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Redesign Series #5: Serving Sunset Vibes with Violet Voss & Huda Beauty

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Redesign Series #5: Serving Sunset Vibes with Violet Voss & Huda Beauty

It’s been a minute, so as we’re getting ready to leave the makeup mistakes of 2018 in the past, I wanted to do one more palette redesign post.  I’m sure 2018 will serve us up a whole new kind of mess, and there will definitely be more of these to come, since the sun is setting on this year, I figured it was fitting to look at redesigning two palettes that are serving up some sunset vibes…or at least they could be, if I had anything to do with it: the Violet Voss Hashtag palette and Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk palette!

First up, let’s look at Violet Voss:

So, unlike the second palette we’re going to cover, this one isn’t making any claims to be a “sunset” palette.  But when you look at the packaging, with the gorgeous ombre shift of yellow into pink into purple, I don’t know about you but I kind of expected that to reflect the contents of the palette.  Then you open it up and…dullsville.  That top row is like the #BasicBitch starter collection and it doesn’t get much better as it goes down.  There is a little bit of interesting stuff in the bottom row of purple shades, but not enough variety.

Enter, me.  I started by totally revamping the top row, except for the black shade ILY (as much as I argue that not every single palette needs a black, I think this sort of color story makes sense to include it).  I turned Fresh into a light peachy pink shimmer, Sauce into a cool taupe shimmer, Savage into a navy shimmer with red glitter reflect, and GOAT into a deep purple blue matte for another darkening and blending option.

In the second row, I kept Truth, a lovely bright gold shimmer shade and then turned this into a warm yellowy orange moment.  Lady Boss became a lemon yellow shimmer, No Filter became a bright banana yellow matte, Throwback became a light gold matte (an option for those #BBs out there who just need a transition shade or they will “like, literally die”).  To amp up the shimmer looks from this row, I changed Lit into a bright peachy orange shimmer with gold pearl.

To round out the oranges moving into the second row, I kept Vacay and Goals as is, to allow for some deeper shades and to bring in a copper element that I thought could work with the rest of the palette, I changed FOMO to a bright, popsicle red matte, Low-Key became a blue-leaning red shimmer (think SugarPill’s @#$%^!), and Living became a true, fire engine red matte.

Finally, I wanted to widen the range of purples to cover both cool and warm tones, especially since that lovely purple shade on the end, Life, was kind of all on its own.  I changed Sunset to a blurple shimmer, something like Urban Decay’s Asphyxia.  Relevant became a cool-toned lilac shade with silvery pearl shimmer, and then I left the warmer-toned purple shades TBT and Petty AF alone, as well as Life.

I think you could use this to create a wide variety of warm and cool looks that evoke a beautiful sunset anywhere.

But if we want a desert sunset – or rather a Desert Dusk – we should take a look at Huda Beauty!

I’m sorry, did you say that this was called Desert Dusk, or Desert Boring as FUCK?!  Ugh, another neutral palette with a couple of vibrant shades thrown in to stave off our boredom just long enough to get us to lay down a credit card.  Look at that picture of a dusk in the desert – does that look like this snoozefest that Huda is serving us?  No ma’am!

I wanted this to have some fierce color moments, similar to the Violet Voss palette, but maybe a little more playful.  I kept Desert Sand (nothing wrong with a peach matte), but changed Musk to a bright yellowy duochrome (think Electrify by Makeup Geek) and then served up some coordinating glittery shimmers: Eden in a true liquid gold and Amber is a bright red-tinged peach.  To give us a couple of other deeper options, Blood Moon became a Deep purple-tinged navy matte and Oud became a deep charcoal gray.

In the second row, I conceded to a copper brown shimmer and left Celestial alone, but I bumped Nefertiti out for a bright Tangerine matte.  I left Twilight and Royal alone, but I swapped their locations so that the two funky duochromes that the palette already has could be next to each other, and next to the other dark shades I added up top.  I also kept Amethyst (love a bright purple matte – if it performs) and Retrograde, as its that trend color that is suddenly popping up everywhere with a brownish red base and a teal shimmer.

The bottom row is where I really went ham – dump that boring shit and give me some color!  Cashmere became a bright, true orange matte, while angelic became a similar matte that was a little deeper and leaning a little more red.  For Cosmo, I wanted a tomato red matte which I thought could pair really nicely with the maroon shimmer of Turkish Delight, which I left as is.  I shanged Saffron to a bright, bluer-toned red, and then made blazing a blue-toned red shimmer.  I wanted people to be able to use reds with the cooler options in the palette, and I think these are perfect.

So what do you think?  Is there a makeup company out there who is ready to hire me to design palettes yet?

As always, this series is inspired by the fabulous YouTuber Makeup Struggles – be sure to check out her channel is you have the chance!


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