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Redesign Series #6: Jeffree Star & Lime Crime

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Redesign Series #6: Jeffree Star & Lime Crime

NOTE: As of July 2020, the World of Champagne will no longer be reviewing or featuring Jeffree Star Cosmetics on the site.  For more information on why we’ve made this decision and what this means for the site and its content, please check out Miss Jaye’s post, Goodbye, JSC.

In my recent review of the Jeffree Star Alien palette, I ranked the 5 palettes from my most to least favorite, and the Thirsty palette hit the bottom of the list – not because it’s a bad palette per se, but because the row of pressed glitters just left me feeling a little bit blah.  I had also been seeing a lot of criticism of the Lime Crime Venus XL 2 and how it wasn’t bright or vivid enough to match the packaging.  Put these two things together, and I decided it was time to do another palette redesign entry!  This series, as always, is inspired by YouTuber Makeup Struggles, and I hope you enjoy it!

Overall, if you took out that middle row of glitter shades, I think this is a pretty solid palette.  But since I was changing out the center row anyway, I did decide to make just a couple of other tweaks.  In the top row, I switched out Kumquat for a neon, popsicle red shade that I think would pair nicely with those peachy corals and the terra cotta shade on the end.  It’s maybe a little redundant for those who have the Blood Sugar palette as well, but you can’t always assume that everyone will have every single palette from a brand.  And this is made up anyway, so just cool your jets, Janet!  In the bottom row, I added a matte forest green to mix with the greens and blues and even that yellow shade.  I also think you could do some interesting things with it and the top row.  That brown shade was fine, but who doesn’t already have a million browns?!

Now in the middle, I thought, “What kinds of colors would really help round out this summery palette” and I decided to bring in some bright purples!  First I added a deep but still bright purple matte.  Similar to the purple in Blood Sugar, very blue-toned, but think about three shades darker.  Next to that I added in a lilac shimmer and then a slightly more reddish-toned medium purple matte.  The lavender shimmer should work well with either of those purple mattes, and they can all be mixed in with the brighter shades in the palette to create some fun looks.  Next up I added a blue shimmer shade, with gold reflect.  Think sunlight on the surface of a pool!  Then on the end I wanted a more unique shade that could be used to deepen (since I took away the deep brown) and I thought a slightly taupe-y gray would be fun.  Like cement, but with just the slightest of a brown tone to it.

This palette makes me much more Thirsty for the return of summer and vivid brights!

Then I took on the Venus XL 2!

A lot of the complaints about this palette centered around the fact that the packaging shows an amazing neon green and some beautiful peachy orange tones, but then inside it’s all sage green and pastel.  I wanted to keep some of those grungey pastels while also providing some of the bright colors that people had been hoping for.

In the top row, I left the first three shades alone as I also wanted to take a little inspo from what I thought was the best of the bunch in the Venus XS palettes, the Rose Gold.  In Bloom is a lovely dusty pink, Crown is a cool pinky taupe shimmer, and sage green is a fun shade.  Then I brought in some rosey tones: Thorn got replaced with a light rose-burgundy shimmer, and Ripe was a matte in a similar tone.  Forbidden was a light peach shimmer, but I switched it out for a bright orange matte.

In the second row, I added a light peach shimmer in place of Stella, lighter than forbidden had been but with more saturation than the original Stella shade.  Myth is a lovely light green shimmer so I left it alone, and then added a peach matte for Eve, and a bright, slightly blue-toned grass green in place of Laurel.  For Radiant, I wanted an acid yellow-green, with a green duochrome finish.  Ivy I left alone, and I like that light sage shimmer.

In the bottom row, West survived unscathed, as did Locust, but everything else got changed out. Obscure is a light yellow-toned spring green shimmer.  Mystic is a forest green matte.  Phoenix is a bright lime green to mimic the hair on the outer packaging.  Finally, for Classical I wanted to up the grunge factor by bringing in a deepening shade that was unexpected – a deep eggplant purple with gold shimmer.

What do you think of my reinventions?  Would you pick these up, or do you prefer the originals?  Are there any palettes you’d like to see me take a crack at in the future?  Let me know in the comments!

I love these palette redesigns, and I think I need to start playing around with more companies that have single shadows to build my own custom palettes!

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