and the teal, I decided to add in another duochrome (Messier from Devinah) which has strong blue flash but also a purplish red base to it.  Goodbye is a nice silvery shimmer metallic, so I left it alone.

In the bottom row, I wanted to switch out some of the lighter shades with a couple of pinks to reflect the pink hearse from the photo.  For Obituary, I wanted a light, bright, pink similar to the color of the paint on the hearse.  I also wanted a slightly darker shimmer option of that color, and Cali from Devinah gave me the perfect sort of tone that I wanted.  Finally, for After Life I wanted another duochrome shade (Rock Star from Devinah) that had a litghter more ruddy brown sort of base with green and turquoise shimmer.  And even though they are a little basic, I left the final three pale shades in the palette as is.

Here is a closeup of swatches of the three duochromes that I added in:

I think I did a pretty good job on this one, even if I do say so myself, #humblebrag.  I was never goth myself, but when you say “gothic dream,” this is the sort of color story that comes to mind: not just gray and black, but some deep, jewel-tone infused colors and the pop of pink for a bit of a surprise contrast.  It takes away all of the more peachy/beige shades in the palette and leaves you with something that lovers of cool-toned color stories will absolutely adore!

So what do you think of this redesign?  Does it make you want to curate a Cremated color story of your very own?  Or are you sticking with the original?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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