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Redesign Series #4: Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina & Sultry Palettes

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Redesign Series #4: Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina & Sultry Palettes

We’re back again with another post where I show off palettes that are boring AF and talk about what might have been if only I could design all of the makeup in the world.  Ok, not exactly, but this post is going to be about what I think is one of the most yawn-inducing brands around (after 50 shades of beige, tarte): Anastasia Beverly Hills.

First of all, I don’t get the hype.

People act like ABH birthed the Christ child with the Modern Renaissance palette.  Um, sis, did you not notice that Lime Crime put out basically the same vibe a year or two earlier with the first Venus palette?  I think ABH did, because they also seemed to do a riff on the Venus II palette with Subculture at least two years after that palette came out.  If y’all weren’t a bunch of haters, you would at least give credit where credit is due.  Yep.  I said it and I meant it.  Feel however you want about Lime Crime, I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money, but don’t act like it didn’t happen.

Anyway, Modern Renaissance is just a dulled down version of Venus to me and Subculture was a cute color story, but that formula just doesn’t work for how I do makeup.  Prism wasn’t bad – a little all over the place in terms of colors, but definitely not boring.

But now ABH is trying it: in the last few months they’ve released both the Norvina and Sultry palettes, and except for a few interesting pops of color, they are just a collection of boring ass neutrals.  Seriously, someone posted a picture of all the palettes next to each other with the brightest pops of color removed, and it was like staring into the abyss of the Morphe 35O palette.  So I decided to spice things up again and give these two palettes a makeover and make them much more fun and exciting!  And going against type, one of them I didn’t even add any green shades to!


If you’re going to pretend to give us a purple and pink palette…and then only have like 3 purple and pink shades…that ain’t it.  Do the damn thing!  I went in hard on this one and made it a totally purple and pink experience.  I changed Dreamer to a slightly pinkish lavender shimmer, and Summer to a pink with blue shift duochrome.  Wild Child I left alone because it’s gorgeous, as well as Rose Gold for people who want a couple of shades in the palette that lean a little bit more warm.  Celestial also stayed, but then I switched out Dazzling with a bright fuchsia shimmer.  I kept Drama, as I like that deeper wine sort of tone to round out the available purples, and it mixes well with Rose Gold.

In the second row I switched out Base for a purple with blue shift duochrome (think Asphyxia from Urban Decay, but with a ligther base shade), and kept Soul, a nice matte to work with most of these lighter shimmers and duochromes.  Incense became a more vivid red-leaning purple duochrome – I think it would look great with either a red shift or a blue shift, maybe both!  For love, I wanted a pink matte, but I wanted it to be slightly more blue-toned to match up with Wild Child.  I left Volatile – I love a cool matte taupe! – and then made Eccentric a bright raspberry matte to coordinate with Dazzling.  And I left passion alone as it’s a great warmer matte to pair with either/both Drama and Rose Gold.

For those “one and done” palette girls, you could use Volatile or Passion to deepen up looks, and any of the light shimmers or duochromes could be an underbrow highlight, so I think you could actually get some fun, complete looks with just this palette, or combine the pink and purple shades with others.  Either way, I think this palette is much cuter, and much more interesting than that neutral snoozefest we had before.


Can I just say: the audacity to serve up this pallid beige horror and call it “Sultry?”  For real?!  There were 4 shades I felt I could salvage if I gave them better companion shades, but the original color story of this palette is a beige/champagne/gold mess.  Take out that one coral pink, and this is ABH trying to be tarte’s newest “tartelette” palette.  Gross.  When I think Sultry, I think of a lush garden in a hot climate with gorgeous flowers and foliage.  I added several duochromes to this layout as well to give it more flash and dimension.

Fresh became a forest green shimmer, not too dark, definitely more in a deeper jeweltone kind of way.  Pearl became a navy shimmer that almost lean a little purple.  Steampunk is a lavender shimmer, but with gold reflect to make it more interesting and less cool pastel.  Rose Quartz became a bright rosy shimmer, again with gold and red shimmer in it.  Ember is a deep reddish brown with red reflect.  I kept Bloom to brighten up the reds and pinks that I added, and then changed the last shade (I think it’s Birch, but the photo is blurry) to a brown based green duochrome, a la MAC’s Club…or pretty much any other green brown shade that’s been in the releases of the last couple of years.  That combo is coming back hard, and this palette would be the perfect place to showcase it!

In the second row, I replaced Cinder with a golden olive duochrome with a green/gold flash and replaced Twig with a minty green duochrome with yellowy gold flash.  Teak is a metallic shimmer lime green, not duochrome but super metallic.  I kept the next two shades as is, Dystopian because it’s a rich deep brown and it’s going to be great for darkening up looks with almost any of the colorful shades and Cyborg because I think a metallic silver is different than the other shades but will work with a lot of the shades and take shades in a different way.  In terms of Slate, I made it less grey and more champagne taupe and made it a shimmer instead of a matte.  And then I kept the dark shade, Noir, because I don’t think every palette needs a matte black but I think the shades in this newly redesigned color story would benefit from a matte black.

What are your thoughts?  Are you an ABH stan who is furious that I would dare mess with their color stories?  Are you living for these redesigns?  Let me know in the comments below!

I love this redesign series – and I hope you do, because I don’t see myself stopping soon.  If you want to see something like this in a video form, make sure to look up Makeup Struggles on YouTube for her amazing series of redesigns, and if you don’t want to see these in video or blog form, write to your favorite cosmetics brands and tell them to stop making shit that’s boring.  Whoops, did I say that out loud?

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