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Redesign Series #3: Kat Von D & Too Faced

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Redesign Series #3: Kat Von D & Too Faced

It’s time to work a little more magic, helping cosmetics companies save their basic ass palettes from a life of mediocrity!  For this installment, I’ll be looking at a couple of limited edition palettes that had so much potential…but just missed the mark: Kat Von D’s Divine palette and the Too Faced White Chocolate Bar palette.  I own both of these palettes; the Kat Von D is pretty good and the Too Faced isn’t terrible…but they both could have been amazing!  And here’s how!

First up – Kat Von D’s Divine palette

I actually thought that Kat Von D did a pretty good job with the palette; for me, the opportunity really lies with the collection as a whole.  In the palette, I kept a lot of the colors, just swapping around a few of the names, and got rid of the white and black shades to bring in more color.  The champagne shimmer shade called Babs became Hard Magic (the name of the black shade) and then I shifted the gunmetal shimmer Hairspray over next to it.  I kept the three gorgeous blues, Baltimore, Waters, and Filthy, and I kept the green shade but renamed it Female Trouble (the original name of the white shade).  After all, how can you give me a shade called Pink Flamingos, and not have it be pink?!  I turned Pink Flamingos into a bright Barbie pink shimmer, and for Babs I put in a deeper raspberry red matte.

The collection featured one lipstick, a nude pink, in neon green Studded Kiss packaging.  I think you could keep that shade, as that is the kind of color Divine wore with many of her looks, but I would have made a capsule collection of lipsticks with 6 shades: the original shade but renamed Edna Turnblad, a coral/pink with gold shift duochrome lipstick called Desperate Living, a bright pink with silver shimmer frosted lipstick called Lust in the Dust, a raspberry pink matte called Filth is My Life, a bright popsicle red (almost neon) named Divine, and a seafoam green with gold duochrome shift called Multiple Maniacs.  The green lipstick isn’t a shade that Divine ever wore (green lipstick would have been all but impossible to find for most of her career) but Divine’s look was all about pushing boundaries and challenging expectations, and I think that shade would be a great homage to that and would pair nicely with the shades in the palette.

Finally, Divine was famous for her crazy winged liner – they featured a perfect shot right on the cover of the palette! – and I find it personally offensive that they didn’t include a deep black gel eyeliner in this collection!  I would have put it in the same glass packaging as her brow pomades and made the cover out of the same neon green plastic as the lipstick tubes.  In a documentary about Divine called Divine Trash, I heard John Water refer to Divine as “the Godzilla of Drag” – and I think Godzilla of Drag would be a perfect name for the liner!

That’s the expanded capsule collection I would have put together for Divine – what do you think?  Would you pick up and rock these shades, or do you prefer the palette and lipstick as they were?  Let me know in the comments below!

Now on to Too Faced and the White Chocolate Bar palette!

Oh, the chalky pastel mess that is the White Chocolate Bar palette.  I actually don’t think it’s a terrible palette, but I’m also pasty as fuck, so most of the shades will work on my pale ass.  But it’s hard to argue that this palette is on a one-way train to Dullsville.  They were clearly going for more of a sugary confection kind of feel compared to the other chocolate bar palettes, and I think they really needed to take that idea to the next level.

In the top row, I love the idea of a pastel mint green, but the one that’s there is too dark.  It looks like an old school chalkboard!  I brightened it up and added a lighter mint shimmer below it (Pearl Candy) to be able to create a dimensional look in green.  For Glaze, I made it a stark white with opalescent sparkle – away with you boring cream shade!  Cake Batter I turned into a lighter peach matte, Exotica became sort of a red brown shimmer, and Chocolate Syrup stayed  deep brown, but I made it cooler and gave it a shimmer finish.

In the second row, Pearl Candy became a mint shimmer like I noted above.  You know I love green, so I love an excuse to add another one!  Then Too Faced gave us a shade called Raspberry Rose and tried to make it pinky beige?  No ma’am!  I made that a bright raspberry pink shimmer!  I left Indulge alone, as well as Lavendar Cake (I was tempted to make it a shimmer, but I thought having a pastel matte would give a little more variety to the palette overall).  Guilt-Free became a slightly deeper cool taupe shade, and I left Smoked Sea Salt alone – I love a cool-toned brown!

For the bottom row, I made Frosted Apricot a bright, more apricot shade and gave it a gold shimmer.  Cookie Dough became a slightly red-toned pastel purple with a silver shimmer.  I wanted something that would lean a little red so that it would look good with Raspberry Rose and Sugared Raisin without being too red to pair nicely with Lavender Cake.  Speaking of Sugared Raisin, I wanted a light plum with a pruple glitter shimmer.  Black Sugar was a strong black with silver sparkle so I left it alone, and I turned Banana Date from boring beige into a true bright banana yellow with opalescent sparkle.

This new palette just feels more sugary and delicious and I think brings out what they were trying to do with the theme a little bit more.  What do you think?  Would you take a bite?  Let me know in the comments below!

Look for more Redesign series posts coming soon – I’ve also taken aim at not one but two ABH palettes, Violet Voss, Huda Beauty, and Becca!  Stay tuned!

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