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Redesign Series #2: Maybelline & Sugarpill X Trixie Mattel

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Redesign Series #2: Maybelline & Sugarpill X Trixie Mattel

Ready for another “what could have been” post in my Redesign series?  Inspired by YouTuber MakeupStruggles, in this series I’m showing you how I would redesign certain eyeshadow palettes to make them more interesting (I hope!), less boring (soooooo many bland neutrals!), and maybe even better express their intended theme!  This time around I’ve going to be looking at 3 palettes that I actually own: 2 palettes from drugstore favorite Maybelline – Lemonade Craze and Soda Pop – and the Trixie Mattel Oh, Honey! collab palette from Sugarpill!  I did purchase all three of these palettes, so I think they’re great, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing that they had been just a little bit better!

First up – Lemonade Craze!

I love lemonade, and I love Lemonade – Beyoncé’s fierce album inspired by her rocky marriage with Jay-Z.  I just wish this palette had been as fierce as the music.  In the upper left trio, I decided to punch up the color and bring out more of the strawberry idea: I left Berry Ice alone, but made Sherbet more of a peachy orange shimmer and made Strawberry Lemonade a deeper pink shimmer.  In the upper right trio, I left Main Squeeze – nothing wrong with a brownish gold shimmer! – but made Lemonade Craze a more saturated, bright yellow.  Why would you make your title shade a mustard color?!  I also made Sunnies a brighter pastel yellow instead of that sad creamy yellow.  This is lemonade people – it should be bright and tart!

In the lower left, I absolutely loved that cherry red shade Ice Pop, and I thought the matte brown, Old Fashioned, was a nice contrast.  But rather than yet another peachy beige, I made citrus into a yellowy gold metallic shimmer.  And perhaps the biggest change was the lower right trio.  Again, I did like one of the shades, Coral Punch, but I thought it would be fun to pair it with a couple of gorgeous green shades (I love limeade just as much as lemonade!).  Sugar Coated became a bright cool green matte, and Sweet Tea became a minty metallic shimmer with lots of silver reflect.

I think each of these trios now better embodies a cool refreshing summer treat: strawberry lemonade, regular lemonade, cherry popsicles, and limeade!  I would use any of those trios together, and I also think you could easily match shades across the palette.  It’s still mostly warm-toned, but much more colorful and fun.  That’s something you’re going to see a lot of in my redesigns – COLOR!

Would you take a long, cool drink of this Lemonade Craze?  Let us know in the comments!

Now on to Soda Pop!

For this palette, I wanted it to be a nice contrast to Lemande Craze – more cool tones and generally darker in tone.  Again I themed the four trios around a specific drink or treat.  In the upper left, the Blue Raspberry popsicle set, I changed Chilling to an icy blue/silver shimmer metallic.  Tonic became a light, bright blue shimmer, and Sugar High became a denim blue matte.  I left Ginger Ale and paired it with a bright orange matte (Crushing) and a light wine red shimmer (Cola Float).  This trio made me think of orange Crush…with maybe a little Strawberry Fanta mixed in!  In the bottom left, I loved both Grape Pop and Blue Raspberry as they were, but I wanted this to be a totally Grape trio, and I wanted to add a little sparkle in with those two gorgeous mattes, so I made Soda Fizz a light bluish purple shimmer.  And in the bottom right, I already thought the three shades there were doing a great job of embodying Cherry Coke, so I left them alone!

I think this would have been a much more refreshing take on this color story – enough with the damn neutrals!  What do you think?  Let us know down in the comments!

Now on the more high end side, drag star Trixie Mattel recently did a collab collection with iconic color cosmetics brand Sugarpill!  Trixie herself has raved about their shadows in the past and uses Take, a matte white, and Bulletproof, a matte black, for her signature look.  I was so excited for this collection, but I was a little confused when I saw the final product:

It’s not that the colors aren’t pretty, but they don’t look at all like a typical Trixie Mattel look.  So I decided to redesign this palette.  I wanted to make something that looked like you could use it to create one Trixie’s infamous beat.  I had a hard time finding a good quality image of the palette facing straight on (my redesigns involve using PowerPoint and the snipping tool!) so I apologize for the grainy quality of the image.  Here’s what I came up with:

Regarding the blush shade, Life-Size, I love it.  It’s a gorgeous Barbie pink and it fits the palette perfectly…but I didn’t need quite that much of it.  I would much rather have gotten half that size pan and gotten two more eyeshadow shades instead, so that’s what I did!  In the extra space, I added two shimmery blues, as you can see that this is a color she sometimes uses in her looks (see bottom photo on the right) and it matches her striking blue eyes…errr, contacts!  I included a darker denim type blue, and a light sky blue.  I think they should both have some silver shimmer, but not necessarily be a foil type of shadow.  Just a satiny shimmer shade.  Oh Honey I replaced with the matte white shade Tako, and Romy I replaced with Bulletproof, a matte black.  These are essential shades for Trixie’s look and are a great “Drag 101” pair of colors to have in any budding queen’s kit!  I made Sidesaddle a bright peachy matte, and left the cool chocolate brown Ponyboy alone (that’s the only shade besides the blush that survived my edit!) so that people who wanted a slightly more earthtone look would have an option.  Dolly I replaced with a light bubblegum pink matte, and although All Star is a gorgeous coral pink and gold shimmer, I decided to make it a little deeper – think burgundy with a silver shimmer to keep it in line with the more cool-toned shades.

I think this is much truer to Trixie Mattel’s signature look and I think it’s a more interesting palette in general.  Do you love it?  Once again, sound off in the comments below!

I hope you enjoy this Redesign series, because I’ve got a lot more palettes that I’ve got my sights set on.  Some are palettes I already own that could be improved, and some that I wouldn’t pickup without a serious overhaul, but they are all in need of a little “cosmetic surgery!”

And to wrap up this post, let’s take a moment to revisit the perfection that is Beyoncé’s Lemonade album with the video for “Hold Up.”

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